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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Palestine's Monster

No, not Boris Karloff, but some B-movie actor named Khaled Meshaal. Wait, no, Khaled Meshaal! Alright one of these guys is the wrong guy and I haven't a Clooney which one it is??! Eh, well they both have dangerous minds!.

Little Green Footballs presents a link that takes you to what may be the song of the year. Okay, probably not.

Ground State pointed us to this petition that, when you sign it, will make you feel just a bit better about the Palestinian elections. Okay, probably not. Hey, I'm just an ordinary blogger, c'mon! But it may not be all bad news.

Right Wing News asks the questions. The Last Amazon spots the spin. Dafydd looks at another angle, which makes me wonder: how long can a Big Lizard keep tongue in cheek?

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radar said...

If you don't click on the link-thingys, you miss most of the fun of posts like this!