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Thursday, March 09, 2006

I love a good cartoon!!!


Carnival of the Moonbat Cartoonists! Now posting at Mark My Words.

Meanwhile, some GOOD cartoons are available at:

Cox & Forkum

4-Block World

Day By Day



Anonymous said...

Dan S. says . .

"I love a good cartoon!!!"
Me too! : )

(Although to be incredibly, humorlessly pedantic, it's pretty inaccurate . . . :p

Neandertals were pretty neat - as far as we can tell - think of a stocky, big-nosed guy who could probably outlift your average bobybuilding champ. A while back someone looked at the remains we had and did an analysis of broken bones and suchlike (which are astonishingly frequent), comparing them with modern occupational groups to try to figure out what their life was kinda like. Turned out the pattern they found was very similar to . . . rodeo riders. The best guess as to why is that they hunted (or at least dispatched) Ice Age megafauna by running up and sticking spears into them, Why a human species who regularly went mano y mano with several tons of angry mammal isn't ruling the world is an interesting question (possibilities include competition from people who were smart enough to not try to kill giant animals at close range, the end of the Ice Age, and possibly being outbred by more prolific Homo sapiens . . .

Amazingly, a bit back they actually recovered Neandertal DNA, which seemed to show that we had a common ancestor ~ half a million years ago, and that Neandertal genes don't seem to be floating around in modern Europe - any interbreeding had almost no effect . . which is rather sad (and doesn't explain that guy I saw in the subway that time . . .)

But stay tuned . . .

-Dan S.

oriolebird38 said...

I'm pretty disappointed, cause I can't actually view it.

radar said...

Personally I believe that the Neanderthal is one of the more interesting studies of fossils and remains extant. He has been shoved aside as irrelevant by many, but there is much about him that is not widely known. I mentioned a bit about that in an earlier posting. But there are clues that he was much more than generally believed.

Anonymous said...

radar, what do you mean?

-Dan S.

Jake said...

waitaminute! I missed something here.

Radar, you're recommending dilbert as a good comic?

Dilbert hasn't been funny in years.

Oh well. No accounting for taste.