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Friday, July 13, 2012

How to be a Darwinist and sound all science-y.

Go ahead and watch the Science Channel and maybe the Discovery Channel and various other channels.  Listen to the information presented, watch the cool pictures of animals.   It's all good!

I mean it is all good until people begin talking nonsense, big amazing ridiculous nonsense.   Guess what,  you can do it, too!  Would you like to sound like Morgan Freeman?  It's amazingly easy!   Just learn to lie while sounding like you are teaching or sharing important stuff!

1- Make sure you have a few documents to reference that have been authored by guys with doctorates and have all sorts of big words and unfounded speculations.   Just check out guys like Penrose and Guth and Hawking and other people who have things to say about certain key search words, like:

  a - Quantum Mechanics
  b - String Theory
  c - Unified Theory
  d - Dark Matter
  e - Dark Energy

2- Learn how to pretend to know things while using words that will actually protect you from having to defend what you say.  Here are a few good words/phrases:

  a - It may be.
  b - Scientists believe (if you can just find two of them to agree you can use this).
  c - Many scientists believe (three or more of them).
  d - An interesting idea.
  e - An important concept.
  f - Some believe (I believe works here, too).
  g - A new field of study suggests.
  h - If what scientists believe is true.

3- Assume that Darwinist speculations are fact rather than unproved hypotheses.   Use this as a weapon to turn people's brains toward your worldview.   For instance:

  a - We know the Universe began with a Big Bang (actually, you do NOT know this).
  b - We need to discover how life evolved on Earth (whereas you have not even begun to demonstrate that life has ever "evolved" at all).
  c - If we can follow (gravitational waves, paths of light,  evidence of expansion, the car keys, whatever) these (whatever) back in time, then we can understand how the Universe began (which you cannot do).
  d - Religion came from people being scared by lightning, from people worshiping the Sun or powerful animals or psychoactive drugs and therefore religion is stupid and irrelevant to science (actually "religion" as used is simply worldview and EVERYONE has one).

4- Try to cobble together unrelated but complex ideas in fairly short order so most people begin to lose the thread of what you say and merely hang on to the sizzle and fail to grasp the steak.   This will protect you from having to reveal that your steak is actually a few grams of turkey burger mixed with stale bread.

5- Assert these things as someone with authority who understands what you say perfectly, but with a sense of wonder that people will, if they are being empathetic, seek to feel along with you.   Then hit them with some evidence which is ACTUALLY TRUE just as they are feeling this wonder so you have given them something to remember you by.

6- Never take on Creationist or ID ideas head-on.   Instead, build straw men to take their place and knock the straw men down.   Quickly try to make Creationists and ID proponents seem to be unscientific kooks and dismiss them quickly so you can go back to baffling the audience with BS.

7- Now you are ready to do voice-overs for various nature-oriented channels, maybe guest host on the Science Channel (Question Everything?  Yeah, right!)  or by all means make lots of YouTube videos that others who are doing what you are doing can agree with you so you can all chortle together.



So there you go!   You have a great start on making Darwinist YouTubes or perhaps becoming a narrator for an animal-oriented channel or some kind of spokesperson for an enviromentalnut group.   If you collect enough pet phrases, remember the names of a few secular scientists and some of their catchphrases you can probably impress the geeky girls at parties, too.  Maybe you can even get so good at it that you can come up with a grant request and get some government money to study the process by which whales can evolve back into land-dwelling animals which they supposedly were before they were aquatic animals who learned to move up to land and leave the ocean behind.  Huh? 

Here is a perfect example.  How many logical fails can you find?  They begin piling up quickly!


Actually, Pakicetus is worth nothing to you but just another word you can put down in Scrabble depending upon the house rules.  Darwinism is scientifically impossible.   It only lives on in the minds and hearts of dedicated naturalists.  Yes, there is religion in science all right.   Darwinism is kept alive by secular humanists, atheists, naturalists, people who believe in ANYTHING BUT GOD!   But it is what they believe and not what they can either prove or even prop up with real evidence.   Everything they assert is based on just-so stories and meanwhile the Bible has continued to be correct when it addresses scientific matters.   Want to know why Darwinism is impossible?

The Law of Biogenesis
The Laws of Thermodynamics
Chemistry at the molecular level
The Laws of Information
The Laws of Statistics

That is good for a start.   Oh, darn, I am bringing up real science?   Yes, and when I post on science I do not often use all these fake phrases, I present evidence.   Darwinists would do that if they could, trouble is, they do not have evidence, they simply make empty assertions.   Hey, Darwinist?  You have to come up with existence and life before you can even BEGIN to talk about evolution because if God made the cell then we should believe He made all living things just as He said.

If you do not believe me, begin to think critically about what you have been told and do some research on your own.   Do not assume either Creation or Chance, just look at the evidence and decide which choice fits the various scenarios better and with less corollaries thrown in.   Give it a couple of years and maybe you will actually cast off the brainwashing and decide for yourself.   Don't you owe it to yourself to question AND try to get answers to the BIG questions?

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radar said...

I forgot to put in the whacky youtube that inspired me to watch one episode of "Through the Wormhole" and, after I laughed out loud I made this post. Dear God, Isaac Newton would have ripped stuff like this to shreds had he been born in my generation!