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Monday, November 05, 2012

The USA 2012 Election - a view from Indiana!!!

This is the link to view your sample ballot

If you lived in Indiana, that is...

This election is too important to be fooled again.  Four years of failed Statism in Washington DC should have taught us to toss out the President and all who agree with his disastrous economic and foreign policies, his dictatorship via regulatory agency fiat and his dangerous agreements and giveaways involving terrorists and drug gangs.  

Mitt Romney is a serious man who has made helping people and building businesses, organizations and even the State of Massachusetts and making them work for 38 years.   He's saved an Olympics, governed a Blue State as a Republican, pulled failing companies out of the red and into the black.  He has given away multiple millions of dollars to help his fellow man.   Mitt Romney is used to being the guy who has to make the tough decisions and lead from the front and not behind.   Barack Obama proved that his lack of experience and horrific vision of what America should be made for a toxic concoction that has poisoned our economy and our position in the world as leaders.    Mitt Romney can fix these mistakes and get us on the right path again.

Paul Ryan is a math whiz and a budgetary expert who will be a fantastic VP.  He is absolutely driven to do the right thing for the sake of his country.   Paul Ryan, like Mitt Romney, has character and a very strong desire to help people without forsaking his principles and to work with others to find concensus rather than compromise.  His sincerity and lack of bluster will be a welcome change from the fellow filling the office at the moment. 

A Romney/Ryan win benefits all Americans who believe in the American Dream and want a chance to succeed.   Read up on the five point plan of Romney and Ryan to create more jobs and see their stands on the issues at this site.  ISSUES!

Jay Leno will have to find a new source of punchlines when both Obama and Biden leave the White House.  But we can live with that!

New York Daily News joins growing number of newspapers switching endorsement to Romney

One of New York’s most influential and traditionally Democratic media organizations pulled a stunner Sunday when it reversed its 2008 endorsement of Barack Obama to join the New York Post in endorsing Mitt Romney.

“Four years ago, the Daily News endorsed Obama, seeing a historic figure whose intelligence, political skills and empathy with common folk positioned him to build on the small practical experience he would bring to the world’s toughest job,” the endorsement in part states. “We valued Obama’s pledge to govern with bold pragmatism and bipartisanship. The hopes of those days went unfulfilled.”

The endorsement also ticks off a list of reasons for why the daily tabloid is backing Romney in 2012 – including smaller paychecks, fewer jobs and higher subway fares and gasoline prices.

“America’s heart, soul, brains and muscle -- the middle- and working-class people who make this nation great --  have been beset for too long by sapping economic decline,” the editorial continues. “So, too,  (have) New York breadwinners and families.”

Beyond the rhetoric, the paper backs up its decision with a salvo of numbers after the 2008 financial crisis – including a 7.9 percent national jobless rate and nine million fewer jobs.

The paper also points out the hometown crowd, with some of the most well-educated and well-paid residents in the country not spared.

The median household income for a New York family dropped by $54 a week over that period, the paper also points out.

The Daily News joins nearly a dozen other major U.S. newspapers in switching endorsements from Obama to Romney, according to the University of California, Santa Barbara’s American Presidency Project.

Only one newspaper, The San Antonio Express-News, which endorsed the Republican presidential nominee in 2008, Arizona Sen. John McCain, has switched to endorsing Obama, according the survey.

The 11 papers, according the study, that also switched to Romney are:

The New York Daily News

Long Island Newsday

Houston Chronicle

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Orlando Sentinel

Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

Nashville Tennessean

Des Moines Register

Illinois Daily Herald

Los Angeles Daily News

Los Angeles Press-Telegram

Richard Mourdock is a man of principle who has fought Barack Obama in court and won.  He's dedicated to putting an end to that economy toxin known as Obamacare.  His opponent, Joe Donnelly, has been Barack Obama's yes-man for the last four years.   A vote for Donnelly is a vote for Obamacare, the HHS Mandate that is an attack on our 1st and 10th Amendment rights and likely a vote to eroder our 2nd Amendment rights as well.    It is not surprising that the marathon-running Mourdock has the energy to take on the Beltway Boys.   It will be surprising if we all fail to see what a statesman Richard Mourdock actually is...despite Obama's pilfering of Indiana Pension funds during the Chrysler Bailout scandal, Mourdock left the State of Indiana in great fiscal health, with a strong return on investments, a surplus in the State coffers and an office that worked together like clockwork with the rest of the Indiana leadership.    Joe Donnelly?  Other than vote for whatever Obama has approved, just what has he done for Indiana worth mentioning?  

I have spent a good deal of time talking with Richard Mourdock and he is impressive!  He knows the Constitution better than our President and he loves this State and Country with all of his heart!

Just take a look at all of his endorsements!!!

Here is his You Tube page

Mourdock, Pence and Romney/Ryan to keep Indiana on the right track and get America back on track!

Mike Pence will pick up where Mitch Daniels left off and keep moving Indiana forward to jobs and opportunites with a balanced budget and a AAA credit rating!

Mike Pence, Sue Ellspermann, Greg Zoeller and Tony Bennett.   They will keep the Indiana momentum going with a balanced budget, job-friendly legislation, continued educational excellence and adherence to the State and US Constitution!


Joel Phelps is the last candidate I will mention today.    He is the American Dream personified, a humble young man who has been dedicated to succeeding the right way, with the moral fibre of a young Abraham Lincoln or Daniel Webster and yet with a winning personality that makes you wish he and Jennifer and the boys lived next door.    I do believe that Joel and his campaign manager, Steve Wolff, were taken aback in July when I asked them why people in Lake County were not hearing from him or about him.    Now I understand.

Joel Phelps didn't have the money of a Pete Visclosky.  No lobbyists to bankroll his campaign.  No rich millionaire dumping in money from afar.   So he had to marshal his forces and put in the full bore all out 120 days to victory tour.   July, August, September and October.    Joel Phelps has seemed to be EVERYWHERE since the beginning of July.  Parades, rallies, meetings, fundraisers, fairs, exhibitions, meet-and-greets, dinners, luncheons, breakfasts...

But nationally, men like Matt Kibbe of FreedomWorks have recognized the potential in Joel Phelps, that he can be a statesman and not just a politician.  I see it in him as well!

Meanwhile Pete Visclosky has been nowhere.   He would not even have the decency to respond to an invitation by the Gary Pastors Ministerial Association to debate Joel Phelps!!!   Visclosky claims to represent Gary and Northwest Indiana and he won't even show up?

Joel and Jennifer Phelps!

From the Joel Phelps for Congress Website 
Industrial Engineering is the science of designing efficient processes, and eliminating waste from existing operations.  Joel excelled at his craft and served as President of the Purdue Chapter of the Institute of Industrial Engineers. He earned a merit scholarship for his work in the field, and helped prepare coursework in MTM (motion time management).  He accomplished all this, while working full time as a process engineer for Whiting Crane Company.  There he developed new processes and designed the factory layout for a new 250,000 square foot  manufacturing plant Whiting Crane built in Monee, Il.

 Over the years, Joel has continued to apply his talents and tireless work ethic in managing multiple projects and ventures. He has owned and managed small businesses.  He has been successful in a commercial glazing firm for the last 6 years managing multiple monumental project sites simultaneously.  Including the construction of hospitals, corporate headquarters, and many high-rise construction ventures in Chicago.

Joel resides in Portage, Indiana, in a home he built for with his wife Jennifer, and three boys Jordan (14), Joshua (10) and Jakob (5).  Jennifer is a beautiful, sharp, talented woman who is a success in her own right.  Prior to meeting Joel in 2004, she earned a bachelors degree in nursung and her RN license from Indiana University while raising two baby boys as single mom.  Joel was blessed with the opportunity four years ago to adopt Joshua and Jordan, making the Phelps family official.

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