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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Transitional Turtle?

Once again, Darwinists worked themselves into a lather over a putative transitional form. This time, another turtle. There are several things that make this work for them.

A reported transitional form showing the evolution of turtles is conjured from presuppositions and bad science.

First, assume billions of years. Second, assume evolution is a fact. Third, ignore the variety of past and present forms of turtles. Fourth, forget about the amazing engineering of their shells. Fifth, do not take into account relevant data and alternative explanations. Sixth, do not even consider the possibility that God is the creator, and that's why there is no actual evidence for evolution.

Other than those small details, sure, they lassoed themselves a transitional form. Yee ha.
Pappochelys, whose name means “grandfather turtle,” is the latest fossil to be called a “transitional form” or “missing link” in turtle evolution. (The last one was Eunotosaurus, which we discussed in “Turtle in the Gap.” Before that it was Odontochelys, discussed in “A Sea of Change for Turtle Origin Theories.”)

Pappochelys was found in Germany’s Middle Triassic Lower Keuper formation. It has an unusual skull and lacks a fused shell. Evolutionary scientists believe Pappochelys appeared 240 million years ago as a transitional step in the evolution of the turtle shell. The authors of the study describing “grandfather turtle” also believe its skull confirms that turtles evolved millions of years ago from lizard-like reptiles.
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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Bats and Sonar

Dark nights bring out the bats. Actually, they generally start their activity at dusk, and eat a passel of insects among other things. They're also pollinators and effective seed dispersal units (through guano, like birds), and bats are beneficial in many ways. But don't get careless, they're wild animals and should not be handled by untrained people.

No, they're not blind, so you can leave that "blind as a bat" expression behind. But not many critters can see so well in total darkness, so they have other ways to compensate.

Bats are amazing animals, and have an intricately designed echolocation system.
Juvenile Mariana Fruit Bat / Photo Credit, Anne Brooke - USFWS
Bats have an amazing echolocation system. There is no evidence for evolution of bats or their abilities, even though evolutionists still insist that EvolutionDidIt™. Also, some of the moths and other insects they eat can sense the sonar and take evasive action. Then the bats compensate. The more bats are studied, the more amazing this complex system really is — and that's a strong testimony to the Creator. Evolution? Not hardly!
Picture a calm summer evening. Most people are only dimly aware of the aerial creatures that may dart and dive nearby. Indeed, many would think these animals are birds unless their activity is closely observed. They would be surprised to discover these flying creatures are actually bats using their designed sonar to detect and track insects as small as mosquitos—prey these bats pick up and devour on the wing and in the dark.

Looking at the amazing design features of a typical bat, Douglas Futuyma assumes “the only scientific explanation of adaptations is the theory of evolution by natural selection.”
To read the rest of this short article, navigate yourself over to "The Ultrasonic War Between Bats and Moths".

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Water on Mars?

Liquid water on Mars? Some evolutionists raising a ruckus like drunken cowboys in a saloon after a long cattle drive over the prospect of water still existing on Mars. Like so many other "finds", people are making unjustified extrapolations about the prospect even though there has been no direct evidence of it. Also, the kind of "water" is probably too awful for any kind of life.

Tentative evidence of water on Mars has evolutionists raising a ruckus. What was actually found, and are their extrapolations valid?
Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech (modified)
You know how riders of the Owlhoot Trail can reason:

Used under Fair Use provisions

Some Darwinoids are projecting that water on Mars means maybe perhaps possibly there is a large amount of water that we can't see, and life probably evolved on Mars. If so, then it probably evolved on many other planets in the universe. Not hardly! Mankind is unique, and life was created here. Recently.
Finding minimal amounts of salty water contaminated with perchorates is not helpful to life.

The optimistic astrobiology reporter Pallab Ghosh at the BBC is at it again, tantalizing readers with thoughts of Martians. In his piece “Is there life on Mars?” he retells the history of his optimistic antecedent, Percival Lowell, who spent his fortune seeking the “canals” on Mars that he mistranslated from Schiaparelli’s map. Ghosh whisks the reader along to Vikings 1 and 2 that, in 1976, seemed to present negative results on the life question. But now, he says, new findings about gullies on some craters has provided “The strongest evidence yet that water still flows on the Martian surface.”
To read the rest, blast off to "Mars Life Would Spit Out the Water". Next, I recommend "Liquid Water on Mars?Also, you may want to check out "Mars Water: Much Ado About Very Little". ADDENDUM: After this was posted, Ian Juby told me that water on Mars was the lead story on his upcoming Genesis Week episode. Cool timing! To see the video, click here.


Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Atheism, Evolution, and Trotsky

Atheism and it's cousin agnosticism have no consistent foundation for morality. Some people look to evolution for morality, but that concept is fundamentally flawed as well. When it's pointed out that the biggest mass murderers of all time were atheist evolutionists, deniers often respond with the "no true atheist" fallacy and say that atheism had nothing to do with their atrocities. Although they are not known to have proclaimed, "I am killing in the name of atheism!", they had no moral basis to hinder their actions. Further, they were fervent Darwinists, doing their part to help natural selection through extermination, eugenics, abortion, and so on.

Atheism, Marxism, and Evolutionism were ruthless murderer Trotsky's religion. Reading Darwin put him over the edge into atheism.

Leon Trotsky (born Lev Davidovich Bronshtein) had weak religious views. Eventually, he turned to Marxism with a passion, and Darwin's views helped him solidify his atheism. (Marx said of Darwin's On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life, "Darwin’s book is very important and serves me as a basis in natural science for the class struggle in history."

When people erroneously claim that atheism is not a religion, they should examine how Trotsky went to great lengths to promote atheism and attack Christianity. He rejected his Creator, effective embraced naturalism, and merged Marx's political views with Darwin's evolution hypothesis and his own atheism. He was sent to his grave on the orders of Stalin, another atheist Darwinist. How can an atheist or evolutionist complain? They were taking evolution and atheism to their logical, relativistic conclusion.
Leon Trotsky (1879–1940) was the organizer, propagandist, and military leader of the communist seizure of power in Russia following the revolution of 1917. He was communist dictator Lenin’s heir apparent, until Stalin usurped this position. Intolerant, tactless and impatient, Trotsky had an unbounded faith in Marxism, which was reinforced by his uncritical acceptance of Darwinism.

His fanatical faith in these ideologies and his angry intolerance of enemies saw him use the Red Army to crush the enemies of the newly formed Soviet state in the Russian Civil War of 1918–20. He instituted the militarization of civilian labour and the confiscation of food from peasants. He crushed the Ukrainian Army of Insurgent Peasants; and its anarchist guerrilla leader, Nestor Makhno (1889–1934), who had been his ally against the White Russians, was badly wounded but managed to flee the country with his family. Trotsky brutally suppressed the Soviet sailors at Kronstadt, and committed other acts of violence with ease, ‘because of his absolute conviction that they served the purposes of the proletariat and its permanent revolution’.
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