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Friday, September 15, 2006


Thanks to Hawkeye for pointing this out to us. Unjust, indeed!!!


Amy Proctor said...

Love it! Protest Warrior came up with that sign.

Iranian pres. told Mike Wallace that since the Holocaust happened in Germany, Israel should be moved to Europe, not the Middle East.


Juggling Mother said...

When "they" first discussed setting up a jewish state after WW2 European area's were the most coomon places mentioned.

In fact, right at the start of the zionist movement at the beginning of the 20th century, most zionists were asking for a bit of Europe.

My family lost their fortune & most of their lives trying to be zionists in Cyprus - I've got some fascinating newspaper artcles from the time:-)

radar said...

juggling, this sounds like a story we would be interested in hearing....shall I give you a guest post to publish the story?

Juggling Mother said...

My mother has all the original news stories - I'm visiting this weekend so will have another read through - there is plenty of early zionist writing asking for a European Jewish homeland if you look in the library - but if I kick this infection & find some energy I'll write something up & email it to you.