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Monday, February 23, 2009

Please be patient with the patient, thanks!

Even though I have been recovering, the pain involved in my life sometimes makes it hard to do much more than work and survive. I wake up feeling like I have just survived a major car crash and sometimes I cannot get out of bed without a controlled fall onto the floor (our bed is not on legs, so it is low to the ground). I roll off the edge, try to catch myself with an arm and roll to my stomach on the floor, then I pull my upper body onto the bed and then push up with my arms and stand to my feet. However I get up, it usually involves yelling (I learned from football and the military that yelling helps effort somehow) and once on my feet I walk like Frankenstein's Monster for awhile.

After the first pain pill kicks in I get around pretty well but have to limit the time sitting or standing. More than a combined eight or nine hours sitting, walking and standing tend to make my leg begin to swell. I have to spend most of the time in a reclining couch/chair.

I have to take a lot of pills and even then some days are a very long and hard road. So although I have been more efficient at work and more regular as a blog poster, kindly be patient with me.

Tomorrow I see my doctor to get ideas about how I can possibly rehab and get better.

It may be a day or two before I do my next post or I may cut it into more parts. Not sure yet. Smaller posts may be a good idea for awhile anyway.

My plan is to be able to walk dogs, ride bikes with my wife, play tennis and maybe even play basketball again. Long way away right now...

So be patient, I am not recovered I am just in remission and pretty wiped out. Thanks!

credit to one bean for the cartoon!


Anonymous said...

I hope you get well, Radar, and my best wishes to you. Good health first and foremost. And for Pete's sake, if you have a choice between blogging and resting, I hope you have your priorities straight.

-- creeper

radar said...

Yeah, doctor said take a day off of everything. Pain meds need to be changed. I will be back in a day's time.

Anonymous said...

Feel better, Radar.


scohen said...

I hope you feel better. It's about time to knock this bacterium out.

radar said...

I am losing weight and feeling better, so back to posting again. Thanks for all well wishes and prayers!