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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Education, Propaganda and the Erosion of Freedoms

Posted by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

There is a radio show called "Stand Up for the Truththat I am going to discuss. Specifically, the second of two episodes. The first one is "The Eroding of the Freedoms We Knew". One of the topics that Mike LeMay and Amy Spreeman discuss is rather alarming, based on an article called "25 Signs That America Is Rapidly Becoming More Like Nazi Germany" by Michael Snyder. This episode sets up the second one, which is a the focus of this post. You can download or listen to the first one here.

In the second broadcast, Mike LeMay interviews Dave Drake from Freedom Project Education and JD King, the director of the film, "Blue Beats Green". There is some political content (although "Stand Up for the Truth" is not necessarily a political show, it is intended to inform and encourage Christians). There are comments about a conference that is over, just wait them out. 

Leftist environmentalism is prominent in American education, but kids are behind the rest of the world in many aspects of what should be taught. Environmentalism goes hand-in-hand with evolutionary indoctrination, since both reject that mankind is a special creation of God. This should not be surprising, since secular science often has a leftist political bias. Indeed, many environmentalist extremists see humanity as the enemy, and Earth worship has its own sin and redemption dogmas. (For that matter, sound the alarm, we only have five years left! See this article that was published almost five years ago.) Kids are being educated (read: indoctrinated) in evolutionism, but seldom understand it or the nature of science itself. The government is an ally in all this, too. After all, if you can dislodge the true God of the Bible, then the state can prop up its own god for the citizens to worship. Nebuchadnezzar tried that, and Darius tried something similar.

It is fashionable under a humanist worldview to mock Christians, especially creationists and those who doubt global warming (how very "human" and "tolerant" of them). Theistic evolutionists, old-earth creationists and atheists work together to attack biblical creationists. (Strange bedfellows should make people suspicious right there.) Freedoms of speech, expression and religion are being whittled away. From a governmental perspective, why not? In addition to removing God, controlling those things helps in the process of controlling thought. For that matter, the UK has banned teaching creation science from government-run schools

But enough of my nattering on. This is an interesting interview, and Mike has some hard truths for Christians. It is well worth your time to listen to "
Who's Filling the Brains of Our Next Generation".


radar said...

This is exactly why Darwinists invented a fake logical fallacy called "godwins law" because they do not want any comparisons to Hitler's Germany. Too bad, so sad, because what is happening in the USA is eerily like what happened in the early days of Nazi control in Germany.

The education system was taken over by the government, as was the healthcare system. Academics and scientists had to toe the party line as well. Those who opposed the National Socialist Party (NAZI) were at first mollified while the party concentrated on robbing the Jews, but eventually the government took the velvet glove off of the iron fist and all were forced to comply.

Children were forced to attend Nazi Youth events on Sundays so that they could not attend church and this was mandatory. Christians who stood up to this were bundled off to concentration camps or forced to work as slave labor for factories making tanks and planes.

Darwinism is one of the precepts of Big Government and Big Government does NOT like individuals opposing their goal of control of all portions of society. The NCSE is a government arm of censorship and propaganda. The EPA is a nonelected set of officials who are buying up private lands and trying to stop our use of coal, oil and natural gas. The FDA has become a tyrannical organization bullying doctors into policies they do not believe in. You name a government agency, I can point out abuses, waste and unconstitutional behavior.

radar said...

I also know the regulations concerning email retention. Those Lois Lerner emails had to have been deliberately erased with military-grade deletion techniques to actually be lost, which would be a crime. In this case the administration is hoist on its own petard.

By the way, while Fascist/Socialist Hitler killed about 11-12 million civilians. Mao and Stalin killed around 20 to 30 million civilians. We have killed 55 million innocent babies. Which government is truly the arm of death and despotism?

The scary thought from the radio program was reminding us that LBJ's "Great Society" was a transfer of power from local to state to federal power. I would add that the poor were encouraged to not marry but have babies out of wedlock in order to get a bigger welfare check.

Darwinism has birthed Eugnenics which birthed Planned Parenthood. Darwinism was a fundamental tenet of Communism. Hitler tried to speed up Darwinism by killing off people he considered inferior.

Our schools produce workers rather than educated individuals. God has indeed been kicked out of the schools and the ACLU does everything it can to destroy any symbols of Christianity or Judaism and while Darwinists are happy to take the holiday, they want to get Christ entirely out of Christmas.