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Friday, March 30, 2012

Things Creationism is - Scientifc and Logical and consistent with Biblical Faith

"It is axiomatic that there are only two possible basic models of origins--that is, of the origin of the universe, of the earth, of life, of human life, and of all the basic systems of the cosmos. These are, in simplest terms, evolution or creation. Either the origin of things can be understood in terms of continuing natural processes, or they cannot--one or the other. If they cannot, then we must resort to completed supernatural processes to explain the origin of at least the basic symptoms of the cosmos. Evolution and creation thus exhaust the possibilities, as far as origins are concerned." - Dr. Henry Morris


"Unlike the use of the scientific method as only one mode of reaching knowledge, scientism claims that science alone can render truth about the world and reality. Scientism's single-minded adherence to only the empirical, or testable, makes it a strictly scientifc worldview, in much the same way that a Protestant fundamentalism that rejects science can be seen as a strictly religious worldview. Scientism sees it necessary to do away with most, if not all, metaphysical, philosophical, and religious claims, as the truths they proclaim cannot be apprehended by the scientific method. In essence, scientism sees science as the absolute and only justifiable access to the truth."  - ('s so-called "faith and reason" glossary)

Compare and contrast... Scientism is a religion, one that erects a strawman, calls it "Protestant fundamentalism" and then knocks it down. 

Christians do not reject science.  Christians INVENTED modern science.  Yes, Roger Bacon and Isaac Newton and Francis Bacon and James Clerk Maxwell and Johannes Kepler and Lord Kelvin and so many others were believers in the Creator God and, because of that belief, trusted that they could find logical processes and logical reasons for what was observed in the material world around them.  These men, who considered the Bible to be truth, sought the truth within nature because they believed the Logical Mind Who designed it all would have done so logically.  They were correct.

I became a Christian in 1978, and at that time I took evolution for granted.  "Everyone" believed it to be true and I had no reason to doubt it, for I had never thought to challenge the concept.  Upon becoming a Christian and reading the Bible, I continually found references to the Creation account in Genesis by the writers and the very words of Jesus Christ Himself.   Therefore, for the first time in my life I took a look at evolution with a critical eye rather than simple acceptance by faith.

It was a presentation made by Dr. Henry Morris that caused me to see that there was a divide between scientists and laymen over the issue of evolution and long ages.   I began to review my own experiences in the field and reevaluate them in a new way.  What if the rock layers and fossils I had observed had been produced by the Flood event described in Genesis rather than by the long processes of millions upon millions of years of Earth existence?   It immediately struck me that the massive fields of shellfish I had walked upon, all apparently closed (so they were alive when buried in stasis) made sense in a Flood scenario but was not logical from the Uniformitarian point of view.   Uniformitarians would have to suppose that there were many thousands of local disastrous events, flood events, larger than any I had observed or heard of in order to have produced all the rock layers and fossils contained therein!  Further research revealed that there were rock layers that spanned continents and even crossed oceans!   This was evidence of a catastrophic event far beyond anything I had imagined.   I realized that a world-wide flood was an absolute necessity to have accomplished the sedimentary rock layers of the Earth and the ever-growing numbers of fossil remains that put the lie to evolution.

Further investigation convinced me that a great deal of fraud had been perpetrated in the name of Darwinism over the years, along with many foolish assumptions and outright stupidity.  A pig's tooth became an entire line of prehistoric men?   Neanderthal skulls were remodeled and evidence of their sophistication destroyed or hidden.  False evidence had been taught in classrooms around the world and were commonly found in textbooks and museums!  It was astonishing to me!   How did so many liars and fakers ever fool the world?

It did not take long to realize that a Secularization movement had been waging war against faith in a Creator God and was attacking on several fronts.   It was not simply faked evidence in the world of science, but bad philosophy being taught as good and revised history taking the place of actual events.  In schools, in the media, supported by the elitists of the world the religion which could also be called Secular Humanism was being preached and presented as factual or true.  In another post I will discuss the miscreants and blackguards who, along with the foolish and obstinate and foolish have convinced the world that the Emperor does indeed have new clothes!

First, a well-presented positive look at the reason for believing in a Creation by God.

From 2008, the words of the great, late Henry Morris...written before the Sixth ICC (link regarding that conference).

The Logic of Biblical Creation

This month, creation scientists from all over the globe are gathering in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for the sixth International Conference on Creationism. The modern creation movement is largely considered to have been launched by the 1961 publication of The Genesis Flood by Dr. Henry Morris and Dr. John Whitcomb. In honor of our founder, ICR is featuring the following article in which he clearly and succinctly presents the reasons we can believe and defend the Genesis account of creation.

The biblical account of creation is ridiculed by atheists, patronized by liberals, and often allegorized even by conservatives. The fact is, however, that it is God's own account of creation, corroborated by Jesus Christ (Mark 10:6-8, etc.), who was there!

We are well advised to take it seriously and literally, for God is able to say what He means, and will someday hold us accountable for believing what He says! Furthermore, the account is reasonable and logical, fully in accord with all true science and history. The following chain of logic, while not compelling belief on the part of those who refuse to believe, at least demonstrates the reasonableness of biblical creation.

It is axiomatic that there are only two possible basic models of origins--that is, of the origin of the universe, of the earth, of life, of human life, and of all the basic systems of the cosmos. These are, in simplest terms, evolution or creation. Either the origin of things can be understood in terms of continuing natural processes, or they cannot--one or the other. If they cannot, then we must resort to completed supernatural processes to explain the origin of at least the basic symptoms of the cosmos. Evolution and creation thus exhaust the possibilities, as far as origins are concerned.

This necessarily means that if we can "falsify" (that is, demonstrate to be false) either model of origins, then the other must be true. There is no other option. By definition, evolution should still be occurring now, since it is to be explained by present processes.

Present Processes

If there is anything certain in this world, however, it is that there is no evidence whatever that evolution is occurring today--that is, true vertical evolution, from some simpler kind to a more complex kind. No one has ever observed a star evolve from hydrogen, life evolve from chemicals, a higher species evolve from a lower species, a man from an ape, or anything else of this sort. Not only has no one ever observed true evolution in action, no one knows how evolution works, or even how it might work. Since no one has ever seen it happen (despite thousands of experiments that have tried to produce it), and no one yet has come up with a workable mechanism to explain it, it would seem that it has been falsified, at least as far as the present world is concerned. This does not prove it did not happen in the past, of course, but the evolutionist should recognize that this means it is not science, since it is not observable. Evolution must be accepted on faith.

What about the Past?

Actually, there is no evidence at all that evolution ever took place in the past either. In all recorded history, extending back nearly five thousand years, no one has ever recorded the natural evolution of any kind of creature (living or non-living) into a more complex kind. Furthermore, all known vertical changes seem to go in the wrong direction. An average of at least one species has become extinct every day since records have been kept, but no new species have evolved during that time. Stars explode, comets and meteorites disintegrate, the biosphere deteriorates, and everything eventually dies, so far as all historical observations go, but nothing has ever evolved into higher complexity.

But how about prehistoric changes? The only real records we have of this period are presumably to be found in the sedimentary rocks of the earth's crust, where billions of fossil remains of formerly living creatures have been preserved for our observation. Again, however, the story is one of extinction, not evolution. Numerous kinds of extinct animals are found (e.g., dinosaurs), but never, in all of these billions of fossils, is a truly incipient or transitional form found. No fossil has ever been found with half scales/half feathers, half legs/half wings, half-developed heart, half-developed eye, or any other such thing.

If evolution were true, there should be millions of transitional types among these multiplied billions of fossils--in fact, everything should show transitional features. But they do not! If one were to rely strictly on the observed evidence, he would have to agree that past evolution has also been falsified.

The Necessity of Creation

If evolution did not occur in the past, and does not occur at present, then it is entirely imaginary--not a part of the real world at all. This leaves creation as the necessary explanation of origins.

This fact is also confirmed by the best-proved laws of science--the law of conservation in quantity and the law of decay in complexity, or the famous First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics. The First Law notes that, in all real processes, the total quantity of matter and/or energy stays constant, even though it frequently changes form. A parallel principle in biology notes that "like begets like"--dogs are always dogs, for example, though they occur in many varieties. The Second Law notes that the quality of any system--its usefulness, its complexity, its information value--always tends to decrease. In living organisms, true vertical changes go down, not up--mutations cause deterioration, individuals die, species become extinct. In fact, everything in the universe seems to be headed downhill toward ultimate cosmic death.

The First Law notes that nothing is being either "created" or "evolved" by present processes. The Second Law notes that there is, instead, a universal tendency for everything to disintegrate, to run down, and finally, to "die." The whole universe is growing old, wearing out, headed toward ultimate stillness and death. This universal "increase in entropy" leads directly to the conclusion that there must have been a creation of things in the past; otherwise, everything would now be dead (since they are universally dying in the present).

Again, we are driven to the logical necessity of a primal creation--a creation that was accomplished not by present natural processes, but by past supernatural processes. This means, however, that we cannot deduce anything about that creation except just the fact of creation. The processes of creation, the duration of the period of creation, the order of events--all are hidden from us by virtue of the fact that our present observed processes do not create--they only conserve and deteriorate!

The Necessity of a Creator

Nevertheless, there must have been a creation and, therefore, a Creator! Being the Creator of the infinitely complex, highly energized cosmos, that Creator necessarily must be omniscient and omnipotent. Having created life, as well as human personalities, He must also be a living Person. No effect can be greater than its cause.

Therefore, He is fully capable of revealing to us knowledge about His creation--knowledge which could never be learned through studying present processes. It almost seems that He must do this, in fact, since He surely is not capricious. He would not create men and women who long to know the meaning of their lives, yet neglect or refuse to tell them anything about it.

Assuming, then, that He has revealed this information to His creatures, just where is His revelation to be found? There are numerous books of religion, ancient and modern, but their cosmogonies do not contain any account at all of the creation of the universe.

The answer, therefore, has to be in His record of creation in the book of Genesis, for there is no alternative. There are only three creationist "religions" in the world--Christianity, Islam, and Judaism--and all three base their belief in creation on the record of Genesis. Without exception, all the other religions and philosophies of the world have based their beliefs concerning origins on some form of evolutionism. That is, they all begin with the universe (space, time, matter) already in existence, then speculate how the forces of nature (often personified as various gods and goddesses) may have generated all the systems and living creatures of the world out of some primordial watery chaos. Only Genesis even attempts to tell how the universe itself came to be.

Genesis: God's Record of Creation

Whether most people believe it or not, therefore, the creation account in Genesis is God's record of His creation. Jesus Christ also taught this truth, so surely any true Christian should believe it. This account does not allow even the possibility of evolution, since everything was created "after its kind" (Genesis 1:24), and since, after six days of creating and making things, God "rested from all His work" (Genesis 2:3), and so is no longer using processes which "create" things, as theistic evolutionists believe. Instead, He now is "upholding all things" (Hebrews 1:3) through His law of conservation--the "First Law."

Space does not allow documentation and further discussion here, but even this brief summary demonstrates the logic of biblical creationism. Although one may escape from this chain of logic if he wishes, the fact remains that the chain is logical and reasonable. When mixed with faith, there is peace and joy in believing God's straightforward, rational, simple, satisfying, and truly scientific account of creation in Genesis.

Adapted from Dr. Morris' article "The Logic of Biblical Creation" in the July 1990 edition of Acts & Facts.

*Dr. Morris (1918-2006) was Founder of the Institute for Creation Research.

Cite this article: Morris, H. 2008. The Logic of Biblical Creation. Acts & Facts. 37 (8): 10.

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Yes, there are numerous scientists who believe in Creation by God and they have formed large organizations, established peer reviewed papers, publish technical journals, undertake large research projects and produce copious evidence for the scientific evidence that supports Creation by God ex nihilo (Latin for "out of/from nothing).  Many of those organizations are listed on my links list, there are a few who number me amongst their membership and several send me magazines, newsletters, technical journals and informational emails.   The search for truth will not be stopped by the ruling paradigm.  No one court, no one nation, no one company, no one scientist can speak for "Science" and nothing is particularly impressive about the numbers of those who believe in the faith of Darwinism.  Darwinism is a faith and thus it can be accepted or rejected.   Those who believe in it today can change their minds tomorrow.

The United States was formed as a Republic and a Federation of States and NOT a Democracy, because the Founding Fathers knew that the Democracy becomes mob rule and does not work in large numbers.   Instead, they wisely divided powers following Biblical teachings so that power would not be monopolized by any one portion of the Federal nor State nor Local governance, but that there would be a balance of powers.   The balance has been tilted towards Washington for many decades and, as we lean over towards a stronger Federal government we are, like the Tower of Pisa, threatening to fall.   

In the world of science and academics, the Darwinists took over the control of schools and organizations around the world, only to find that Creationists would begin to form their own schools and organizations, and this should be no surprise, since the first schools were actually formed by Christians in this nation and the first schools open to commoners were formed by Christians of the past.   Truth will not be stifled by the actions of men.   As Stephen C. Meyer has wisely said, quoting an unamed professor who probably got it from some unamed ancient philosopher (although you will find that Will Rogers or Mark Twain are known to have said it), "Beware the sound of one hand clapping."    My task is to help provide the other hand.

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