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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Smart Girl Politics rant - Obama only needs to look at his backside in the mirror

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ANGEL suggests that Obama can "keep the change!"

It is my contention that the Obama Administration has been given several means to fix the Gulf oil spill problem and refuses to use them because he likes the crisis.  He wants the USA to have a failing economy so he can take more and more control and pass more poison pill legislation as quickly as possible to enrich his circle of George Soros/Al Gore/Chicago insider rich cats and put the rest of us at the mercy of the Federal Government.  Cut off our new oil supplies and greatly increase costs (via carbon taxes which only help his buddies and hurt everyday Americans) and make a desperate attempt to hold and consolidate power before We The People wake up and toss the entire lot out!   But here is Smart Girl Politic's rant:

Tony Hayward-Obama Oil Cover-Up Isn't Only a Blame Game

###**> Read these quotes and reflect on the Obamian-Hitler Myth still being perpetuated and controlled by the Mass Media of the West. Remember: First and Always, a dictator lets himself be bound by the people to the policy which he wanted.
"Past as it is, the truth remains that the effective damage caused by the spill day after day is absolutely the fault of Barack Hussein Obama and his continuing campaign to use the power of the President and myriad bureaucracies to assure every variety of crisis can persist and, as we see with the Oil spill, thrive, solely for political purposes. This is Change, the transformation in American Government, We Can not only Believe In, but See in Vivid Detail as the Chicago Way Goes National" - Toddy Littman (from his essay: "An Observer's Journal of Day 44" (June 2nd), Project Shining City post: 6/8/10)
"The dynamic driving force of the Hitler myth allowed, in fact, no stabilization or 'normalization', but rather conditioned circumstances in which the traditional 'ruling class' (our present enfeebled Congress) became ever more subsumed in and dependent upon the 'behemoth' of the Nazi State which it was no longer able to control in its mad rush to destruction." - Ian Kershaw (from his history: "The Hitler Myth" )
The oil spill may have between 20-30 years to unravel its geological pastiche of sheer destruction. But Obama and Tony Hayward of BP both, if they are honest men (and I believe neither qualifies for that natural wonder prize), wish for a branch of Alzheimer's disease to share -anything to forget for a few days or for the rest of their lives the Gulf masque of black death they will be remembered by. The history of their habitat destruction is already written. Why should we believe in this pair of liars that by next August two fragile attempts to drill a pair of acute angled pipe and well casings into the DeepWater Horizon reservoir will stop or even reduce what might be 25+ more years of endless crude oil flowing into all our 7 Seas? Both are inveterate liars, perched on-high, and lacking all the summer colors of youth; leaders without hope or anything to follow but a ceaseless rhetoric of destructive change.. Men made of naked soul, who seek some refuge in the land of the dead, since they've abandoned the Gulf, and failed to keep their own counsel. This Wednesday, 6/16/10, the 58th day of the natural disaster in the Gulf, Tony Hayward and Obama will meet for the very first time, due to the latter's total inconsistency to grapple the handle of leadership; Obama's greatest fear it seems is to project a plan, a plan of attack, or of leadership- so we must await their cabal. Truly it will prove devastating to out nation's health and seem, no doubt to be, another blind shot in the dark by these incredibly stupid (or sinister) men.
We of Project Shining City staff share the feelings of the 5 survivors interviewed by Anderson Cooper, CNN reporter, 6/8/10, when one of the men (Doug Brown) who was rescued from the burning oil rig recalled: "It's not a dream (my life, alive and living, today) but through the day the nightmare continues." Like Mr. Brown we too are full of subdued angst and try to report accurately the details of the fools who've led us into this ecological nightmare which will haunt us for years. Bill O'Reilly, FOX anchor, sees it as a masterpiece in-the-making of anger: "The US is an angry nation now, and the fuse has been lit... Americans sense they are losing control over their own destiny, and that message seems written in the sky." Only O'Reilly wants most of us, like himself, to bridle that debilitating anger, that flushed reaction we ALL have (all parties and ideologues), so as not to strike at what's wrong, not to lash out, not to GET TOO ANGRY with each other. He and Chris Wallace, anchor of FOX News 'Sunday' both agreed (6/11/10) that Obama's anger "TO KICK SOME ASS" seemed highly contrived. To me it seemed to be a phony sadistic craving for anger. To others it was an artificial posture. Regardless, it had a hidden purpose that fashioned whatever has to happen in order to appease the critics and the pollsters, the Obama style. But unlike Hitler, little Obama was as committed to it as a child is to a dripping sun-drenched ice cream cone. Maybe Obama will send a letter "firing" Hayward before he steps inside the White House on Wednesday -that's more his style of decision-making, a cowardly one of flapping arms. Both stupid men have been floating beneath the oil in the Gulf for 55 days like two enemy submarine commanders waiting for a chance to fire a torpedo at each other. In this duel of reckless 'Murmurings' neither one seems able to face the cold steel required to say: "I, Tony Hayward... I Barack Obama... haven't any damn idea how to solve this g-d mess I've made." That requires an honesty other than serving oneself. Not a single blade of grass turning brown with oil can move either one out of his lair beneath the oil sheen of their sunken brains, their lying eyes, Obama's nonsensical walks on the Louisiana beach, Hayward's impassive promise on the BP commercial to right all wrongs. They walk the path of the ignoble while pretending to all but each other that they know 'a patient solution' out of this mess.
Why don't these two jerks do an autopsy of an adult turtle that washed up on a barrier island shore and smell the cloying guts which swallowed the jellyfish that was drenched in oil which killed the turtle? Throw that turtle degutted on the mahogany table next to their club sandwiches sent from the White House kitchen on Wednesday and reflectively ask: 'What struggle preceded this death?' But they won't share that thought! I imagine there's a sign over Obama's desk, similar to one found in Hitler's "Mein Kampf": "Force is the first law. Force, however, is more than the decisive fact in any situation; it is force which also creates right. Always before God and the world, the stronger has the right to carry thorough what he wills." So let us, you and I, and especially the sad residents along the Gulf be drenched in the light of their combined Promethean will, the Hayward-Obama combination that brings (oil) 'fire to the world, and lights the way'...but not into the middle of the marshes, those unseen, forbidden zones, CNN reporter Rob Marciano reminds us (6/8/10). There the boats involved in the recovery of the dying marine mammals and sea birds do not enter in, do not enter through where the death and dying of countless animals carries no weight on the conscience in any dialogue into the Obamian-Hayward will of force and suppression.
Remember it took until 6/8/10 for independent scientists to receive high resolution footage of the gulf bottom leak, raging like a blinded god, proclaiming 40,000 barrels are certainly gushing from this bleeding eye everyday. That new resolution's accuracy and the failure of the Cut and Cap method have GREATLY INCREASED the flow discharge by all reasonable estimates of the flow engineer experts. Let me rewrite my mathematical calculation from last week to reflect this change to Day 130, late August 2010, when the two relief (acute-angled) wells will (hopefully) rescue BP and cease the outrageous flow poisoning the Gulf States. Day 130 minus Day 55 = 75 days till that momentous end of perdition, till the end of the flow itself. If you unwisely and faithfully believe in the magical séance of the Promethean will of Obama-Hayward, then I'm afraid you have to do the following calculation as well: 75 days X 40,000* barrels (* the 'logical estimate' made by CEO Doug Suttles of BP re-calculated after the failed Cut and Cap attempt made (6/6/10)) equals = 3,000,000 more barrels to enter the Gulf over the next 75 days. (**The EXACT gallon count can be SEEN at Project Shining City -Front Page**) That is exactly 126,000,000 gallons above the **73,920,000 gallons already in the gulf by this date, 6/13/10. The cutting of the Cap created a leak as wide as a normal 44 gallon garbage can in diameter, according to Ira Leifer, flow researcher - Marine Science Institute, interviewed by Anderson Cooper on 6/8/10. The oil raging out on the live video to my eye appears much more than 20%, BP's estimate, and may be far greater according to Leifer.
Congressman Ed Markey (D-MA) claimed on CNN (6/8/10): "There has been a pattern of misconduct to deceive us to the amount of oil because the level of fines is based on the amount of oil (in barrel counts) escaping from the leaks." The high resolution film destroys the BP subterfuge to hide the truth; the high resolution encompasses the full magnitude of the Obama-Salazar-Hayward-Coast Guard lies in all their 51 days of conceived deception with their low-resolution video. Here was a game to salvage nothing over a company's market value in the eyes of its shareholders and pensioners. Now, because of this red tape fix, and because of Congressman Markey's insistence on the truth of flow revealed, a martial attitude exists between England and the US over the dividend payments due 18,000,000 share holders of BP preferred and common stocks. War footing vibrates the floorboards in BP's national headquarters: will bankruptcy be their only option? I see it now: Obama will tax 1 $trillion in an emergency fund to strip the loincloth off a broken capitalism twisted US-GDP, and BP slides beneath the waves of dissolution into international courtroom brawls that last 40 years.
Meanwhile, never to ignore the good in a terrible crisis (in the words of Rahm Emanuel), Senate Democrats are calling for (5/12/10) a 512% oil tax hike for a spill liability fund to cover the phenomenal clean-up. $3 billion already exists from taxes in an oil slush fund, but they appear loathe to use it to ease the pain of the Gulf coast businesses that are presently about to fail. First, tax the citizens at the pump, then crush the shareholders of BP, in what appears to be a confirmed attempt to use Congress to treat a major non-national company like a tool to be broken. Seize the $10 billion annual dividend paid out by BP to the 18,000,000 shareholders, even though such action is internationally unacceptable and a severe violation of law. And it is here Obama remains sternly silent, ever searching for a way to gain a constant psychological mobilization that might bind the masses to him in a Hitlerian fashion in his 50-odd days of oily despair. All he really needs is for the continuation of a media frenzied love of him to override the weakness of the Tea Party and Conservative Republican resistance to his regime. The media are the firecrackers he has lined up on the picnic table to fire at will, at his command. They are the torpedoes he can fire TO KICK ASS and to muster a "massive capitalistic State implosion," in the words of Glen Beck (6/9/10). Neither CNN nor the major networks will ever allow Carvell or anyone else again in both national parties to attack him on his public image, or his own mythological preservation. They mend and re-mend his 'protective shield' through November, count on it! He has been their greatest propaganda triumph for European Socialism: for their own secret desire to level economic jobless disparity in the middle class through an executive power re-built by a media directed to "find a way to the people," via a Hitlerian idolization. He may never fear the loss of personal popularity unless he utterly fails -like Pelosi found out this week- the core base of the Progressive Left, the core Chicago neo-Nazi-Socialist elites who sent him to us. Never LET A GOOD CRISIS GO TO WASTE, and in the end, the Gulf Crisis, like the burning of the Reichstag in Nazi Germany, may be the vehicle to create the American Black Fuhrer.
"...I have led back into the homeland the millions of deeply unhappy Germans who had been torn away from us. I have re-created the 1,000 year historic unity of the German living-space, and I have attempted to do all this without spilling blood and without inflicting on my people or on others the suffering of war. I have managed this from my own strength, as one who twenty-one years ago was an unknown worker and soldier of my people." - Adolf Hitler, in a speech given to the Reichstag, 28 April 1939.
It is so easy to be triumphant and lie before the world, to cast aspersions, to denigrate even England, a true ally, when Obama's loyalty remains only his progressive social-fascist agenda, and his hand-picked team of commensurables. A crisis builds success and many crises build recurring successes, think both Hitler and Obama. We must be grateful, I suppose, their statesmanship never co-existed. And yet the millions of dead sea marine life in the end will mean less to the latter than the bloody grout of lives destroyed in a world war did to the former. As Hitler surmised in May of '39, 4 months before the start of war: "The hope that we can win cheaply is a dangerous hope." Just ask the people around the gulf, or the benzene and hydrogen sulphide smelling shorelines (and the fishermen turned BP oil-gatherers), what 'cheap' is?


radar said...

So many ships full of people who would have helped. So many different technologies available that would have cleaned up the Gulf long ago. Meanwhile Obama postures and Democrats yell at company executives. This administration is stuck on stupid. Never has any President done less to help a disastrous situation, but he has used it to put a moratorium on drilling for oil. Obama makes Jimmy Carter and Woodrow Wilson look good. It will take this country decades to undo all the harm Obama has done in just two years. God help us all if the Democratic majority is still in place after the 2010 elections!

WomanHonorThyself said...

blame game and spinning and twisting my friend!..what has he done effectively in ghe Gulf..nothing!

thanks as always my friend for the linky luv!!!

highboy said...

A lot of these countries that could have helped are saying they aren't even getting a returned phone call, according to the reports. He would rather spend trillions on pipe dream research that's no guarantee and wouldn't pay off for a long time yet if it did. Meanwhile, we all go bankrupt and will probably end up paying 20$ for a gallon of gas.