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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Fossil Discoveries Foul Up Evolutionary Thinking

Fossils of an ichthyosaur and other creatures upset evolutionary beliefs

Seems like the hands at the Darwin Ranch should leave bad enough alone, but they commence to analyzing fossils with new technology and getting surprised. This is happening more often, what with advances in technology and all. 

Some recent stories indicate unexpected finds, including the advanced digestion of trilobites that do not fit the "primitive" creatures paradigm of Darwinists. They're supposed to be simple creatures, you know. Another find is not so much what an ancient amphibian ate, but that this froggie-thing had sharp, pointy teeth. This means "evolution" by a loss of features, and that's the opposite of what their dogma requires. Ichthyosaurs apparently ate squid, and not just fish, as paleontologist believed for so many years. Similarly, a salamander ate frogs, but that is not exactly common dining procedure for those critters today.

All these finds succeed in doing is to fluster evolutionists. They wanted to advanced the evolutionary cause, but that did not happen. The bigger picture here is that these specimens were well-preserved — so much so that many last meals can be determined. This is contrary to the slow, gradual fossilization beliefs prevalent today. What could cause such fossilization? Rapid burial. What would lead to the rapid burial of billions of things in fossils laid down by water, worldwide? The Genesis Flood is the best answer.

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