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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pre-school books with class!!! Authored by my clever friend Patti

I have a friend who is a lovely and talented woman. She wound up being a single mom, raising her boys, and found work in the IT industry as a representative for one of the biggest software firms in the world. She went fairly high up on the corporate ladder.

She briefly considered dating a good buddy of mine and that did not work for them. Naturally I hope she finds her other half someday. Being married to the right person is awesome so I hope that my single friends find that for themselves. But we all make our own way in the world and Patti will marry someday if she wishes. We have found that she has a lot on her plate right now so we are rooting for her to have great success with her new business. But some lucky guy in Texas may someday find himself a heck of a wife someday? Okay, enough, now I sound like a matchmaker and I really don't care for Barbra Streisand!

My wife and I do like Patti a lot and so, when she decided to dump corporate America and become an entrepreneur we were surprised but we encouraged her. It turns out that Patti wanted to write books for small children. Our smallest grand-daughter is just a not-so-terrible two about to turn three so we figured we would buy the Patti books for her and if they were not so good, well, we helped a friend!

But Patti's books turn out to be absolutely awesome! She really helps children learn to read and think and associate words with animals and actions. We were thrilled with the books and Angie loves them!

Therefore I am presenting to the world a fine children's book author: Patti Toler!

Patti Toler

"Welcome to Creative Entourage

Welcome to Creative EntourageCreative Entourage Literacy Series of books are inspiring beginning readers to develop strong core reading competencies. The Literacy Series promotes early literacy, creativity, and assists with beginning reading and writing skills. The books provide an approach to learning specific skills, such as letter recognition, phonics, and sight words, which are fundamental to becoming competent, independent readers and writers.

Combining the book material with other disciplines such as math, science, and language arts creates an environment to learn in a holistic, comprehensive manner. The vision is to help parents, schools, libraries, and all educators meet the needs of beginning readers.

The Literacy Series promises to become an important component to a reading program. English as a second language learners and children with special needs can benefit and enjoy mastering beginning reading skills."


Yes, I like to help a friend but frankly, if you have a small child these books will help them learn and grow so this is actually a matter of being of service to you and them. I do believe Patti is gifted and she is brave to give up a high-salaried job to risk everything in doing what she has always longed to do. I am impressed and the minute she puts out a fourth book we will order it!


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