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Friday, March 04, 2011

Philosophy and Christianity and Freedom go to Heck

Gotta love Peter Heck, who is a radio personality and speaker in central Indiana, a very nice guy who is quite likeable and certainly one with a sense of humor and a value set that he understands and defends, often by using humor.   Here are a few examples:

Defeating America's Enemies

Current estimated cost of Obamacare is over 105 Billion Dollars and that doesn't include the loss of jobs and the cost to the public outside of tax dollars with raised rates and long waiting lines for services that are becoming more expensive and harder to get...already!

Engine Parts

Chiseling Our Gods

A few funny radio bits...

Un-Fundamental Christianity

Fair, Amiable Tolerance

Interviewing an "Expert on Racial Profiling"

Interviwing an "Anti-'Leftist'"

Then something more serious and thoughtful...

An atheist schools herself

An atheist gets caught in a quandry and runs away

Does the sacred fire still burn?

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