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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Fantasy Football is almost here!

Blogger blocked me from making a post earlier and I thought it was down for the day. I saw it was back up and decided to post a sports item for a change. I love fantasy sports and play the baseball, football and basketball seasons. The football season is coming soon and many fantasy sites are preparing to draft teams.

Fantasy Kings is a site dedicated to playing fantasy sports online. The members join together in leagues and since the leagues aren't simple public leagues, you tend to eliminate the quitters and cheaters that muck up normal public sports leagues. I have played in leagues with some of these guys for 3-4 years now.

Fantasy sports challenge your knowledge of the game and keep you following the players as well as the teams throughout the season. It makes you aware of rookies coming into the leagues. It gives you a way to determine whether you have a clue as to what you are talking about when you talk football around the water cooler.

Do you know who the new QB of the Ravens will be this year? Do you know what star receiver, a notable pain in the butt, is now playing for the Cowboys? Are you aware of the changes the new coaching staff is making in Detroit?

Right now, there are some member leagues at the Fantasy Kings that could use some new blood. If you love NFL football and have never tried this, well, the time has come to stick your toes into the water. Most of the leagues use slow, online drafts so that you have time to think about what you are doing. We are also doing a mock draft right now that you could use as a guide for your own draft.

Check out the leagues and other stuff going on at the Fantasy Kings site, which is completely free. Mitch, the "owner" began the site to keep fantasy geeks from another site together and he competes as well. If you have any interest at all, don't miss out, come and at least look around!

If you go, I am, believe it or not, radar in the site. Cheers!!!


WomanHonorThyself said...

Knock yer self out like fun but somehow I think its a "guy thing"..lolz..:-)

Anonymous said...

I don't normally advertise, but my company makes a fantasy sports game that you would certainly enjoy. You form leagues, and compete against your friends by answering questions about happenings in the sports you like.
It's called MLSN and it's been well received by the industry. You should give it a try. You'd probably like it even more than The Mars Volta ;)


highboy said...

I created an account. Now what? Also, let me know when you want to start that co-op.

radar said...

MLSN looks good, I will check it out later!