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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Darwinian Fail Domino Effect

Some people knew that Darwin's evolutionary ideas were faulty from the beginning. Others abandoned them for neo-Darwinism later on. A few of the concepts are still around, but today's evolutionary speculations have almost no resemblance to the stuff that Darwin put forth.

Charles Robert Darwin did not think of evolution all by himself. No, it is actually an ancient pagan religion that had been adjusted and toyed with for a long time. (In fact, Alfred Russel Wallace almost wrote it first.) Chuck took ideas from Erasmus Darwin, Charles Lyell, James Hutton Herbert Spencer, Thomas Robert Malthus and others. Darwin's Drones insist that evolution is a fact, a law, and practically an irresistible force of nature that effects everything.

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The ideas of Malthus about competition for survival had a tremendous impact, and was one of Darwin's themes. Some evolutionary scientists are seeing the dominoes falling, however. Algae is not so competitive. If competition in nature is not so true after all, then social Darwinism and vicious competition in human society is also out of place — as biblical Christians knew all along. No, the good competition of free market enterprise is healthy.
There’s no evidence for a key presumption of Darwinian theory – the very presumption that gave birth to Social Darwinism.

It’s rare to see a science article say “Darwin was wrong,” but Live Science reluctantly admitted that a key idea Darwin proposed in The Origin in 1859 is the opposite of the way nature actually works.

One of Charles Darwin’s hypotheses posits that closely related species will compete for food and other resources more strongly with one another than with distant relatives, because they occupy similar ecological niches. Most biologists long have accepted this to be true.
To finish reading and learn about where the dominoes fall, click on "Malthus Misled Darwin Who Misled the World".


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