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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cowardly censoring scum attack blogs that favor God and Conservatives

I had to have a knee operation, and while I was away some miserable filthy rotten scoundrel hacked into blogspot and sent anyone trying to read my blog to some spam site called "" so that they could not stay on or read this blog.   I found out that a lot of conservative, Christian and Catholic blogs were attacked.   Naturally I figured out how the micreant did it and corrected it.   But I don't want to hear any more crying from trolls about your lame censorship whines when one of yours tried to shut my site down altogether.   Whoever did this was a lowlife who deserves to be caught and "corrected" by one of the mil-bloggers.

I have removed "Darwinist" from the headline and likely from blame.  Although it is true that Catholic and conservative and Christian blogs were taken down, oddly enough some atheist blogs were attacked as well?   So I realized this was not an attack on my blog or those like mine but rather the motivations of the hackers are now unclear.    Is he a pet rock worshipper?