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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Anger is understandable while Hatred is dangerous

Fear may be understandable.
Anger is understandable.

Let us not fall into hatred and violence!

This is still America and you still have a voice...and a vote.

The United States of America is in a hard place right now. There is a great deal of misery being spread around. California is about to go bankrupt. The USA is in danger of losing our AAA credit rating. People are out of jobs, being foreclosed on, unable to figure out how to make ends meet while it seems that in Washington the $500 haircut crowd, who spend more on their suits than you did for you car, do not get it.

It doesn't really matter whether Barack Obama is a socialist or not, what really matters is what the government is doing and how the media is covering it. Barack Obama and the Democrats have been doing business behind closed doors enacting bills that the majority of Americans greatly oppose. Then when the majority of Americans begin to complain about what is going on there is a radical element of the left that immediately plays the race card and tries to whip up anger into hatred and hated into violence.

People, wingnuts are all around us. There have always been a few on the radical fringe left or right or upside down or apparently from Uranus. Some of these people gather into whacko groups like Code Pink or Westboro Church (my skin crawls) and do and say terrible, horrible things. I know we need to have freedom of speech. We need to have freedom of speech. It is important that creeper can yell at me and I can tell him he is wrong and we should be allowed to do so. When we intentionally incite violence (the yell 'fire' in the movie theatre concept) then that oversteps bounds.

So take a minute and think. There are whacko types all over who want to cause trouble. Louis Farrakhan makes a living doing it. There were a bunch of dangerous militia guys in Michigan who were planning on killing police. There are politicians who intentionally play the race card.

The race card wins political races and gets people stirred up and brings in contributions and it also helps turn anger into hatred and hatred into violence.

We should be turning aside from any racial epithets at all. Shame on the government for putting a question about race on the census! My wife wrote in human. I was going to write American, but whatever.

Friends and foes, we maybe can get through this if we keep talking about issues. We have an election coming up and if you are angry and scared about how things are going you have a vote in the primaries and another in November. Pick your candidates and support them. If you actually like the direction of the country, well, you have a vote as well. I hope the people who study the issues and understand who they are voting for all get up out of bed or leave work early or take their lunch break or fill in an absentee ballot and VOTE!

That is right, vote. Not buy a bunch of assault weapons (although having a personal defense weapon for your home is not only your right but is also wise if you know what you are doing with it) and not throw brick through windows or go to public meetings and drown out the speakers.

Vote! Don't burn down buildings or throw paint or lay down on the road or take off all your clothes and live in trees. Don't send emails and letters threatening violence/

Vote. Urge others to vote. Support candidates you like, that represent your values. Go to political rallies and cheer the ones you like rather than go to the opponent's rallies and boo them. Be smart, be creative but can we agree that Americans can disagree without hating each other?

Vote. Please do not tell me about how bad one side or the other is right now. For once tell me what and who you are for?! Would that be kind of cool?

Here are some links sent me by a friend. Maybe you will think some of them are worthwhile. If I find out any of them advocate violence I will take them down.

Oh, but isn't it remarkable that a guy running for US Senate also takes care of his State Senate duties to the nth degree:

To view this email as a web page, go here.

ISMC header

Stutzman recognized for 99.7 percent voting recordStutzman_WebSmall

State Sen. Marlin Stutzman (R-Howe) was recognized today by Senate President Pro Tempore David Long (R-Fort Wayne) for achieving an outstanding voting attendance record of 99.7 percent during the 2010 regular legislative session.

"Legislators are elected to be the voice of their constituents at the Statehouse," Long said. "This is often much easier said than done. Because important committee meetings or other critical matters may occur simultaneously while the Senate is in session, there will always be a few occasions when a senator cannot be on the floor when a vote is taken. Senator Stutzman's commitment to the citizens he represents is clearly shown by his excellent voting attendance record."

In addition to votes on bills, there are also votes on amendments, committee

reports and procedural motions.

Long commended Stutzman and other senators for working with fellow lawmakers of both political parties.

"Hoosiers should know we made it a priority to work together this session," Long said.

"Every bill that became law received bipartisan support in the Senate and

74 percent passed unanimously."

ISMC banner

This email was sent by: Indiana Senate
200 W. Washington St. Indianapolis, IN 46204 USA

INDIANA EVENT COMING: Tuesday, April 20, 2010 U.S. Senate Candidate Debate For more information click on link:

Do you feel Members of Congress should be forced to enroll themselves in the health care plan they vote for?

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radar said...

See what I mean? People on the right are mad. We need to stay calm and stay smart and use our votes. Of course there are those who want to provoke an incident in order to make political hay. Think of any people who would be out of a job if there was no such thing as racism?

radar said...

The New York times agrees that Obama is seeking wealth redistribution and still thinks the planet is warming!!!
Propagandists or brainwashed? No wonder newspapers are losing circulation, no one wants to pay for garbage.

Anonymous said...

The New York times agrees that Obama is seeking wealth redistribution and still thinks the planet is warming!!!
Propagandists or brainwashed? No wonder newspapers are losing circulation, no one wants to pay for garbage.



radar said...

The NYT is no longer a reliable news source in that they are so obviously slanted. If you want to hear the news as filtered by Robert Gibbs and his staff, go for the NYT. The Old Grey Lady is in the managed care portion of a nursing home.

Some newspapers and news networks are so leftist you cannot have a balanced view of what is going on in the world if they are all you hear. MSNBC plus NYT = a good way to get brainwashed.

Anonymous said...

Hm. Could you name a news source that you don't consider slanted?