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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day is different this year

I was unhappy when Barack Obama was elected to the Presidency and I was unhappier as the government began taking over private businesses. I was alarmed when I realized that my President was joined at the hip with crooked organizations like ACORN and the SEIU, let alone that he was raised on communism and nurtured on racial politics. When Cash for Clunkers began with the American taxpayer paying to destroy good vehicles that would have benefitted thousands of lower-middle income families I got mad. When I realized how "Czar" after "Czar" represented the worst of socialist and ungodly viewpoints I got madder.

But now it is personal. I am a soldier, the son of a soldier and the father of a soldier. The Commander in Chief is responsible for the disposition of our troops and he refuses to do a darn thing about conditions that are slaughtering my brothers and sisters in arms. I am thankful that my son is out of the military now, has his honorable discharge and is pursuing his education. But both of my "godsons" and one "godson-in-law" are in the military right now. I have friends and the relatives of friends preparing to go to Iraq and Afghanistan. There is no excuse for their lives to be put in danger needlessly.

President Obama's indecision concerning Afghanistan is killing Americans. It is as if he is channeling Lyndon Baines Johnson's cluelessness with a big dose of Jimmy Carter's indecision seasoned with the carelessness of Marie Antoinette. The news media say that "Obama is deciding" between four options presented to him by his military advisors and commanders. That is MSM-speak for "waffling." After all, the major news media helped create him in the first place so it is hard for them to speak or admit the truth. The truth is that Barack Obama has not brought either hope or change with him to the White House unless you hope that America will become the new Soviet Union and want your money to change hands and be given to everybody else.

Harry Truman would have acted already. George Bush would have made a decision. Ronald Reagan would have made a move. John F. Kennedy would have already begun a course of action. But Barack Obama does...nothing.

All you people who voted for Obama so he would "get us out of Iraq?" I thought you were wrong, but let me ask you, how's that going? All of you who believed the Democrats when they said that the real fight was in Afghanistan, let me ask you, what has this Obama Administration decided to do in Afghanistan? Heck, Pakistan is fighting the Taliban right now, where they live, in the border area where the mountain passes are a continual invitation for ambush and the rugged terrain defies much of our modern machinery. The Waziristan offensive is costly to the Pakistani Army and threatens the existence of the current Pakistani Administration, but they have the guts to take the fight to the Islamofascist enemy. President Obama could barely acknowledge the Fort Hood tragedy nor equate it with terrorism.

Did Obama really care about the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall? Or did he simply wish to promote himself? Did he notice the 234th anniversary of the Marine Corps on Tuesday?

*Hoorah, Marines! Semper Fi!* I am an Army guy but much respect to the Corps!

My American military brethren are dying in Afghanistan, dying literally, dying for direction, dying for support, dying while Barack Obama puts off making any decision whatsover. What happens if an elected government in Afghanistan is taken over by Islamofascists? What if Pakistan falls to them (along with a cache of nuclear weapons)? Nero fiddled while Rome burned, it is said.

When you want something done, you don't hand a baby a power tool. America is desperate for leadership but what we get is rhetoric and a poorly veiled attempt to make big government bigger, more invasive, more pervasive and much less like the America sketched out by the Constitution.

I hope those of you who voted for Obama and his cronies are happy. Obama is fighting to turn our country into a socialist totalitarian state while our young people are fighting and dying without real leadership overseas. The elections of 2010 cannot come soon enough! We need to begin throwing the old dogs out and bringing in actual representatives of the people. Hopefully by 2012 we will have identified a real leader who loves America for whom we veterans can cheerfully vote.


Hawkeye® said...

I'll repeat what I said over at Amy Proctor's blog on the same subject...

I was in the other room last night, but I overheard someone on FoxNews say that President Obama was "not happy with the options he was given." Hmmmm. Too bad. Sometimes we are faced with decisions we don't like because neither option is a "happy" one. Like surgery or death, burial or cremation, etc. Since when did Obama begin to think that he would only have to make decisions with options he liked?

How about the options of "certain failure" or "possible victory"? Or is that too much like work... D'OH!

highboy said...

The world's over in 2012 radar so it looks like Obama is our last hurrah.