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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Is the Constitution a roadblock? Is this the scariest video you have ever seen?

Hawkeye has made a masterpiece.

Please share with your friends! The elections of 2010 may save us from becoming another socialist state but it will not be because the President cares about the will of the people.

Socialists have been the cold-blooded ruthless killers of mankind. Consider the top killers of civilians in the 20th century (not including civilians killed by "collateral damage" during warfare):

Mao (60-75 million?) - a communist
Stalin (22-30 million?) - a communist
Hitler (11-12 million?) - a socialist (a communist with racial dominance thrown in)
Tojo (5-6 million?)- a royalist and believer in racial dominance
Pol Pot (1.7 million?)- a communist
Kim Il Sung (1.6 million?) - a communist
Fidel Castro and Che Guevera (1 million?) - communists

Only Tojo was not a communist/socialist. If you do not believe Hitler was a socialist, you have not read much of Mein Kampf nor noted that the German flag was primarily red. His Brownshirts won the day in Germany but the communists in Germany allied themselves with Hitler, believing that his government would eventually turn completely communist. Their slogan was "First brown, then red." Hitler believed in a national medical system, welfare, practically all aspects of communist regimes save that he placed the Aryan race above the Party.

We can be thankful that a fanatical Hitler believed that the Bolsheviks of Russia were too kind to Jews and other "inferior races" (Hitler must not have heard of the word "Pogrom"?) and decided to attack his allies at the moment the Axis powers were poised to take over much of the world.

Now another communist/socialist finds himself at the head of a powerful nation. What do you think will happen if he continues to consolidate power? The Vice President was quoted last week as saying, at a fundraiser, that the Constitution is "a dangerous new roadblock in the way of American government." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Constitution is a roadblock?! Yes, it is, a roadblock set in place by our founding fathers to keep tyranny and communism and corruption OUT of the government!


Chaos Engineer said...

Oh my, Communists in the White House! And not just any old Communists, but the kind of Communists who want to kill millions of people! And who also want to throw out all the parts of the Constitution that reference the filibuster!

This reminds me of a story I wrote back in the late 90's. It's bit dated now but I think it's still pretty good. I call it,

"The Story of the Boy Who Cried 'Clinton!'"

Once upon a time there was a boy who loved fairy tales. His favorite was 'The Emperor's New Clothes' and he read it constantly.

One day, he got a chance to watch a royal procession. Remembering the story, he cried out 'The King is naked!'. The townspeople all turned to look at the King (who was of course fully clothed) and then turned back and looked quizzically at the boy's mother.

"Ha-ha," she laughed. "Imagine what a drab and boring place the world would be without the imagination of children!" Then she took the boy home and gave him the 'spanking' of his life for embarrassing her in public, again.

(By this I mean that she hit his head against the concrete floor of their hut until she was exhausted. This was her preferred form of discipline and she found herself forced to use it at least once a week. She called it 'spanking'.)

When the boy regained consciousness, he gathered up his favorite toys and some snacks into a bindle, and said: "You have 'spanked' me for the last time. I'm going off into the world to make my fortune."

His mother sniffed and said, "It's about time. After all, you're thirty-five years old."

Later that day, he mounted a soapbox in the town square and announced, "The King was involved in a crooked real estate deal!"

"A crooked real estate deal?" said the Earl of Newt, the leader of the King's opposition in Parliament. "Why, he could be deposed for that!"

"I don't know," said a humble farmer. "I'm just a humble farmer, but I've heard about that crooked real estate deal, and the King lost money on it. So it seems like he was a victim of the fraud, not a perpetrator."

"Eh, maybe," the Earl replied. "But we'd better have an investigation to make sure. Say, boy, is there anything else we should investigate?"

"Yes! Do you have a pencil and paper? This might take a while..."

(continued in next post)

Chaos Engineer said...

[I think everybody sees where the story is going, so I'm going to skip ahead to the thrilling conclusion!]

"Maybe we could bake him into cookies!" the King said. "I can't remember the last time anyone made cookies for me!"

"And who has time to make cookies?" the Queen hissed, producing a large knife of the sort used to geld pigs. "Let's just slice him up into sandwiches and eat him in the Royal Coach."

A terrible argument started, and lamps and crockery were soon flying in all directions. Seeing his chance, the boy slipped his bonds and ran to the window. "Help, help!" he cried. "The King and Queen are actually hideous ogres! They're going to kill me, and they're going to eat me, and, and, and they're going to take away everyone's guns!"

The people on the street turned towards him, and then they all turned away...except for one small girl.

"Grampa," she said, "that man needs help!"

"Just ignore him," the Earl of Newt said. "I lost my position in Parliament because of his wild stories about the King. It turned out that they were all a bunch of lies (except for the one about the King having a mistress.)"

"But maybe he's telling the truth this time! Can't we just check on him?"

The Earl's heart softened. "Of course we can! It's your birthday, so we can do anything you want. The only thing is, if we check on him, we might miss the beginning of the puppet show. But it's your choice."

As the Earl and his granddaughter went off to the puppet show, the King and Queen ended their argument and agreed to take the boy back to the palace. They rolled him up in a carpet and smuggled him to their carriage. The Royal Chef roasted him alive and then served him to the King and Queen with a delicate mint sauce, red wine, and a side order of french fries.

And they lived happily ever after.

Commie Blaster said...

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Hawkeye® said...

Thanks for the kudos and the plug!

(:D) Best regards...

Anonymous said...

Can you guys possibly get any more ridiculous? I mean, even Chaos seems to have lost it a little bit. ;)
I can't believe you're back on Barry's Birth Certificate again. The same Birth certificate claims that have been laughed out of US courts, amirite? It is unbelievable to me how much time is wasted on stuff like this. Maybe this moron Hawkeye doesn't have any kids, but I know that you do Radar, so do yourself a favor and just focus on them for a while. Because quite frankly, and almost unbelievably, you appear to be getting crazier.

Nobody "new" is listening to this crap by-the-way guys. It's just more of the same unsubstantiated echo chamber BS that you guys on the fringe just continue to pass back and forth between each other. Waste. Of. Time. It's just sad, really.

- Canucklehead

Hawkeye® said...

Chaos Engineer,
You are one strange dude, man.

And it's not just that there are Communists in the White House (because indeed there are). What's worse, is that there are lots of unanswered questions about the occupant of the Presidency and about his past... questions which he could readily answer, but refuses to.

What's really at issue here, is that there appears to be a lawless, undocumented, perjuring, swindling, identity-thieving, defrauding, influence-peddling, radical, Islamophilic, Communist USURPER in the White House.

radar said...

Anita Dunn quotes Mao. Hilary Clinton lists Saul Alinsky as her inspiration. Frank Davis was Obama's mentor and two Weathermen are among his best friends. He picks a NAMBLA/GLSEN guy to supposedly be a safe schools czar. Obama's pastor is a race-baiting hater. Biden says the Constitution is a barricade to be torn down. Obama has lied on documents and verbally and hidden most of his school records. On and on and on.

Meanwhile you guys make up nursery rhymes? Being ignorant, while unfortunate, is correctable. Being stupid? Purposeful.

Yes, communists and socialists executed more than 100 million people in the 20th century. Yes, Obama and his administration are full of socialists and communists. But they are not going to kill you (probably), they are just going to pay off their buddies and kill the economy and eventually the country. They want to execute the Constitution. You go ahead and laugh about it.

Hawkeye® said...

Good name. Anyway, I'm that "moron" to which you refer. And for your edification, the birth certificate issue has not been "laughed out of US courts".

For starters, there are still cases pending. Secondly, some of the cases were dismissed for lack of evidence, which is nearly impossible to obtain because Obama won't release any documents. The courts don't want to go on a "fishing expedition".

Third, some of the cases were dismissed for lack of standing, which is a bogus argument in my opinion. If "We the People" don't have standing in a case concerning the very essence of the Constitution, then who does?

Fourth, some cases were dismissed for lack of ability to show damages. Another bogus argument. This is not an accident claim. How can a judge say that "We the People" have not been harmed by having a usurper president? He has cut our defense budget, making us less safe. He has trivialized the War on Terror, again making us less safe. He has caused the federal deficit to skyrocket, thus damaging our economy. And I could go on.

There has also been some evidence of hanky-panky going on at the US Supreme Court by law clerks and low-level bureaucrats. When Justice Scalia was asked about a particular case and why SCOTUS refused to hear it, Scalia said he "never heard of it"!

Yes, I do have a child. She is grown up and a successful adult. What's TRULY SAD, is that a large percentage of this country could care less about the importance of the U.S. Constitution, and if you are a Canuck then I can understand why you don't appreciate that.

Chaos Engineer said...

I'm wondering if everyone got the point of my story. It's a fable. The moral is that if you tell idiotic lies about political scandals, then no one will believe you if you stumble across a real scandal.

(It was inspired by the events of the late 90's. The King and Queen are "evil" versions of Bill and Hillary Clinton, the Earl is Newt Gingrich, and the boy represents Internet conspiracy loons. The boy's mother represents us normal Americans, who too often treat Internet loons with scorn and indifference instead of gently guiding them onto the right path.)

(Oh, and the cookies are a reference to Hillary Clinton's "cookie" gaffe from the '92 campaign.)

Anyway, when people say, "The President lied about his birth certificate", or "The safe schools czar is a NAMBLA guy", or "Joe Biden said that that the Constitution was a dangerous new roadblock" ... that's exactly the kind of idiotic lie I was talking about.

Maybe telling those lies won't get you eaten by ogres, but they also won't do much to advance the state of political discourse in the country. This just makes us weaker as a nation.

radar said...

Chaos, you are not doing your homework. Biden called the constitution a roadblock last week. The first time I mentioned that I linked the quote, for crying out loud! Look it up.

"In an attempt to explain that the 60-seat threshold for support of legislation in the Senate is supposedly ludicrous, he contends that the U.S. Constitution is "a dangerous new roadblock in the way of American government." He made this shocking comment at a Florida fundraiser on Sunday."

The Safe Schools Czar, Kevin Jennings, is a GLSEN guy who has partnered with and promoted NAMBLA.
Do some research before opening your virtual mouth.

Anonymous said...

There has also been some evidence of hanky-panky going on at the US Supreme Court by law clerks and low-level bureaucrats. When Justice Scalia was asked about a particular case and why SCOTUS refused to hear it, Scalia said he "never heard of it"!

8000+ petitions are filed with SCOTUS each year. They hear 80+ a year. Hmmm...I wonder why he can't recall a single case in all that...

In response to the video:



WomanHonorThyself said...

The Constitution is a roadblock?! Yes, it is, a roadblock set in place by our founding fathers to keep tyranny and communism and corruption OUT of the government! ..OMG..Amen bro!!!

Mazement said...

I've seen a lot of people claiming that Biden called the Constitution a "dangerous new roadblock", but I'm having a lot of trouble finding a direct quote.

From what I've read, he was actually saying that abusive use of the filibuster is a dangerous new roadblock.

As we all know, the filibuster isn't mentioned in the Constitution and wasn't used by the Founding Fathers. (The first Senate filibuster was in 1837.) A simple majority in the Senate could vote to abolish the filibuster at the beginning of any session.

I guess we could argue about whether or not the filibuster is being abused. Certainly the number of filibusters has been unusually high in the last 10 years, and this session of Congress has had twice as many as any previous session.

Anyway, in the absence of evidence to the contrary, I think we have to assume that this alleged Biden gaffe was just more teabaggery from the usual Internet conspiracy loons.

radar said...

Mazement needs to be translated for those of you who do not speak liberal loon:

When he says he cannot find Biden's quote, it means he did not look.

When he talks about filibusters, he shows us that he never saw "Mr. Smith goes to Washingon" and, if he did, he was rooting for the bad guys. He probably rooted for Potter against George Bailey, too.

When he says "teabaggery" he is talking about resistance to tyranny. Patrick Henry and Paul Revere and George Washington, people like that, they were men who used "teabaggery" to resist and finally free themselves from royalty.

So in short Mazement is in favor of royalty rather that democracy. He is in favor of censorship and simply denies the truth. I bet he thinks ACORN is a bunch of caring people and that Nancy Pelosi is a great leader, too.

radar said...

Mazement, Chaos and Lava-

It does not bother you that the second in command calls the Constitution a roadblock? It does not bother you that the President is a liar who has fought to hide records of his past? It doesn't bother you that guys like this become multi-millionaires as a result of governance? That Obama has inflated your personal debt to almost 600,000 dollars apiece? That we are borrowing much of the money Barry is throwing around from China?

Anonymous said...

It does not bother you that the second in command calls the Constitution a roadblock?

Have you read this quote in context?

It does not bother you that the President is a liar who has fought to hide records of his past? It doesn't bother you that guys like this become multi-millionaires as a result of governance? That Obama has inflated your personal debt to almost 600,000 dollars apiece? That we are borrowing much of the money Barry is throwing around from China?

Where were you during the Bush administration?


Chaos Engineer said...

Now you're just being silly.

When I said I couldn't find the alleged Biden quote, I was saying that I couldn't find any evidence that anyone had actually heard him say that. I found a lot of gossip and hearsay, but I couldn't find a transcript or even a paraphrase that put it into context. (Context would be: What parts of the Constitution does he think are new, dangerous, and a roadblock? What, specifically, does he think the Constitution is preventing him from doing?)

If you'd like an example of a quote with some context, check out this article at Politico.

It contains the phrase "dangerous new roadblock", but it's not in quotes so it could be a paraphrase. Even so, its clear from context that he's talking about abuse of the filibuster. (The filibuster itself isn't "new"...what's new is that it's increasingly being used on a regular basis, instead of as a last resort.)

When I say "teabaggery", I mean a combination of arrogance and ignorance; an attitude of "My mind's made up, don't try to confuse me with the facts!"

POP QUIZ: Under President Bush, several judicial nominees were unable to get Senate confirmation votes because of Democrat-led filibusters. How did Vice President Cheney propose to break this impasse?

radar said...

Teabaggery founded this nation. You don't like it you probably would have been on Benedict Arnold's side.

I will be clear. I believe both Bush father and son plus Clinton all caused harm to the nation by increasing the size of government. Bush and the Republicans were on board for the Glass-Steagall act revisions that led to the disastrous misuse of Freddie and Fannie and proved to be an all-day buffet for Acorn.

McCain the compromiser at least saw the problem with that change and began urging Congress to undo the damage in 2001, along with Bush and a good number of Republicans. But Barney Frank and his buddies denied there were any problems. Yes, the Titanic has hit an iceberg but it cannot sink. But it did and sank the economy with it.

I am sick of Presidents who grow government and Obama is the worst. He lies more than Clinton, spends more than Bush and is more arrogant than Donald Trump and Jerry Jones put together.

radar said...

The Republicans made a "Contract with America" in 1994 and then broke it. I am sick of the national party and I am working for individual candidates. To heck with the Donkey and the Elephant! Many of the Congressmen and members of the executive branch act as if they were royalty. They spend money like drunken athletes (way more than sailors) and they break their promises left and right.

Obama rails against lobbyists and then sets up meetings with them the very same day. Nancy Pelosi doesn't think the Constitution limits her powers. Even after the climategate part one and two Obama is still pushing for cap and trade!

Crooks and liars are a problem whether they are socialists or communists or nazis or followers of zoaroaster or even call themselves Christians. There are plenty of pastors taking people's money in the name of the Lord and then just spending it on themselves. There are plenty of politicians who say what you want to hear and then take your money and divvy it up with their cronies. If you do not understand the situation then you are pretty easily fooled.

radar said...

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act is the one that altered Glass-Steagall if you want to research. I told you all about this before it all truly hit the fan. Long time readers will remember.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh, use some common sense, Radar. Why on Earth would Biden describe the Constitution as a "dangerous new roadblock"?! A minute of looking into this and expending a thought or two on the subject should make it crystal clear that Biden was talking about the GOP's unprecedented obstructionism. You're either a liar or a sucker falling for other people's lies.

I like your logic of saying Hitler eas a socialist because the German flag was primarily red. The German flag at the time was about a third red, kinda like, oh I dunno, the US flag? The French flag? The Jamaican flag? Now red in a flag is supposed to stand for socialism?

Anonymous said...

Oh and it seems you're not exactly acquainted with Hitler's writing yourself if you think Mein Kampf indicates Hitler was a commie. Right-wingers sure like to get excited because national socialism has the word "socialism" in it. In Hitler's mind, Communism was the primary enemy of Germany:

"In the years 1913 and 1914 I expressed my opinion for the first time in various circles, some of which are now members of the National Socialist Movement, that the problem of how the future of the German nation can be secured is the problem of how Marxism can be exterminated."

— Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

"In this way the struggle against the present State was placed on a higher plane than that of petty revenge and small conspiracies. It was elevated to the level of a spiritual struggle on behalf of a WELTANSCHAUUNG, for the destruction of Marxism in all its shapes and forms."

— Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

"In view of the complete subordination of the present State to Marxism, the National Socialist Movement feels all the more bound not only to prepare the way for the triumph of its idea by appealing to the reason and understanding of the public but also to take upon itself the responsibility of organizing its own defence against the terror of the International, which is intoxicated with its own victory."

— Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

According to Hitler, Marxism is a Jewish strategy to subjugate Germany and the World:

"For this purpose French armies would first have to invade and overcome the territory of the German REICH until a state of international chaos would set in, and then the country would have to succumb to Bolshevik storm troops in the service of Jewish international finance.

Hence it is that at the present time the Jew is the great agitator for the complete destruction of Germany. Whenever we read of attacks against Germany taking place in any part of the world the Jew is always the instigator. In peace-time, as well as during the War, the Jewish-Marxist stock-exchange Press systematically stirred up hatred against Germany, until one State after another abandoned its neutrality and placed itself at the service of the world coalition, even against the real interests of its own people.

The Jewish way of reasoning thus becomes quite clear. The Bolshevization of Germany, that is to say, the extermination of the patriotic and national German intellectuals, thus making it possible to force German Labour to bear the yoke of international Jewish finance--that is only the overture to the movement for expanding Jewish power on a wider scale and finally subjugating the world to its rule."

— Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

Because of these views, leftist political dissidents were the first victims to be targeted by the Nazi regime, much before Racial discrimination was applied, on the basis of the Reichstag Fire Decree.

"All other restraints on police action imposed by Reich and Land law [are abolished] so far as this is necessary [...] to achieve the purpose of the decree. [...] In keeping with the purpose and aim of the decree the additional measures [...] will be directed against the Communists in the first instance, but then also against those who co-operate with the Communists and who support or encourage their criminal aims. [...] I would point out that any necessary measures against members or establishments of other than Communist, anarchist or Social Democratic parties can only be justified by the decree [...] if they serve to help the defense against such Communist activities in the widest sense."

— Hermann Göring, March 3, 1933 directive to the Prussian police authorities

Persecution and extermination of these political groups was systematic in Germany and the occupied zones during the War.

You're just determined to demonstrate stunning ignorance in every subject you set your mind to, aren't you?

Anonymous said...

"Biden called the constitution a roadblock last week. The first time I mentioned that I linked the quote, for crying out loud! Look it up."

Where's the link, for crying out loud?

radar said...

Do your own research, for crying out loud!

If you wish to be ignorant on purpose I wonder what the dictionary definition of that would be?

Anonymous said...

"Do your own research, for crying out loud!"

I did. I checked the first time you made the claim and there was no link. Lookee there, you didn't provide the link you said you did. So you lied, for crying out loud.

"If you wish to be ignorant on purpose I wonder what the dictionary definition of that would be?"

Oh I dunno - Young Earth Creationist? :-)

Anonymous said...

More of the same from Radar. I guess this is why creeper doesn't post anymore (and, thus, why this blog isn't as interesting as it used to be).

I couldn't find the quote either. My guess is Radar didn't read the quote- he is just parroting something another conservative said somewhere.

I would like a link to the quote as well. I guess my google skills aren't up to par for this challenge.


Anonymous said...

So true Lava. Sad, but true. Can't say I blame creeper for abandoning this blog. I mean, first off, even for people that support Radar's point of view, this is simply a terrible blog. As we all know, the posts are often ridiculously, and unreadably, long and more often than not, are simply "cut and paste" jobs from other conservatard blogs. With this post being a great example, where Radar quotes another blogger without fact checking, and then is forced to act like a total ass by saying "Do your own research, for crying out loud!" because he can't/won't admit that he didn't do any himself before hitting the "post" button.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, there's little reason to think that creeper will ever be back. As Radar just keeps pulling the same BS he always has by refusing to back up what he says (like above) and repeatedly lying to himself (and us) about how he has "dealt" with all criticisms levied at him. Remember Ice Cores Radar?

The stupid! It burns!

- Canucklehead.

Anonymous said...

"Teabaggery founded this nation." - Radar

Some things are just beyond parody.

Anonymous said...

Technically speaking, I think the term is `Teabaggetry``.

- Canucklehead