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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Other Worlds — Dead or Alive?

There are conflicted speculations whether or not there is life on Mars (of any kind, Marvin not withstanding). The taxpayer-funded worthless "science" of astrobiology has nothing to study. Maybe there's life up yonder, even as close as Mars. Maybe not, too. Speaking of "maybe", SETI is based on the assumption that evolution is a fact, so it must have evolved elsewhere, too. No need for evidence, of course.

There are conflicted speculations whether or not there is life on Mars. Evidence does not support evolutionary assumptions and wishful thinking.
President Richard Nixon greets the quarantined Apollo 11 crew. Image credit: NASA
The astronauts of Apollo 11 , Apollo 12 and Apollo 14 were quarantined as a precaution, since Earth people didn't cotton to the possibility of a space plague stampeding through our planet. Nowadays, stuff we send up into space is kept as clean as possible so we don't contaminate their worlds. It's a nice courtesy, but still based on evolutionary assumptions. 

Meanwhile, there is disagreement if places like Mars are dead worlds or not, but still, maybe there's life up there. Maybe I could see my speculations as science, too, you reckon?
How much longer does the public have to be told that Mars “might” have life or space aliens “could” be found soon?

A writer for New Scientist is concerned about the cost of protecting Mars from contamination. But the argument bears on the probability of life existing on the red planet.
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