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Saturday, September 19, 2009

2 Million in DC for 9/12 and Obama runs away...

912dc- Panoramic Photo – March on Washington

Photo courtesty of OneNerveLeft blog as attributed below in the body of the blog post. Her blog probably loads the picture bigger. Even at that this picture cannot take in the crowd.

PDF of careful calculations with a value of a crowed of nearly two million on 9/12

Some of my commenters are in a frenzy over the 9/12 Tea Party gathering in Washington, DC. They have lost their grasp of reality. There were somewhere between 6500 and 6700 bus permits issued for the event and a conservative estimate of people arriving by bus would be 350,000 people. But most people drove in or took a plane or a train or transportation other than a bus. It is hilarious how the libs and Democrats are trying to hide the numbers of people who are now getting involved in protesting the actions of this administration. But the guys running for office in 2010 are beginning to pay attention! Because now millions of voters are angry.

We are angry that the government keeps taking our money and blowing it or giving to other people. We are angry that the government shuts off the water to farmers around Fresno, California and send it out to sea in order to try to protect a two-inch long bait fish while putting tens of thousands of people out of work and into poverty and sending food prices skyrocketing upwards. We are angry that a personality cult is being built around Barack Obama, that he carries his logo around with him like a royal seal and that he is completely out of touch with reality.

How can people still believe in the guy? Let me give you a book list:

Animal Farm by George Orwell
Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
1984 by George Orwell

Don't tell me that Obama is not a danger to society unless you have read these books. If you have and you still believe he is no problem, then I do not know what to say but at least you are not ignorant, you are simply unconvinced.

The pastor who introduced me to Christianity wrote the following this week:

" Having been born in 1932, I lived through WWII and still have very vivid memories of many aspects of it (I was very interested in the military as a child and probably followed the war more closely than many my age). I have also read extensively regarding the war and its causes (I have actually read the full, unabridged six volume history of the war written by Winston Churchill).

It is my conviction that had the German people been able to distinguish between the position of authority and the man who held it, much of what happened would have been aborted almost at the start. They simply said something to the effect of we are going to follow the leader because he is the leader, and he is going to lead us on to the greatness we have been denied. We all know where that ended.

And also...

">To be truthful, Glenn Back sometimes gets on my nerves, and I don’t appreciate his inappropriate language either, but I hope you haven’t been missing out on the story he has been promoting all week regarding the corruption of the organization supposedly committed to community improvement that is known as ACORN. Every Christian should be outraged at what was involved. In brief, ACORN workers were trying to help a young couple establish a house of prostitution in which under-age girls from Central America would be the workers. Some of the tapes were beyond belief. Two very courageous young people did this on their own with a hidden camera. The interviews are the clearest, openest indictment of anyone or anything that I have ever seen. The agenda-driven media sought to ignore the whole thing, but have finally caught on that they can’t escape coverage. With one or two exceptions, the coverage is inadequate, inaccurate and wrongly focused (they are actually seeking to shift the blame to the reporters who risked so much to expose such a cesspool of corruption). In case you have forgotten, President Obama once worked for ACORN, he worked with ACORN during the campaign, and he promised ACORN “a place at the table” in his administration.

>Loraine has promised me that she will keep a roll of duct tape handy and will cover my mouth with it the first time I begin to show signs of senile dementia. It has been tragic to watch Strom Thurmond, Tip O’Neil, Robert Byrd, etc. drift into the sunset while still making public statements. Now we have Jimmy Carter doing the same. Yes, there could be another issue involved here. Somewhere in the deepest part of his conscience he must know that he was, indeed, one of the worst Presidents our county has ever had (in my estimation he was the very worst of the worst). Could it be that he senses he is about to lose that single distinction to the current President and is making a fool of himself deliberately to be sure that his place in history is not snatched from him?

>Why do I have such strong feelings about Jimmy Carter? Well. For one thing, I do believe he was the most incompetent, ineffectual and insignificant President we have ever had (but to be fair, he managed to do a great deal of damage to our country in a relatively brief period of time in spite of his ineptitude). I also despised hypocrisy, and I believe Carter was guilty of the worst form in that he professed to be an evangelical believer while actually harboring a strange mixture of liberalism, personal opinion and misunderstood (and usually misquoted) Bible passages. As time has gone by, in my opinion, he has verbally unpacked his garbled version of Biblical Christianity and brought shame and reproach on all evangelicals.

Yes, well Obama is certainly on pace to do more damage than Jimmy Carter ever did. But back to the 9/12 event in the Nation's Capitol.

A pair of people who attended the event were describing the details to a small group of us this morning at the aptly named Conservative Cafe. They drove to DC in from Indiana and took about twelve hours to get into the DC area, but found that hotels in DC were all full. They had to go south to Alexandria, Virginia to find a room. They reported that, beginning on the Ohio Turnpike they had cars honking at them and waving and giving them thumbs up (they had some 9/12 stickers and signs on the car).

They decided to come in on Thursday and spend Friday touring around Washington, going to the monuments and memorials and running into thousands upon thousands of other people in for the 9/12 event. By Friday afternoon the DC police and Park Service knew they were going to be experiencing massive crowds by the bus permits and hotel reservations alone. Yet Barack Obama fled Washington rather than face the people!

Deborah (not my wife, another one) has some great reporting on
She told us that on Saturday morning they tried to hop on the Metra train to get to DC but even though they were at the first stop the train was full! The crowd on the train and the crowd at the station cheered each other and the train pulled away. They were able to board the second train, but it filled up by the second or third stop. Metra must have had an amazing rider count on Saturday, I wonder who will be willing to share the information?

The crowds had to begin moving toward the main meeting site early because there were far too many people and the police asked the marchers to begin moving. You have all had the chance to see a constant flow of people down one street for around 3.5 hours. But that was just one street. People were coming from the south and north and east and west, clogging all the local streets. The freeway was shut down and all the roads surrounding the Monument were closed to traffic, for they were full of people.

One of the police told Deborah that "These were the best-behaved protesters he'd ever seen" and there were no arrests made of 9/12'ers despite a couple of attempts by liberal loons to cause a fight. Ironically, ACORN operatives showed up with Gadsen Flags trying to make money on the protest but when the police checked their vendor license they did not have one but identified themselves as ACORN. The crowds pointed and booed and shouted "ACORN" until the ACORN workers fled.

Descriptions of a crowd of 75,000 are ludicrous! 750,000 would be ridiculously low. We now have enough video and analysis and wide-angle pictures to guesstimate the crowd at around two million, just as the British press did at the beginning.

Of course the "mainstream media" did not cover the event, which means that CBS, ABC, NBC and CNN have completely given up any semblance of news reporting. They are in the pockets of the liberal progressives and that is why they are losing viewers and credibility and money. Only C-Span and Fox News did any real coverage along with hundred and thousands of bloggers. Thank God we still have freedom of speech, although Obama is compiling an enemies list, as you no doubt know.

This picture above is courtesy of another blogger who attended the DC Rally and has some terrific posts, Dr. Kate.


Meanwhile, while the major crowd went to DC, those who could not rallied at hundreds of other places around the country on Saturday. There were two such rallies within a half hour of my home and I know the one in Highland, Indiana drew about 100-150 people. So while two million made it to Washington, DC on 9/12, hundreds of thousands more gathered at parks and courthouses and other such areas all around the country protesting big government, socialism and Obamacare.


This is much like a local event recently at Valparaiso. A small group of people announced a pro-Obamacare "vigil" at the courthouse so when Tea Party people found out they came in droves. Around sixty to one hundred Obamites were gathered at the courthouse. Surrounding them on all four sides, with crowds from the roadway all the way to storefronts and going back down sidestreets were hundreds of Patriots against Obamacare. My wife and daughter and (future) son-in-law all attended and for awhile lost track of each other in the crowds. Debbie estimated perhaps ten times as many people against Obamacare plus all sorts of cars driving by honking and waving and giving the Patriots thumbs-up.

One local paper said the Patriots outnumbered the Obamites by "over two to one." Yeah, like a ten spot outbuys a dollar bill by over two to one! Another paper waited until three hours after the event began and most of the Patriots had gone home. The Obamites remained and then got a count that was about even. But even the paper that admitted the Patriots outnumbered the Obamites easily posted three pictures of Obamites and one of Patriots and interviewed Obamites rather than Patriots for their article. Boo to you, Times and Post-Tribune!


At the gathering of people at the Cafe this morning we had a wide variety of people and views - men and women, bikers and construction workers and housewives and businessmen and retirees. We had military vets. We had registered Democrats, registered Republicans, we had independents. We had a politician who is running for office in 2010, we had a guy clutching a book by Ron Paul, we had a woman in a wheelchair, we just simply had kind of a cross-section of America in one small crowd. We were there to talk about future Tea Party events and how to encourage more town hall meetings with our representatives in Washington. We listened to each other. Will Washington listen to us? I think they either will listen or they will be moving back home after the next elections because I think the Patriot/Tea Party movement is for real. People who didn't realize what they were getting when they voted for Obama, people who used to just not vote, they are joining conservatives seeking to have a say in government.

NEXT POST - Religion, Worldview and Christianity explained. All commenters who are confused about my stand, guess what, I have not expressed myself clearly and concisely enough and that will be rectified I promise!

PS - I forgot to give Mr. McMahon the last word...

To My Buddies On The Left: This Is Why We're Laughing AT You


Johnny said...

Radar, thanks for posting this! I knew the state-run media was underreporting the true size of the Tea Party protesters, and your blog entry presents compelling evidence. (BTW, I am Amy Proctor's husband - I linked to your blog from hers). Keep telling the truth, my brother!

radar said...

Hey, Johnny, give the wife a hug for me!

Metra Rail has revealed that the ridership for the 9/12 weekend went up 235,000 people! 6500-6700 bus passes were issued, which would be around 350,000 people. Most people came by automobile and some by bus and some locals just walked in. All the people who have tried to measure the crowds by photos and Google Earth and so on have come up with figures between 1.2 and 2.2 million.

Do not forget that lots of other tea parties were going on all around the country on 9/12 in diverse places like Ft Worth, Texas and Highland, Indiana. Many hundreds of thousands of people came out to these local gatherings.

Dear Congressmen, Senators and President. These people are not racists and they are not kooks, they are VOTERS!!!

Anonymous said...

Not that I really care about the size of the crowd....but 2 million...?

The WSJ, being the leftist propaganda machine that it is, probably can't be trusted though, right?


radar said...

Enough videos and time lapse photography and pictures analyzed for population make the Tea Party turnout somewhere between 1.5 and 2.2 million. The big story is how the regular news media spun and lied and hid the numbers. But the politicians know...