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Monday, August 30, 2010

Minipost - No comments are being censored and talkorigins is still a bad source

Too busy for a new post at the moment.  To answer a couple of quick questions:

No, I am not erasing comments.  Also, sometimes people have repeated comments.  The problem may be with your computer or with the blogger site.  I would only erase obvious spammers and foul language, period.  You get your soapbox if you disagree with me as long as you watch your language even if I completely disagree with every word you write. 

No, talkorigins is not too busy to talk with me, I had several emails back and forth with them back about three years ago or so and have since then pointed out some errors that they simply will not change.  talkorigins is a site that posts information they KNOW is wrong and they will not change it.  I can only imagine that their aim is to be part of the ruling paradigm and have no qualms about what is right and wrong, correct or incorrect.  The particular post they have up about the acambaro figurines is preposterous.  DiPeso was shown to be a faker and a liar. As you all know I also steer people away from Dr. Dino.  I do not want people going to a fraud site on either side of the debate.  Talkorigins will lie to you.  So far as I can tell Dr. Dino (now under a new name) will as well...and they will have to make a LOT of changes before I change my mind about them.  So if you want to be laughed at and ignored by me, use either of those sites as sources.  Because if they are all you have, you have nothing.


Anonymous said...

"So if you want to be laughed at and ignored by me, use either of those sites as sources. Because if they are all you have, you have nothing."

Thank you for that perfect example of an ad hominem argument - attacking the source to avoid dealing with an argument. You're simply reiterating your attack on the source, which of course only buys you a logical fallacy, congratulations.

It is not logical to claim that because you had a difference of opinion with TO about one subject that they are automatically wrong on every subject. They do present a great amount of evidence that you have proven unable to refute.

As long as you restrict yourself to using an ad hominem as the sole reply to so much evidence and so many arguments, it is you who has presented nothing of substance in return and are conceding all these arguments.

And... any ideas what's causing those comments to disappear?

radar said...

Before I go back to work...

None of my comments are disappearing. If I deleted a comment it would show up as deleted. You are anonymous and how do I know whether you are the only one having the problem? It could be a computer problem?

Talkorigins is so consistently wrong that an entire site to reply to it and correct it was started, trueorigins. So I am not alone in pointing out the talkorigins deficiencies and it is not just one post.

If I see a crime committed and witness the criminal in action, I am not making an ad hominem attack, I am bearing witness. So in the case of talkorigins I am simply bearing witness.

Jon Woolf said...

Radar, you need to talk to Blogger tech support. Your blog is eating any comment longer than a couple of lines. I've had three long comments disappear between yesterday and today, one of which was posted from a different computer.

radar said...

Let's see, the first comment in this thread was four, no, five paragraphs long and it did not disappear. Let's give this a shot.

Talkorigins people and I had a few emails pass back and forth between us a few years back in which I questioned more than one post and also the idea behind the site. I wondered what their purpose was in providing a clearinghouse for macroevolution explanations when they (at least one of them) professed a belief in God. I also wondered why they did not correct falsified information.

Now this is a fairly long comment.

Since this is my blog, I can choose to ignore talkorigins strictly from preference. It also keeps most commenters to resorting to the easy 'link to to' option. It forces them to find another source of information. I use several sources for my information, dozens in fact, so there you go.

radar said...

Okay, I am using mozilla and my comment posted easily. I may try Chrome and IE to see if they are having problems.

Anonymous said...

Let's see. We have a President who is going to the UN to complain about one of his own States that is trying to enforce Federal Law. The White Sox have a closer named Bobby Jenks who for some strange reason Ozzie Guillen keeps pitching in pressure situations. The scientific community keeps asserting that Darwinism has some basis in fact...while I suppose they keep frantically searching for that fact?

Internet explorer, here we go...

Anonymous said...

Mozilla and Chrome and IE all work.

Jon Woolf said...

[shrug] OK, I'll try again.

Regarding talk-origins and its [heh] origins...

Before there was the Web, there was the Internet. Part of the internet was "Usenet," a huge collection of "newsgroups" (discussion boards). was one of the most active newsgroups. A number of the regulars were scientists wh routinely answered creationist attacks on science. After a while they became tired of answering the same old attacks, over and over and over again. So they created what were called FAQs, for [answers to] Frequently Asked Questions. These FAQs were never intended to give a fair hearing to both sides. They were boilerplate versions of the science-based answer to common creationist arguments.

When the Web appeared, these many FAQ files were organized into the FAQ Archive, and posted to a website. That's how the t.o archive came to be. It's a website now, not an FTP site or a series of newsgroup posts, but its objective remains the same: present the science-based answers to common creationist arguments. The files in the archive were written by many different contributors over many years. Some are kept up to date; others haven't been touched in a decade or more.

It seems quite uncharitable to condemn all those files, and all those writers, for the sins of one or two.

Anonymous said...

"You are anonymous and how do I know whether you are the only one having the problem?"

Because Jon Woolf said his comments also disappeared.

"So in the case of talkorigins I am simply bearing witness."

Re. your claims about Acambaro that's a fair thing to say.

Re. dismissing any other argument just because it appeared on talkorigins you're hiding behind an ad hominem logical fallacy and failing to address the argument itself.

Why is it you can't address so many of these arguments that you have to resort to such an enormous ad hominem?

If there was anything to YEC, you'd be able to address the arguments on their merit.

Jon Woolf said...

Anonymous wrote: Re. your claims about Acambaro that's a fair thing to say.

I agree. The page on the Acambaro figurines is not one of t.o's better efforts. On the other hand, many of their articles were good as text-only files (which is all you could do in the days of Usenet and ftp), and are much better with the illustrations and formatting that the Web allows. I'm thinking particularly of Jim Foley's "Fossil Hominids" pages, which are so good they've been referenced in the pages of Nature.