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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Democratic Underground Moonbat contest winner (s)

Okay, here are the results from our contest:

Enemas of the State

Overall winner: "Enemas of the State" by Debbie, but she doesn't have a blog so I cannot add her to the blogroll. But she says she will have one soon, so it is coming...Anyway, that made me laugh out loud!

Runner-up: Tough call, but Mark with "Ignore reality - it begins with an R like religion" comes in second by a nose. He is already on the blogroll. Hey, Mark? Republican begins with an "R" as well, is it a trend?

Honorable mention to the other camp: Oriolebird, who has a kind of a live journal webpage rather than a classic blog. Oriolebird is a great fantasy sports player, a teenager with a very sharp mind, and yet both a Democrat and a Dodger fan! His entry was "Working hard since 1999 to destroy everything good that FDR had accomplished!"

Editor's note: Oriolebird wishes us to know that he is a liberal and NOT a Democrat. We hereby retract the previous statement!

Check out the original post and comments again, some good stuff. All entries were greatly appreciated!


oriolebird38 said...

I'm not a Democrat, I'm a liberal. Please do not associate me with that two-bit operation kthx.

radar said...

I retract the description, you are a liberal not a Democrat!

steve(cubby) said...

I think you might also consider rethinking "great fantasy sports player" in oriole's bio. Either that or get into some more leagues with him...

radar said...

Oh, I thought you had to be great to even make it into the Fantasy Kings.....har har