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Friday, March 26, 2010

Wealth redistribution - the real change is no hope

Max Baucus on Obamacare's hidden agenda - redistribution of wealth

Go to youtube and see for yourself!

Barack Obama considers our Constitution fundamentally flawed!

Redistributive change is actually the Obama goal.

Democrats are really turning into communists before our very eyes. I told you so but you would not believe me. How about now? Our country is in the hands of the people kind of people who revere Chairman Mao and Lenin and Guevera and Saul Alinsky! Are you happy?


Anonymous said...

"...if you subscribe to an idea then you also subscribe to that idea’s ideology. And to every possible negative consequence that that ideology remotely implies when you carry it to absurd extremes.

For instance, progressives if you believe in a minimum safety net for the nation’s neediest you believe in total and absolute government control. So, if you believe that faith provides a strong moral tent post for a nation’s foundation that could only lead to totalitarian theocracy."

jon stewart

radar said...

The CBO projects the government budget to grow to 90% of our GNP by 2020. Consider that the CBO tends to err on the side of positives and can only measure the information given to them so that may be low. If the sky IS falling we should start screaming about it!