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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Global Warming causes massive snowfalls and disastrous floods? Only idiots believe this!!!

You are probably aware of the remarkable snowfalls and ice storms hitting not only the Northern climes used to such weather (albeit not often as extreme) but also places much closer to the equator and not used to snow, let alone snow that remains and piles up...not used to ice storms that take down power lines...not used to all the fun things associated with unseasonably cold temperatures, either.

So John Kerry appears at the United Nations (a corrupt and useless organization which I would certainly invite to leave our shores and move elsewhere) where he pronounces that no one should still be doubting the effects of climate change.  Remember when they called it global warming?  Since we have been, as a globe, cooling since around the turn of the century AND we have learned that most of the so-called evidence for man-made global warming was faked or presented with intentionally misleading stories.   So the powers-that-be decided to change it to "climate change" and continue to blame mankind for it.

Well, if you are so stupid to think that the climate changes because mankind is emitting too much of this or that, you are also stupid enough to think that there is an Easter Bunny.  Consider that the largest emitter of what the idiots call dangerous gasses into the air are the oceans...that we have records of the overall climate of the Earth has always been best described as changing rather than staying placid and predictable.   Perhaps those living near the equator have a pretty good idea of what their weather will be, but even they have no certainty.  

My fellow blogger was kind enough to send me some pictures and I think you will want to see them.

Amazing pictures up around Mackinac (pronounced "MACK-ih-naw") Island, near the top of the "mitten" of lower Michigan.

Michigan  has had the coldest winter in decades.

Water expands to freeze, and at Mackinac City the water in Lake Huron below the surface ice was supercooled. It expanded to breakthrough the surface ice and froze into this incredible wave.

This wave phenomena occurs in Antarctica, but in Michigan? Yes, it's been quite a winter!"    

Where I live, we have four distinct seasons per year, but that does not mean mankind has learned all that much about predicting the weather here.   Our weather forecasts are pretty close to correct within about a week but beyond that the best meteorologists are incapable of telling us what will actually happen.   Ask them to predict the weather on the day exactly 30 days from now and you and I have a good chance of making a better guess than the experts. 

We used to drive across the Mackinac Bridge in the summer to get to a Northern Michigan resort where a relative had a cabin we could use.   In summers we would fish for Northern Pike (big fish with big teeth) and wander the woods and flirt with girls at the nightly campfires when we got older.  We also got the chance to go to the local dump site at night and would turn our headlights on a remarkable scene - bears and wolverines and skunks and badgers and other mammals largely ignoring each other as they pawed through the trash dumped from our resort for the tastiest of morsels we had cast aside.  As it happens, over the years people began to bring food to throw to the animals and naturally cars became associated with food for animals like bears and that is, of course, not a good thing for the people inside of cars!  We would be thought of as a giant can of food and the bears come equipped with openers on the ends of their paws.   But back then it was not so, few foolish people had the habit of throwing food to animals so we were able to sit and watch the menagerie in safety.   My dad would take us once each year and we'd watch for a half hour or so and then leave.

But winters along the coast of Southeastern Michigan in the late 50's and the 60's were a lot of fun because the lake levels were down and we had a nice big beach in our back yard.   In warm weather my brother and I would run down the path from the top of the bluff down to the beach and fling ourselves into the cold waters of Lake Michigan.  But in the winter, the lake ice would be blown across to our side of the lake and the shore would be home to an ice wonderland!   We were supposed to be banned from going out on the ice but we would go out into the icebergs and cliffs and pretend we were exploring the Antarctic or were hunting Polar Bears in Alaska.   My brother and I and often a friend or two would go out into the world of ice and snow and occasional places where the water was exposed and never had a real mishap.   Being lake shore kids, we were confident we could simply be pulled from the icy waters if we happened to fall in but we never did.   

Never did we see anything as incredible as the pictures Piltdown Superman shared with me!  We'd have been delighted had we had a chance to clamber around on such frozen waves...but even our friends and relatives who live or lived in Northern Wisconsin or the "Yoopie" aka the Upper Peninsula of Michigan ever described such an awesome natural work of art as the frozen waves of Lake Huron this season.

Carbon Dioxide is actually plant food, so rather than seeking to limit emissions of that gas, we should actually be promoting it!  No emissions of gas of any sort are causing the weather to vary from year to year and season to is the way of our planet and has been for all of recorded history.  We know of long terms of very cold weather and long terms of warmer weather.   If you research these periods, you will find that the years of warm weather in Northern climes bring prosperity as crops grow bigger and can be grown farther North.  Colder years caused famine and hardship.  There is a now-established relationship with solar activity and the overall warmth of the planet.   It is just that the green-nuts do not care if evidence refutes their religious zeal.   A coalition of eco-nuts, politically motivated deceivers and people seeking to make a profit on the misery of others continue to claim mankind is making the weather change with factories and vehicles when it is, in fact, primarily the Sun and the occasional volcano that make big changes to the climate.

One massive volcano can cool the entire planet to the point of disaster...look up the famed "Year Without A Summer" if you doubt me?   I always thought it was interesting that the basis for all the Frankenstein and to some extent Dracula stories and movies were birthed in that year of 1816:

"   In June 1816 "incessant rainfall" during that "wet, ungenial summer" forced Mary Shelley, John William Polidori, and their friends to stay indoors for much of their Swiss holiday. They decided to have a contest to see who could write the scariest story, leading Shelley to write Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus and Lord Byron to write "A Fragment", which Polidori later used as inspiration for The Vampyre[27] — a precursor to Dracula. In addition, Lord Byron was inspired to write a poem, Darkness, at the same time."  Wikipedia

Volcanoes from previous years and particularly the Tamboro eruption in the Spring of 1815 combined to block the rays of the Sun from warming the Earth enough to produce a normal growing season and, consequently, a large number of people would die of starvation and/or exposure.

Of course there will be the same old coalition of liars and frauds and their brainwashed minions who will crank out stories explaining why the cold weather plaguing the North is actually a result of the same processes they credited for causing too much heat back in the 1990's.   If you do not know about Mann's fake Hockey Stick Graph, the lies discovered by leaked emails and other phony baloney "findings" by the CRU and IPCC and UN, then remember the claims of Al Gore and his now-laughable predictions in that ridiculous book that dared put the word, truth, in the title?  As Anthony Watts described in this December blog post:

Nature proves Al Gore wrong again

Gore’s “ice free Arctic” prediction from five years ago, falsified by nature itself

The great bloviator has been pwned again, by the actions of nature itself. In Germany, five years ago this past Saturday, Al Gore claimed that the ““Entire north polar ice cap will be gone in 5 years” ...

Hope you go there to watch Gore bloviating in the video on that site plus the evidence Watts presented before we had the increasingly harsh winter weather post-New Year that is producing daily headlines in the USA and many other nations!  I suppose that Big Al has just gone downhill since inventing the internetI call him Big because of his massive hypocrisy (I mean over the top)  and we'll let a picture speak a thousand last words...twice!

Gore's Nashville compound above and his California mansion below.