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Monday, August 08, 2011

The Modern American Culture - Ignorance, Censorship, Superstition and Selfishness

Many physical and emotional barriers stood between me and blogging in the last few days.   I was glad to see even Jonathan Sarfati step into the commenting fray to slice and dice up one of the more verbose Darwinists and there is the ever-steady LISTA who slowly and surely studies matters of philosophy and science line upon line, refusing to be hurried by anyone.    The sheer amount of utter empty Darwinist ranting that has taken place in my absence is impressive in its own negative and pathetic way.   It is hard to think of anything more unscientific than Darwinism and my absence from the blog for awhile was the equivalent of stepping back to look carefully at a painting on the wall to ensure it is hung straight and in keeping with the "feel" of the room.

For those who care, my knee has such a dramatically torn and displaced meniscus that it sticks out in front and on the side of the knee, rubbing against the MCL and having abandoned it's task of padding the interior of the structure.  That is the worst of five different injuries and syndromes that my right knee claims and since that leg was once colonized by MRSA and is the leg that displays most of the symptoms of the nerve damage from a back injury, an operation is somewhat problematic but a couple of weeks of constant pain plus the idea that getting up from a chair or climbing a few stairs requires great effort and careful planning to avoid a fall or a sharp increase in pain has taught me that the status quo is not acceptable.   Not THAT Status Quo, although if your name is Bob Axelberg you and I both know the back story to this, forty years ago.
This was a live performance from 1968...

So I am stepping back and looking at the blog from a bit farther back.    This is what I see...

First, I can give out this information shared with me by one of my mentors, the estimable Charles Wood.   This tells you why Obamacare is guaranteed depression-in-a-can and why Democratic thought is not in any way related to the word, "Democratic."    They are the Socialist Party now, why not just admit it?

This was passed along to me by a college classmate. It makes such good sense and is really food for thought:
1. You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity, by legislating the wealth out of prosperity.
2. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving.
3. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else.
4. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.
5. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work, because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that is the beginning of the end of any nation.

Yeah, that kind of summarizes the problem with the underlying philosophy of the Obama Administration and the Democrats in general.   In my town there are two former Democrats who switched to Republican after already winning office because, as one of them said, "My party left me."   Obama, whose birth certificate is obviously faked, who has a Connecticut social security number that cannot be his and whose grades and qualifications to even enter Harvard are shaky has been a complete disaster as President because he doesn't know how to run an ice cream stand and his philosophies are failed old stuff left over from Lenin and Guevera.   He has managed to make Jimmy Carter look reasonably good by comparison I guess.   Anyway, statement number 5 is EXACTLY what happened to the Soviet Union.   You really want to do second verse, same as the first????

Now let me point out that real science doesn't summarily dismiss what has been accepted as law or at the very least theory that has always been supported by evidence without findings that falsify the law or theory.   The Law of Biogenesis has never been disproved despite constant attacks from the Darwinist camp for many generations.   What Louis Pasteur is credited for finally establishing to the satisfaction of the entire scientific community on the basis of evidence is that not even the simplest of organisms can spontaneously arise from matter but only as a result of the reproductive process of a like organism(s).  Life comes only from life.   Using the guise of a new term, Chemical Evolution, Darwinists have pretended there is any reason at all to dismiss Biogenesis and ignored all the evidence that shows us that life cannot form from inanimate materials.

Basic chemistry teaches us that the building blocks of life cannot last "in the wild" even if they could form, for chemical reactions will change and/or destroy them before they can begin to assemble themselves into a living thing.   In fact, think on that for a minute.  Can life assemble itself?  Do cars build themselves, do houses, do oil paintings?   Of course not, you say, and yet a living cell is far more complex and has more information and components than the largest factory in your nearest city.   How in the world does anyone believe such nonsense?   It is the kind of thinking that would have been thoroughly rejected in the pre-Darwin-and-Marx-and Malthus world.   Had Science known the complexity of the cell and of the existence of DNA in the 19th Century then Darwinism never would have gained a foothold among scientists.   Darwinism was accepted without much evidence and then, when the evidence poured in to falsify it the metaphysical needs of scientists caused them to blind themselves to the truth.

Darwinists lament the fact that half of the population of the USA still doubts evolution and believes that God at the very least was Creator of the Universe.   It is no surprise to me since the average man and woman is most concerned about their own wants and needs and have applied common sense and tradition to what was taught in government schools.   You see, there is a basic nonsensical thread running through the entirety of Darwinism, which at the root declares that nothing exploded and made everything.   When I see some derf saying that it was proven in court that ID is a "wedge" to get creationism into the classroom, I am not sure whether to call him a liar or an idiot.   Creationism belongs in schools and so does ID because they are origins theories which are supported by evidence and more evidence than Darwinism has.  Darwinism is almost entirely hot air and lies and hoopla.   "Arsenic Bacteria" was a flat lie.   I presented evidence on this blog to prove it.   If you say otherwise you are either a fool or a liar or both.   End of story and yes, I will stand on that with the evidence to prove it.    Anyone who thinks the Discovery Institute is a Creationist organization needs to check the roster of members, which includes Jews and Islamics and non-religious scientists along with Christians and Theists.  David Berlinski, for instance, is a non-practicing Jew who worships logic and intellect if he worships at all.

Yes, the common man would probably have rejected Darwinism entirely and hooted all Darwinists out of schools and the media and academia if it were not for four important factors:


When most students go to classes, they learn what they are taught or at least what they expect to find on the tests.  They do the homework, they get their grades, they pass their classes and they move on to the next grade, the next school and eventually a degree or two or three.  In this postwar world of two-income families and government-controlled schools parents have abdicated their position as teachers of their own children.   The American parent expects school to be both tutor and babysitter for nine months out of the year while paying little attention to the process unless there are grade or behavioral problems.   Some parents get more involved in the process than others and certainly there is a percentage of them who stay on top of everything but these are not the majority.  Who is teaching your children their core values and beliefs and who is reviewing what they are taught in school?   Who among you teach your children to think both critically and for themselves?   How many of you just let school do what it does and as long as the kid doesn't steal your money or bring the cops to your door you let them watch what they want on TV, go where they will on the internet and you just pay the bills and try to get ahead?

Another part of the Ignorance equation is apathy, then, as so many parents ignore what their kids actually learn or believe until they have become teenagers and express their belief systems in what can often be confrontational and rebellious ways.   Those of you who mail in the early years get what you deserve - self-centered rebellious children who do not respect their self-centered and apathetic parents!

There is also the systemic spread of ignorance that has been the result of the Democratic Party platform that has formed and promoted the welfare society, especially within big cities.   We now have ghetto areas in every large city, populated primarily by minorities who in large part depend upon government dole for their subsistence.   Mothers are rewarded for having children outside of marriage and fathers are therefore encouraged to stay out of the lives of their children.   Kids grow up with a two-pronged plan of attack that consists of an expectation that the government owes them a living plus the idea of having an "angle" to make money on the side and therefore be a success within the community.   Gangsters and gamblers and con men are the heroes of the inner cities.   Yes, sure, sometimes athletes and musicians and actors come out of these environs but they are the exception rather than the rule.   The poor are taught to expect wealth redistribution without the necessity of work.   Therefore exceptionalism and high performance are not expected and the majority of inner-city kids "graduate/are run through" high school without being able to read and write coherently.  While buffoons like Jesse Jackson, Jr. and Al Sharpton play the race card, their politics and the politics of their cohorts guarantee that millions of people of color will be poor and without hope.


Like bullies who seek out the weak while avoiding confrontation, the Darwinist community is dedicated to the suppression of evidence that supports Intelligent Design and Creationism as a 24/7 task.  The NCSE is nothing more than a censorship society.   Talkorigins is a site that gives lame and often long-falsified "answers" to questions about origins with little or no regard to truth as long as the people will buy it.   Stephen Hawking's latest book is a testimony to a great brain gone terribly wrong, a terribly illogical treatise attempting to give credit to forces associated with a material Universe being the creative force of said Universe!   Every time Richard Dawkins publishes another book pontificating on the glories of Darwinism, Jonathan Sarfati then writes a book that tears Dawkin's arguments apart and leaves him standing upon air.   Oh, what I would give to see an hour-long debate between Sarfati and Dawkins, or maybe PZ Myers or Michael Ruse!   Televise that thing nationally and see the house of Darwinist cards begin to fall everywhere at once!


Really, Darwinism and Communism and Socialism and Econuttery are all echoes of a pagan past.   The worship of "Mother Earth", the emphasis on the value of obscure sub-species of animals over the welfare of human beings (witness the terrible flooding this summer because econuts changed the Army Corps of Engineers plans from flood control to animal welfare) or the State of California refusing to send water to the Salinas Valley farmers for fear of harming a stupid little fish!   People, seriously, there are millions of varieties of fishes!   If you look carefully at the teaching of Darwinism you see that Darwinists "worship" themselves and living creatures and the material world and pretty much anything BUT GOD.

The television industry cranks out all these shows about people with psychic powers and vampires and witches and ghosts and pursuers of ghosts and witches and vampires.   There are "special" people with amazing powers to see the future or go back in time.   I mean it is like someone took a deck of tarot cards and a crystal ball and put it in a mixer with some standard science fiction stories lines and begin pouring out supernatural shakes as television long as the supernatural isn't actually the One Supernatural God.   They avoid God like the plague!

God is not unscientific.  Belief in the Creator was the backbone of civilization and upon Biblical principles the laws of England and America were founded.   The Judeo-Christian ethic still remains the foundation of Western Civilization even as the ungodly attack every aspect of God and faith and creation no matter what the evidence.   To believe in God is certainly as scientific is to believe in no God and frankly modern science would not have been formed without those who believed in a Logical Creator.


Now let us talk about human nature.   As children we seek to grow up and cast off the leadership of our parents when we hit adolescence although we may also have a great relationship with our parents.   It is innate within mankind to make the decisions and be the judge and jury of life.   We are born as sinners, both knowing right and wrong and being able to do as we choose.   Our choices tend to be selfish and sometimes we hurt others.   We may do things that are not acceptable to the majority of others but the natural man chafes at the concept of being accountable to anyone or being judged.   That is human nature.

We are all human and we are all born with this nature.   But within every man and woman is also what has been called a "God-shaped hole" in our hearts, intrinsic to our nature, an inner belief that God is and that He is responsible for existence.   Some of us seek to fill that hole and keep trying different metaphysical blocks until the triangular hole is filled with that triangle that is God.   No round pegs nor square ones will do.  For those who seek to find God, He will be found.  I know this to be true because I went out to find Him while deliberately excluding Jesus Christ from the possibilities and yet Christ would not give up on me as long as there was any place within me that still wanted truth.   Although I surrounded myself with secular education and myriad philosophies and drugs and drink and hedonistic pleasures there was yet a place within me that wondered and that is where God grabbed me and pulled me from death into life.

Many scientists give lip service to Darwinism and don't think all that much about the subject because it has nothing to do with their studies and research.   They know they can get grant money by working a Darwinist paragraph into the abstracts they produce and the proposals they send out but, when the real work is done, Darwin may as well be Huckleberry Finn.   These are the folks who would probably be relieved to see Darwinism fall, as they could quit having to incorporate the idea into the meat of their research goals and they could simply express their simple desire to study and learn and test and discover unhindered by metaphysical concerns.

But there are so many dedicated Darwinists, a blight on society and a drag on learning, they are the two-ton barnacles on the Ship of State that hinder us from obtaining power and growing more crops with their econuttery and the completely faked concept of global warming disasters.   Al Gore is far too big to be Chicken Little but in fact the sky is not falling now any more than it did a hundred years ago.  They are the Himalayas of Humbug that stand in the way of a better understanding of the world of organisms and the design of the Solar System and the intricacies of caring for and healing the human body.

Darwinists are a hindrance to science and a drag on the resources of the scientific community and they are the worst possible offenders of the very thing they accuse creationists of doing - bringing religion into science.   Darwinism is a religion, it is an amalgam of atheism and humanism and naturalism that exists for the sake of selfishness and in defiance of the Creator God.   God made this Universe and all that is in it, including you and me.   The very nature of organisms cries out to each one of you and they are shouting "design" and "intent" and "information" and "brilliance" while Darwinists blithely credit pure dumb chance for the existence of every star and nebula and planet and moon and system and law and force and creature and the soul and spirit and emotions and the mind and sentience of mankind.    This is not simply wrong, it is evil, for those who know enough to realize the paucity of Darwinist evidence are among the most strident supporters of the same.   Tell the biggest lie and shout the loudest and seek to thereby win the day. 

You Darwinists have the media and the government agencies and the academics and the elites on your side.  With all that on your side you are still losing ground.  Why?   Because we have the most important thing of all - the truth.    We have the evidence and the evidence is not only on the side of creationism it is in fact overwhelming.   You simply have to have the desire to know what the truth is and I will do my best to point you in the right direction. 

Today's evidence is a DVD produced by Spike Psarris, a former member of the Aerospace industry and the guy who has put up this website...

For fifteen bucks at the online store you can get an overview of things we have learned about the Solar System that falsify Darwinism.   You will see and hear about moons that are continually spewing volcanoes, moons that are virtually free of craters and moons that are covered with so many of them it puzzles everybody.   You will find out about Planetary orbits and rotations and magnetic fields and problems with mass and temperature and all sorts of other facts gleaned from various space probes that show us that the Solar System and the Earth are actually very young and surely only thousands rather than millions or billions of years old.   You will discover that the long-age theories of Evolution are broken promises foundered on the rocks of actual evidence.   I dare you to watch this video and continue to believe that the Earth and Sun and the Solar System are billions of years old.   

One little hint?   Three different Moon landings included the planting of laser reflectors on different portions of the visible lunar surface so that we could bounce a laser beam from Earth to Moon and back and measure precisely how far away the Moon is from the Earth and thereby measure the speed at which the Moon is receding away from the Earth.   You see, the tides produced by the Moon help "push" the Moon away from Earth incrementally.   By studying this process we can deduce that the Moon would have been sitting on the surface of the Earth 1.5 billion years ago (naturally once it got close it would have been drawn in and a horrific collision would have ensued much earlier)!    Therefore the Moon cannot be 3 to 5 billion years old.

The longest continuous measurement mankind has made of a force that I know of is the magnetic field of the Earth.   If these measurements are accurate, the Earth cannot be more than 20,000 years old.   Does that surprise you?  Dating methods in general do not attempt to consider the worldwide global flood nor do secular scientists and yet catastrophism is replacing uniformitarianism in the world of geology.   Right now the Darwinist narrative requires untold numbers of "local" floods to perform the work of the one big flood that actually did take place.   All of the dating methods that do not account for the remarkable world-wide catastrophic flood and the ice age/mudrock era that followed are therefore fatally flawed and give ridiculous dates not only for items of unknown age but often will produce wildly inaccurate dates for items that are known to be young.   The same scientists who think that the Grand Canyon was formed over millions of years will completely ignore the canyons formed after the Mt. St. Helens eruption even though the event was like a laboratory experiment to clue scientists into the kinds of events that would create the Grand Canyon.   Only fast flooding and massive water flows could account for the Grand Canyon, not long ages of wandering rivers.   That marvel required at least two catastrophic events to be formed and quite possibly more than two.   There are competing theories amongst creationist geologists that are being bandied about and not one of them is as preposterous as the long age fairy tales you'll be told in school.  

So I am going to begin lobbing these mortar shells into the Darwin camp.   If yo uavail yourself of the resources I present to you, you will have difficulty hanging on to Darwinism without being untrue to yourself and your self-respect.   Seriously.   If you care and you want to know the truth, I am going to be bringing it to you bite by bite.   Strap up, people!!!