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Monday, February 03, 2014

Why Is "Question Evolution Day" Important?

Radar is an avid supporter of Question Evolution Day, so I thought I would help out.

There is a great deal happening in the realm of creation science these days.
  • We had the excellent video by Ray Comfort, Evolution vs God last year.
  • There was a Pew survey released in December 2013 that shows how atheistic evolutionism is not gaining nearly as much ground as atheistic evolutionists want.
  • The Ken Ham - Bill Nye debate is scheduled for February 4, 2014 at 7 PM Eastern Time.
  • This year's Creation Sunday is on February 9.
  • A secular fiction of Noah will be released, as well as a biblical video about Noah.
  • On February 12 (Darwin's birthday), is the third annual Question Evolution Day.
QED is a Web event that does not cost people a cent. It is a chance for us to speak out about freedoms: Freedom of speech, intellectual, academic, professional and other freedoms. On a deeper level, we can post links to creation science sites, make comments on social media, write letters to the editors of newspapers, write articles and so on. Here is a short (thirteen minute) video explaining why it all matters.