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Saturday, July 28, 2012

DNA falsifies Darwinism...Intelligence is the signature of the Designer!

DNA should have been the death knell for Darwinism.   Once we understood that organisms are a bit like organic computers, but far more sophisticated and efficient than we could understand and that all the works of mankind paled in comparison, all scientists should have said, "Gee, there has to be a God after all!"

That is what scientists SHOULD have said.  However, the strong pull of religion has kept them from admitting even to themselves what the implications of DNA and the makeup of the cell actually are and why God is the only logical answer.   Atheism and Atheopathy (hatred of God) as the religion of the majority of scientists, educators and journalists means that the worlds of science, education and information media are dominated by religious zealots who fly under the radar as high priests of the Atheist Naturalist Darwinist religion because they all pretend that naturalism and darwinism are not religious dogmatic aspects of atheism. 

Here is Stormbringer.   You could also call him Cowboy Bob?  Two Stormbringer posts to introduce his blog to you and to illustrate why Darwinism is a religion rather than science.   It is a complete and utter failure scientifically.   Organisms are quite obviously designed and designed to be far more efficient than anything mankind can yet devise! Read, watch and learn...

July 22, 2012

Video: DNA Shows Failure of Evolution

The arrogance of some scientists (and the unwashed masses who adore them) is astounding.

When they could not determine the uses of some human organs, they were called "vestigial", or "leftover from our evolutionary past". (This led to unnecessary (but profitable!) surgeries to remove appendixes, adenoids and so on.) Later, the so-called leftovers were determined to have functions that were hitherto unknown, much to the embarrassment of scientists.

At one time, the "simple" cell was considered to be rather well understood. Then technology advanced, and science advanced with it. The "simple" cell is not so simple after all. In fact, it is astonishingly complex — and it is still not fully understood.

Arrogance naturally spills over when studying the human genome. Since it is not fully understood, showy scientists (with their faulty evolutionist worldview) tag things they do not understand as "junk DNA". The fact is, DNA is also astonishingly complex. It would be much safer for scientists to label something as "not yet understood" rather than to pretend they know all about it, call it "junk", and then get humiliated later on.

When I pointed out the astonishing complexity of just one strand of DNA and how there is no way it could have formed by chance, an ignorant fundie evolutionist said, "It must have been less complex back then". (Yes, I get told things by people who are woefully ignorant of science all the time, but have faith in evolutionism.) This short video shows some of the complexity of DNA and the information exchanged contained within.

Stormbringer's blog is already linked for you. He is the guy who brings us the Question Evolution Project on facebook, among other things.   One more post for you...

July 27, 2012

Cowardly Atheists Protect Evolution

That's right, I said it! Protecting evolution from questioning, examination, contrary evidence and explanations — cowardice.

"You're crazy, Cowboy Bob! Evolution is a fact and doesn't need to be protected!"

Good job, Nicky, you said your lines well.

Evolution is protected by fundamentalist extremists who will go to almost any lengths to keep people from actually thinking:
The way I understand it, the way that science advances is for people to start with a proper foundation, question the findings, challenge existing theories, examine evidence, follow where the evidence leads and so on. Instead, not only are so many evolutionists cowards, but they are totalitarian cowards.

Now the thought police have actually banned the teaching of creation in the UK — even in religious education classes! Yep, teach creation and your school will lose its funding. Cowards. But what do you expect from people who willingly promote the fallacy of evolution? The assault on evolution is growing, including places like Question Evolution! and The Question Evolution Project. The storm is coming. Be afraid, evolutionists. Be very afraid.

There are not only numerous blogs and scientific sites that support Creation and/or Intelligent Design that it is beyond me to list them all, there are also numerous sites on YouTube and Facebook as well.  Back before the personal computer truly ushered in the Information Age, Darwinists could easily dominate the conversation in every information medium available to the researcher.   

I remember the days before computers, when you had to depend upon books and magazines and a few television stations and of course newspapers to get your information.  You could read through an complete encyclopedia and an unabridged dictionary and continually go back to the library to find books to read and not even scratch the surface of information now available online!   There is absolutely no excuse for ignorance in any subject that interests you now.   Which brings me to the point of this blog and the reason so many blogs and websites and organizations focus on the concept that is fundamental (or should be fundamental) to the life of every man and woman on Earth.   What is the meaning of life?

If you believe Darwinists, then really there is no point to living at all.   You are a random accident of chance, a amalgam of particles and charges, something that appears to be solid but is mostly relatively empty space, a temporary glitch in an existence that popped out of nothing and to nothing will return.   

But if you believe God, you were made to be exactly who you are.   God has a plan and a purpose to your life and you can discover what your calling is and pursue it.   Actually you will find that you have many callings, some general (see Ten Commandments and Salvation via Jesus Christ) and some specific.   I am specifically called by God to write this blog and so I write it.  He's called me to sing and teach and preach and work to spread His Word and shine His Light in many ways and various contexts.   I do my best to do His Will and I often fall short of what I could do.   I am fallible and I know it!   I will fall down time after time, but will I get back up and keep going?  So far the answer is YES!

No one is right all the time and it is highly unlikely that anyone is wrong all the time.   If you have believed in Darwinism it is okay to be wrong and that is quite fixable.   Will you open your mind and consider the evidence?