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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Satanists, Atheists and Monuments to Pride

— by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Elsewhere, I presented my case that atheism and Satanism share the same root: Pride and selfishness. Atheism is far less organized than Satanic churches. Organized Satanism (such as the LaVey version) has pretty well spelled it out. The independent forms are still based ego and rebellion against God, but even more irrational: "I'm a Satanist and I'll kill a cat". Sure, Skippy, every respects that, you betcha. 

You knew about the Satanic church that wants to put up a monument in Oklahoma City? After all, atheists made a monument in Florida. United in hatred of God, some atheists and Satanists want to unite to fight "religion". Atheists are starting "churches", but they can't seem to get along. Just like the Satanists, who have groups fighting about uniting with atheists. Some are even saying that new groups are not real Satanists! This may be a form of the fallacy of ambiguity called the "No True Scotsman" fallacy. I have seen it used as the "No True Atheist" fallacy. Now we have the "No True Satanist" fallacy? They just can't get along. That's what happens when there is no solid foundation for morality.

This all came together for me after hearing the January 14, 2014 first hour of the Janet Mefferd Show, which you can hear at about the 37-minute mark.

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