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Friday, March 10, 2006

God is...

God is the mythical magic man
holding the fate of the world in His hands
God is president
God is a spy
God is waited on hand and foot
Everyone wants to be God

Sometimes they wait in the streets
for God
and in the churches
to see Him pull bread and fishes
from His hat
and call Him by His first name

Some say God isn't
and God isn't

We are here because
God is...

Kimbal Ross......all rights reserved


Jake said...

If all rights are reserved, did you get permission to reprint?

Or are you Kimbal Ross?

creeper said...


Radar's name is Kimbal Ross Binder. He has also written some columns, and his blog post before this one is mostly a re-print of a column he wrote almost two years ago about Ted Rall.


creeper said...

See also here.

augurwell said...

How dare you assume to know what God is.

According to you God is an asexual being, devoid of a Goddess. But as some have said in the bible we are created in God's image; both man and woman.

Waste your time here on supposition while real problems are solved by real children of God.


Chesshire by Severn


Afterburner Thought: I give you fair warning, I shall relate a story from the 'Thumpers Insanity' based on actual experience.


creeper said...

"Real children of God"?

Are there any fake ones?

IAMB said...

Whether I agree with Radar or not on science issues, I have to say that I do like this poem.

radar said...

"How dare you assume to know what God is."

You are as welcome to God as I or anyone else... In fact, as I understand it, God is actively seeking people to know Him continually, as much as they are willing to know of Him. I am not claiming any exclusivity...

iamb, thanks very much. Even creaky old creationists can have a sensitive side.

IAMB said...

Don't worry, I won't tell anyone.

Just return the favor by not letting anyone know that this evilutionist has a soft spot for poetry (and art in general) and we'll get along just fine.