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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Revolting Obmacare Health Care Bill

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Barack Obama said that everything that can possibly be said about health care has been said. He has continued to talk about it long afterward, however. No matter what you think about me, if you are an American I would ask you to think about a few things:

1) Obamites are crazy to pass this massive bill. Why? Why are they not concerned about jobs? We saw them push ridiculous stimulus bills which were in large part excuses to give away money to supporters and often failed to create even one job. We see more joblessness in our nation than ever before. Why does the Obama Administration and the Democrats, why do they want to pass this huge monstrosity of a bill which will greatly grow government (Obama himself admitted it would be a takeover of one-sixth of the economy) when the economy is going in the tank? Do the Democrats WANT another great depression?

2) Obama ran on a campaign of transparency and ethics in government. I do not have to tell you about all the behind-closed-doors negotiations and special deals and etc. Obviously the worst political behavior is now acceptable in Washington, more now than ever. Are you unhappy about this yet? Are you ready to make sure to vote against any politician who supports this and to make sure he or she knows it?

3) Various states (including next-door-to-DC-Virginia) are planning Constitutional challenges to any "deeming" maneuvers under Article One Section Seven of the Constitution and further challenges to the bill should it pass as being unconstitutionally applied to commerce. We may have the biggest crisis to the Union since the Civil War because individual states (36 at this count and probably at least 43 when all is said and done) are going to sue to keep their states from being subject to the bill. Certainly I have to hope that my state is able to fend off Obamacare. I would lose my doctor and my health would be endangered if I were flung into the uncaring arms of "the system." Almost fifty percent of the doctors say they may have to quit medicine if this is enacted. How can that possibly be improvement?

4) This particular version of the bill has just been released to the public and the House membership and it is monumentally huge. There are somewhere around 170 agencies noted in this bill and there are all sorts of references to previous legislation. There is no way the House membership is going to get that thing read and understood in 72 hours and, knowing politicians, very few of them will try. A few staffers will be made to identify certain portions and identify highlights and pain points for them and that will be it. The House will be voting on something they do not understand. How dare they vote for something they do not understand?

5) Do not be fooled by the CBO scoring of the bill. They were given ten years of income and six years of output to score. The features released to the CBO do not consider consequences to other portions of the budget. So the CBO score is not an accurate representation of the bill as it will actually work. How can they get away with this scam?

6) sent a memo out to their membership to gather at South Bend, Indiana and I have a first hand report from a professional photographer:

I just got back from South Bend, where Move-On.Org challenged the Tea Party Movement to a Duel of Wills on Obamacare. The Move-On.Org group was outnumbered by the Tea Party Movement by a least 4 to 1! What was remarkable about the street demonstrations was that there was no separation of the two groups. "For" or "Against" were standing side-by-side. The police stood nearby just in case an incident took place, but there were none. I saw many friends there and made many new ones.

In addition to the local media covering the event, the New York Times was also there. The New York Times photographer didn't get there until way after most of the demonstrators had left. I will post my own photograph's of the event at a later time.
A South Bend Tribune photograher takes photo's of the clash between those "for" or "against" Obamacare. (photo courtesy of Thomas Semesky)

So tried to get the people to show support for Obamacare and the opposition out-numbered them four to one. This is typical of what is happening around the country. Ordinary people are getting riled up about a government that is taking over banks and car companies and now want to take over health care? Somebody say NO! Are you concerned yet?

7) The only growth industry in the USA is government and now the government is hiring people to monitor us to make sure we have coverage as mandated by law when it passes and they are buying shotguns to carry. Are we going to be attacked and perhaps murdered by our own country? Is Big Brother coming to the door in suits and carrying police-quality 12 guage shotguns?

IRS buying shotguns?


So is the Department of Education?

No, I am not kidding.

What the heck? How crazy is this country? Do you Obama voters feel good about it now?

My Country 'tis off course, shotguns bring red remorse, Patrick Henry
said liberty or death, that will be my last breath no matter what Obama saith
Liberty or death!!!


Hawkeye® said...

Let's hope it doesn't come to violence.

Chaos Engineer said...

There might be some violence from isolated nuts, like that terrorist who crashed his airplane into an IRS office last month.

There's not likely to be any widespread violence, though. Right now some people are worked up because they're hearing all this rhetoric about "death panels" and "socialism". But in six months, they're going to realize that they haven't had their doors broken down by shotgun-wielding Department of Education bureaucrats and they haven't been shipped off to Mandatory Abortion Gulags, and they're going to feel pretty foolish for believing the hype.

It would have been nice if we could have had some sensible debate about the health care bill, instead of all this mindless hysterical rhetoric. I really think we would have wound up with a better bill if that had happened, but it's too late now...

radar said...

There are about 2711 reasons why this bill is insane. With references to 170 or so agencies and multiple references to previously passed legislation, it is a nightmarish freak of political garbage that Congressmen will not (most of them) even try to read.

We need jobs. If you want to reduce the cost of health care, allow policies to be sold across state lines and introduce actual tort reform. Even a caveman could do it.

The Democrats don't want to fix healthcare, they want to grow government.

radar said...

Thankfully, various state attorney generals and legislatures are preparing to file suit against the bill should it be enacted. It will be attacked on Constitutional grounds, as it should. Some states are already preparing to find ways to exempt themselves from the bill.

Americans are tired of Washington taking their money and throwing it away and giving jobs to all their relatives and cronies while sticking us with the bill.

radar said...

Chaos, we are concerned about the government being violent against US. I served my country honorably and bore arms for the USA but I do not think the military will turn its rifles willingly on the American people. Nevertheless, when the Department of Education and the IRS start buying street-sweeper killing machines like those 870 12 guage shotguns I wonder what is going on?

creeper said...

"What the heck? How crazy is this country? Do you Obama voters feel good about it now?"

You don't have to go too far in those gun acquisition links to spot mentions of "existing shotgun inventories" for both the IRS (which apparently already had thousands of employees required to carry firearms) and the ED.

So you might want to dig a little deeper there before frothing at the mouth about some government takeover fantasies.

-- creeper

creeper said...

"Why are they not concerned about jobs?"

Who says they're not? And why are you not concerned about medical bankruptcies?

"We saw them push ridiculous stimulus bills which were in large part excuses to give away money to supporters and often failed to create even one job."

Er, no.

"We see more joblessness in our nation than ever before."

Again, no, that honor belongs to the Reagan administration, which saw higher unemployment (10.8 percent) than what we have currently.

"Do the Democrats WANT another great depression?"

Obviously not, which is why they passed the stimulus package to avert it.

-- creeper

radar said...

Medical bankruptcies? Good grief, there are more jobless now than ever (despite a higher percent early in the Reagan Administration, which was quickly fixed by undoing Carter's socialist tax policy) and this bill is not going to fix that. People who cannot buy a pricey insurance plan get fined and jailed. That is your fix?

No, allow insurance companies to sell nation-wide to increase competition and lower costs. Tort reform will lower insurance premiums for doctors. Force illegal aliens to prove they have documentation in order to work or cash checks or move into housing and the illegal crunch on hospitals will decrease dramatically.

Common sense solutions without growing government.

creeper said...

Your dishonesty really knows no bounds, does it? It's one lie after another.

"Good grief, there are more jobless now than ever"

In absolute terms, yes, but that is a pretty meaningless figure. By that logic, we also have more people working than ever before. Would you take that to mean that Obama's policies are a smashing success?

I would think not.

Percentages are where it's at, Radar.

"(despite a higher percent early in the Reagan Administration, which was quickly fixed by undoing Carter's socialist tax policy)"

Completely and utterly false. Get your chronology straight. The rise in unemployment occurred well after Reagan's 1981 tax cut. You can't claim that high taxes were the cause and Reagan's tax cut the fix. The data are not on your side.

Also "Carter's socialist tax policy" incidentally was also Nixon's and Ford's "socialist tax policy", and Carter never had unemployment as bad as Reagan did.

"and this bill is not going to fix that."

It's a healthcare bill, not a jobs bill or stimulus package. And though it is flawed, it happens to be the best one that was proposed. Republicans were unable to come up with a better alternative, as you might know.

It's interesting that you appear utterly incapable of learning from information, and to adjust your views when your premises or conclusion are proven wrong. It's not just evolution - it's everything with you. If you really want to rule out lack of comprehension as a cause, what else could it be? Misplaced pride?

Trivia question: who was president when the US had its highest unemployment rate ever?

-- creeper

creeper said...

"No, allow insurance companies to sell nation-wide to increase competition and lower costs."

Good idea, and as I understand it, that was discussed but eventually failed because the parties couldn't come to an agreement on a standard.

"Tort reform will lower insurance premiums for doctors."

Certainly a possibility, but this only appears to be a negligible amount in the overall scheme of things.

"Force illegal aliens to prove they have documentation in order to work or cash checks or move into housing and the illegal crunch on hospitals will decrease dramatically."

Could you be more specific about what exact "illegal crunch" you're talking about? Illegals using emergency rooms, or obtaining surgery using false identities, or what? What kind of costs are involved?

-- creeper

creeper said...

Re. tort reform, here's an informative interview.

-- creeper