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Monday, March 27, 2006

Monday Miscellany

Mark My Words! The Right Wing Nation is holding a Linkfest. In fact, all these guys are holding linkfests. It was suggested I check them out and although I never had gone to a linkfest it is an idea...check it out.

Firebrands and Accountants????

Algorica reacts to an invasion of (ugh!) Christians?!

Amy Proctor sheds light on Jesus, Mary and Hillary.

Something Important!!! There is a very nice couple named Rob and Christy who live in Washington State. After long years of trying they became pregnant (mainly Christy) and it later turned out to be TWINS!!!

However, recently there were problems and Christy was ordered to be on bedrest for the six more weeks until the twins would be born. That was a week ago. Friends bring over food, and Rob has supplied Christy with books, but it is still going to be a lo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ng five more weeks! Kindly pray, if you pray, that the babies will be healthy and safe along with the mother and that the Rob-Christy marriage thing gets even stronger in the midst of the trials. Big thanks to all!!!

Finally.....It's Possible for a Religion to Thrive Without the Threat of Murder
An Editorial by Frank J.
Gee, shouldn't someone tell the Muslims about this?

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