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Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Carpenter

It is fitting that Jesus was a carpenter, for He laid the foundations of the world and with His own hands built a man. A master carpenter, He builds our faith and rest assured that it is He, not we, who is doing the work. He sees that the body of Christ is perfectly joined and held together. His specialty is renovation, changing old men into new. He is a rehabber of careworn souls. Jesus Christ, expert at home repair. Let Him install his siding around your exterior: a robe of righteousness. He’ll rewire you with His Spirit and neatly knock down the partition that had separated God from man.

Reasonable rates (always free)! No one can beat those rates. Jesus does the work and absorbs the cost Himself. No hidden charges, a “without spot or blemish” guarantee included. No, you are not allowed to help. Jesus doesn’t need you to hold the ladder or pound in the nails. He only needs you to allow him to begin. He is the only one capable of doing the job to perfection, Let Him work in you!

Added bonus. Everyone who gives Jesus an opportunity to rebuild their lives wins a free trip! He will transport you in your very own glorified body right off of the face of the earth. Your final destination? The mansions of glory resort, where you will stay with Him in perfect love, joy and peace for all eternity.

Then there is pest control. Jesus rids your home of unwanted pests like fear, unbelief, anger, strife and so on. Is this a deal or what? All Free!

Jesus was a carpenter, cutting wood to fit, smoothing it to beauty. Can you see the sweat beading on His forehead as he saws away at a new piece of wood? Can you hear him grunt as he muscles a new beam into place? Imagine him smoothing off the rough edges of your emotions. Picture him setting new faith within you, a strong faith that fits just exactly right and stands strong against the storms of the world. Let him roof you over with His love!

By Kimbal Ross all rights reserved.

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