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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Grand Canyon Age Controversy

How old is the Grand Canyon? Depends on who you ask. Did dinosaurs take a gander at it, and see the rare weather inversion? Maybe, the fees are not all that outrageous at Grand Canyon National Park. But seriously, creationists and old Earth scientists sort of agree: not hardly. Well, depending on which creationist model, you might get a "maybe but not likely". Secular scientists with their "deep time" assumptions start reckoning its age at several million years, and they can't agree on which end is older.

Uniformitarian ages about the age of the Grand Canyon vary greatly, and the evidence instead supports the Genesis Flood.
NPS photo by Erin Whittaker
Secular dating methods are unreliable and vary greatly. Add to this the fossils show evidence of rapid burial, and we have evidence of the Genesis Flood, not the long ages of uniformitarianism.
Evolutionists and creationists agree that dinosaurs did not look over the rim of Grand Canyon – but for different reasons.

To understand how a feature was made, it’s helpful to know how old it is. Unfortunately, for one of Earth’s most striking features—the Grand Canyon of Arizona—age estimates vary widely. The Geological Society of America admits that a consensus age has been hard to come by:
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