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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Climate Change and the Bible

People have been getting mighty agitated about the global climate change movement, willingly drawn into the excitement. Perhaps it gives them a sense of purpose, thinking they're doing something good for the environment. Others are justifiably suspicious of the whole thing.

 Some people are drawn into the global climate change excitement, but there are good reasons to remain skeptical and cautious.
The 2010 Cancun climate change talks began with an invocation of the Mayan jaguar goddess Ixchel
This real jaguar image courtesy of Freeimages / Scott Liddell
Hysteria often makes people cautious, and the global cooling/warming/climate change thing has had a heap of hysteria. Another reason for suspicion is the way it keeps changing, because a few years ago, there was an ice age scare, followed by global warming, then they hedged their bets by using the imprecise term "climate change". Reports are strongly criticized, and some predictions (such as Al Gore's spurious prediction that the North Pole would be free of ice, and there is more now than when he made that assertion), and some of us wonder how they can predict the future 100 years from now when they can't get the weekend weather forecast right. Another reason to be cautious is the way radical environmentalists have declared war on humans.

Some people wonder why creationists discuss this. Well, why not? Creationist scientists are interested in all kinds of aspects involving God's creation. Also, they rightly point out the leftist pagan notions of secularists, and that climate change scientists are conveniently neglecting to give the whole truth.
Because carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, many are concerned that higher amounts of atmospheric carbon dioxide will result in catastrophic global warming—including an increasing number of evangelical Christians.

Higher amounts of atmospheric carbon dioxide would result in a warmer planet, but other factors can enhance or diminish such warming. Computer models attempt to take these other factors into account and estimate the amount of warming that would occur. Much of the belief in impending climate catastrophe is based on these computer-model predictions.

Little, if any, actual warming has occurred since 1998 despite the fact that the amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide has continued to increase. Hence, climate models are likely over-predicting the amount of warming. While it is true that a recent paper used adjusted temperature measurements to claim that the 18-year warming “pause” was not real, this paper has come under heavy criticism from other climate scientists for possible retroactive manipulation of the temperature data.
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