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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Thanks to liberals and evolutionists and atheists, too!

I just realized that I have now been blogging for a year's time!!!

Thanks to all who post comments on my site. I appreciate so much my friends who tend to agree with me! But I also wish to thank my erstwhile ideological opponents as well. I would like to say that the vast majority of dissenting opinions being expressed here have been classy, or at least not incredibly rude and vulgar. In addition, a great deal of good information has been transmitted by commenters and I would say that up to ten percent of my posts have been responses to comments that were worthy of reply. To all of you, my readers both occasional and regular, those who comment and those who simply look in, go my sincere thanks!

The pictures? Old photos of the guys and girls of the family. I will get around to newer ones later but these were kind of fun so here you are.


loboinok said...

Happy anniversary Radar...and gang!

Mark K. Sprengel said...

Great pics! Happy blogversary!