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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Autistic Teen = Basketball Hero

You will love this story: An autistic teenager who has been a team manager for his Rochester, NY high school basketball team is finally allowed to suit up and play by his coach, in the last four minutes of a game. What happens after that is magic!

"They may never stop talking about what they witnessed Wednesday at Greece Athena's final home boys varsity basketball game of the season.

And that would be a good thing.

Some in attendance at Athena's game against Spencerport will say it played out like a Hollywood script; like "Rudy," or "Radio;" stories about a long-shot and a waterboy who inspired their teams by not letting their shortcomings stop them from giving their all.

In what Jason McElwain did during the waning moments of the "Senior Night" at Athena, there may be much more."

Read the rest of the story here.

Hey, coach? Think that Jason McElwain might have been good enough to play all along???

Thanks to for the video and the alert "Wolfpack" from Fantasy Kings who first alerted me to the video.


oriolebird38 said...

Hey, did you hear about the new Knicks deal?

Isaiah Thomas has offered Jason McElwain a 4 year, 20 million odllar contract to play the 2. He is expected to share minutes with Jamal Crawford, Steve Francis, Quentin Richardson, Nate Robinson, Jalen Rose, and Qyntel Woods. When asked about the move, Thomas said:

"We got McElwain! and Crawford! and Francis! and Marbury! and Robinson! and Richardson!!!! and now we're gonna get the Larry O'Brien Trophy...YAERAHAHA!"

radar said...

Thomas as Howard Dean!!!! Priceless.

oriolebird38 said...

Seriously, is there any other explanation for Thomas' "lets sign everyone there is" policy?