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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Why I love I Hate The Media? Because they are COOL...

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Snow piling up, so is anti-global warming evidence

October 16, 2009, 1:00 am · 1 comment

snowstorm Rockies game snowed out!
Source: via Drudge

Antarctic Ice Melt at Lowest Levels in Satellite Era

Source: World Climate Report

What happened to global warming?
Source: BBC

How freezing temperatures are starting to shatter climate change theory
Source: Daily Mail UK

Western Montana cold breaks records
Source: KTVQ-TV

Austria: Earliest snowfall in history set to break records
Source: Austrian Times via Drudge

October Cold Snap Sets 82-Year Record

FORECASTS BLOWN: ‘09 Atlantic hurricane season quietest in decade
Source: Reuters


Once again, the evidence exposes what the inconvenient truth really is - no global warming, no need for cap and trade, no credibility for Al Gore and oh, by the way, Polar Bears are doing just fine, thanks!


A Five-Cent Theory

by Scott Schneider | September 28th, 2009


"The sad, emotional polar bear soap opera playing out in 1 1/2 minute bits on cable TV is the driving force behind the passage of this ruinous, anti-capitalist, industry-gutting bill. But notice how temperatures into the beginning of the 21st century in Greenland are not any warmer than other warming spells have been?

There's a commercial that has been airing on certain Cable TV networks, for the past 6 months where the handsome, debonair, touchy-feely, stubble-faced Hollywood actor stands in front the footage of innocent-looking polar bears frolicking on the Arctic ice sheet while dark and sinister music plays in the background, harbingering the extinction of the entire species of mammal in a habitat it has thrived in for literally hundreds of thousand of years. The dire problem facing these 1,500 pound brutes that physically dominate every other species at the North Pole, including humans, the actor informs us, is Global Warming. More evidence and footage is aired showing the dire consequences of unchecked Global Warming, including the usual ice shelves crashing into the sea, icebergs floating across the North Atlantic, and scientists standing over what looks like poor, miserable, collapsed polar bears lying helplessly under an oppressively warm Arctic sun. Meanwhile, thousands of miles south, in the midst of one of the coolest summers in the Midwest in 15 years, The US House of Representatives rammed through a Cap&Trade bill that passed with only 7 votes.

The sad, emotional polar bear soap opera playing out in 1 1/2 minute bits on cable TV is the driving force behind the passage of this ruinous, anti-capitalist, industry-gutting bill. To the Global-Warming crowd and those who are particularly vulnerable to its pied-piper message, it is as if the polar ice caps and the extent of the Arctic and Antarctic ice fields have always been the same size, same shape, and same thickness. But recent history, going back into the late 1800s suggests otherwise. This NASA GISS (Goddard Institute for Space Studies) compilation of temperature at Gothard Nuuk Greenland over the past 100+ years shows the exact variation in temperature naturally occurs over decades of time."

If you do go to the link you will see several graphs and charts supporting the overall lack of evidence for global warming and, in fact, a trend towards cooling. What do you know?

"There has been no significant global warming since 1995, no warming since 1998, and global cooling for the past few years," former U.S. Senate Environment Committee spokesman Marc Morano writes at Citing metrics gathered by University of Alabama, Huntsville's Dr. Roy Spencer, Morano adds: "The latest global averaged satellite temperature data for June 2009 reveal yet another drop in Earth's temperature." Despite his dire warnings, the Earth has cooled 0.74 degrees F since former Vice President Al Gore released "An Inconvenient Truth" in 2006." 1 And the same measurements show that this cooling trend has ensued despite the continued uptick in CO2."
Near the end of the article, the author mentions those pesky bears again...

"As for the polar bears, once an endangered species, the World Wildlife federation itself says that today's polar bear population numbers 20- to 25,000. As far as population thriving or declining, in 2002, the US Geological Survey in the Arctic Refuge Coastal plain reported the polar bear population was, naturally, near historic highs. Biologist Mitchell Taylor of the Arctic community of Nunavit who tracks 13 colonies, says 11 are stable or thriving with populations that have increased 25%. Taylor was banned recently from a meeting with the Polar Bear Specialist Group. He had obtained funding to participate in the group's meeting at the end of June, to discuss his findings on the polar bear population but was voted down by the PBSG board. The PBSG group leader, Dr Andy Derocher, a former university pupil of Dr Taylor's, said that the reason he was excluded was not because of his expertise on polar bears but because his views of warming in the Arctic not being due to manmade causes being "extremely unhelpful" and "inconsistent" with the position taken by the PBSG. Now if were a group that specialized in polar bears and I had a true expert in the field and was interested in learning about his expertise and studies on polar bear populations, wouldn't I want him at a meeting about polar bear populations? But he was pushed aside because he doesn't agree with man-made climate change? What? Oh, yes, and there's this little thing about polar bears. They don't drown in the arctic sea. Ice has been melting in the summertime in the Arctic for millenniums and the polar bears have survived just fine. Polar bears swim! They've been clocked to swim 60 miles! They prey on seals in under the water! They are in no danger."

Just in case you all thought I forgot about the ludicrous idea of global warming...There is no global warming! Rinse and repeat.

Now just because you have been so good to read all the way to the end - Rush Hudson Limbaugh MMM MMM MMM


highboy said...

You mean all those soccer moms driving suvs are not causing the earth's destruction?

radar said...

Nope, although if they try talking on the cell at the same time I give them a wide berth!