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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Bold Prediction: Seahawks to win

My prediction is Seattle 24, Pittsburgh 20.

Both teams deserve to be here. Pittsburgh took down the expected champs, Indianapolis and then made Denver look bad on their way to the Big Game. I give them top marks in preparation and play during their run to and through the playoffs.

Steeler Credits - Fine coaching on both sides of the ball, plenty of confident veterans, team on a roll. Debits - If Tony Dungy hadn't killed off his own team by sitting them far too much during the last weeks of the season, Indy still would have won. Had the "idiot kicker" not missed an easy end-of-game kick by about ten miles, Indy probably would have won. The Steelers won their way here, granted, but not because they were the best team in the AFC.

Seahawk Credits - The coaching staff has them loose and confident. Hasselbeck has become a top-notch QB who will not be rattled. They are largely healthy, finally, at year's end. Debits - Inconsistent on the road. Will the Super Bowl give Pittsburgh a home field this time? They shut down the Panther running game, but Carolina had to play their 4th stringer most of the game.

Seahawks have the MVP in Shawn Alexander. In fact, they look stronger in skill positions at every spot when compared to the Steelers with the exception of Hines Ward. The Steelers have a better "D" with a clever coordinator in Dick LeBeau. I think they will find that while Jake Plummer was not ready for prime time, Hasselbeck is up for the task. I believe that line play is where the rubber meets the road here. Looks as if the Pittsburgh offensive line versus the Seahawk defensive line is a push, while the Seahawk offensive line will win the battle versus the Pittsburgh defenders. That will be the difference between two good-not-great teams. I say Seahawks and by four!

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Mel from B.U. said...

I've been a Steeler fan since birth....GO Steelers!!!!