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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What shall I fear? Whom shall I fear? Bad Science or a Good God?

There are plenty of Atheists who wish that God was not real. They are wanting to live in a world with no absolutes and no final authority. But wanting something doesn't make it real.

Either God is real or pure, dumb, blind chance is the miraculous cause of it all. Guess which one makes more sense to me?

Psalms 27 begins: "The LORD is my light and my salvation— whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life— of whom shall I be afraid?"

I was asked why there would be a reason to fear bad science...more to the point, to explain what might be to fear if one believed bad science. I thought I would take the gloves off and tell people what I personally believe about various issues.

Hell. People who deny the existence of God and the remedy for their sins, Jesus Christ, are going to wind up spending eternity in Hell. Hell was not designed for mankind. Hell was designed as a place of eternal punishment for angels that rebelled against the Almighty. God most certainly went the extra mile to ensure we would not have to be there. But He has always allowed mankind to have choices. Otherwise, we would be mere robots. Those who deny God and laugh at the idea of Hell will experience it someday. If that were not so I would not be so concerned about whether anyone else believed in God or not.

There is a logical collision at the intersection of Justice and Mercy. A Just God has demanded that mankind would adhere to His rules. A Merciful God seeks to forgive man for his transgressions. A God who is all light and truth cannot bend the rules or pretend. Mankind owes God a debt for choosing to disobey. God could collect from man, or pay the debt Himself. He chose to pay the debt Himself and offers the receipt freely to all of us.

However, there are many who refuse to accept that there might be a higher power to whom they have a responsibility. They will not admit there is a debt and will not take the receipt that would save them from the collector. The colossal ignorance of the naturalistic materialist science movement of God dooms them and all who believe what they teach. Bad science refuses to consider all possibilities because they operate under the ABG dictum - Anything But God. Bad science gives people who prefer to ignore the idea of God an excuse to do so and condemns them to an afterlife of unimaginable woe. I don't think it is a laughing matter.

It seems so absurd to me that the feeble intellect of man seeks to put the Creator God on trial to decide whether or not He exists and in what form. We have studied life and the Universe and the way things work. We see intricate and amazing design and declare it must have happened by chance. Read Job 38-41 sometime.

The fact is, it is far more logical to accept a self-existent God than a self-existent Universe. What we know of the Universe tells us that it had a start and is heading for an ending. Who or what started it? Big Bang Theory requires a controlled explosion, so even if a Big Bang was the first sound it was sounded by God.

It is painfully obvious that Darwin had no idea of the incredible complexity of life. Lyell didn't know that the rock layering around the world is not uniform. Early Paleontologists had relatively few fossils to study beyond the preponderance of fossilized denizens of the sea floors. The scientific community had only recently agreed officially that life did not come from non-life when Darwinism and Uniformitarianism was popularized.

Now we have found mountains of evidences that our ancestors lived with, described and made pictures and sculptures and carvings representing dinosaurs that supposedly had been extinct for millions of years. Now we find so-called "living fossils" basically unchanged from the fossilized remains of their kin. Why didn't they evolve? Where are all the transitional forms?

I believe that the evidences we can see tell us that God created the Universe and placed the Earth in an area of space from which we could make observations and get a basic understanding of the makeup of existence. He provided a planet that has a series of natural checks and balances to keep the climate within a relatively narrow range of extremes.

About 4,000 some-odd years ago God caused the world to be flooded and wiped out the civilization that had existed at that time. He saved a remnant of mankind and a sampling of the necessary air-breathing land animals and birds so that the planet and mankind could begin over again. What we see in the rock layers of earth is consistent with catastrophism rather than uniformitarianism. All rock formations can be explained by a flood with all kinds of flows and cross-flows. We have fossils of animals trapped at the beginning of the deluge, animals buried probably post-flood during a time when much of the earth's surface was still malleable and there was glaciation and volatile weather conditions we have not observed in our lifetimes. How do we explain Mammoths frozen upright in the middle of chewing on vegetation, dinosaur families seemingly posed for an exhibition but buried within tons of sedimentary rock? How do we explain fossilized footprints made by animals fleeing uphill while mostly submerged in water?

How do we explain a Grand Canyon in which the water would have to run uphill if it was formed gradually? How do we explain dinosaur remains with actual flesh and blood still intact?

How do we explain thousands of generations of bacteria failing to become anything else other than bacteria while scientists bring various factor into their environments in hopes of inducing evolution?

Easy. God designed living kinds of animals with a rich code within the genes that allows for great variation within the kinds to adjust to various conditions. We have learned that the genetic code allows for redundancies within gene pools so that more than one kind of animal would survive and fulfill their assignment within the food chain. There are organisms that live far from sunlight in the deepest areas of the oceans that simply do not get their sustenance from the power of the sun at all. So far scientists have discerned two different ecological systems that exist on the ocean floors that do not depend upon sunlight at all. This means that there had to be three different original organisms that became life from non-life in order to begin these three kinds of ecosystems.

Eyes are varied within species, so much so that scientists have determined that a form of eye had to have developed independently at least ten times. Yet the most sophisticated eyeballs found in nature are those of the Mantis Shrimp, a species seemingly unchanged through the ages.

In the first book of the Bible, Genesis, God tells man that He made the light first and then the sources of the light. It annoys people that according to what we can measure that some of the light we see coming to the planet from outer space has been traveling for millions of years. However, if God made the light first and then the source, the light has only been traveling for around 6,000 some-odd years according to the Biblical chronology.

Some call this deceptive. But the things we see are not a joke or a hoax. Scientists have learned a great deal about the workings of the Universe by studying this light. If God had put together this magnificent Universe without creating the light coming all the way to be viewed by men on the planet Earth, we would know much less about existence and much less about God. I believe God created the Universe with lights emitted from millions of light years away so that man could see the stars, the constellations and someday use massive telescopes and advanced satellites to further study the awesome creation He had made.


Jesus stated in John 14:6, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

I believe that He was telling the Truth. Jesus was the Son of God who limited Himself willingly to the body of a man, went about doing good and speaking the truth, never sinning, always doing right. He was wrongly convicted and crucified and He took upon Himself all the sins of all mankind as He suffered and died. He then rose from death to eternal life so that all who accept His gift of forgiveness and redemption may join Him. Those who trust God through Jesus Christ are renewed spiritually with and are redeemed from the judgement laid upon them by the sins of their fathers and themselves.


1) Looking for Truth - Many of us who found God did so because we had an inner drive to find Truth. Many of us want to understand why we are here and for what purpose, who made the Universe, are there absolutes? I found God because I wanted to know the Truth, whatever it might be.

2) Fear of Hell - Billy Sunday was a major league baseball player of some note back about a century ago now. He was a hard-drinking and wild-living profligate who never knew a curse word he didn't consider worth saying on a regular basis. He came to trust in Jesus, gave up drinking, gave up hard living, gave up baseball and became a preacher. The main thrust of his preaching was that man needed to repent lest they spend eternity in torment, apart from God and always endless tortured insanity. Some say you have to get a sinner lost before he understands he needs to be found.

3) Hope of paradise - Some seek to draw people to God by painting a picture of a glorious afterlife and that is fine...just sign on that spiritual dotted line and you will live forever in glorious joy.

The thing is, eternity with God means spending time with Him and being blessed by being in His presence. If you don't love God you wouldn't really like the experience anyway. Those who do not hunger and thirst for Truth will not find it. Those who do will eventually find their way. This is what I believe.

I agree entirely with the Biblical interpretation of the evidences. I believe in a young Earth and a young Universe made complete and whole at one moment by a self-existent and omnipotent God. The evidences fit much better into a God scenario rather than the (to me) utterly ridiculous string of mathmatically impossible coincidences required to explain the existence of even one microorganism, much less the remarkable millions of different creatures that have and do now inhabit our globe.

Bad science is being practiced by thousands of men and women who realize that the Darwinian point of view does not fit the evidences but refuse to consider the obvious alternative.

My fear is that you, the reader, will comfortably accept the lies of bad science and live a life without real purpose. You will not understand the nature of the Creator until you meet Him as Judge. This is not a meeting destined to go well for you. I believe that a loving God has provided plenty of evidences of his existence. He made sure to communicate with us via the Bible, a remarkable piece of literature made even more so because it is a message from the Eternal God to temporal mankind.