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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Lenski's Bacteria Experiments Support Creation, Not Evolution

Lenski E. coli bacteria generations do not support evolution, they support creation

Dr. Richard Lensi has done a prairie schooner full of research on E. coli bacteria, but is not getting the results that he wanted. Some folks say that his work is suspect because he does not share his material with others, but why should he? Like the old joke about scientists who said that they could create man and God is superfluous, so they challenged God in a man-making experiment and God said, "Get your own dirt". Well, get your own bacteria. Unlike tinhorns who call creationists "liars" because they do not like the conclusions reached by creationists, there is no reason to accuse Lenski of dishonesty. However, his conclusions are fair game.


Some of the Evo Sith look to Dr. Lenski as giving proof that Darwin was right.

That'll be the day! What did he begin with? Bacteria. After tens of thousands of generations, what does he have? The same kind of bacteria, with a few variations. Now, if the E. coli had managed to coalesce, steal his car keys, and go watch the Spartans win against the Wolverines, I'd be impressed. But upon deeper examination of the mutations of the DNA in the cultures, we actually see evidence of the Master Engineer's design.
When people discuss evidence for evolution, they often cite the work of Richard Lenski at Michigan State University. He has been growing E. coli in the lab for nearly 30 years. Lenski’s work is phenomenal and worth a look, but from a creationist perspective. The biggest problem with Lenski’s work is not the work itself, but the interpretation of it. Recently, Lenski’s E. coli reached over 60,000 generations, and Lenski published a description of their observations. This article will scrutinize the claim that Lenski’s work for over 60,000 generations is evolution-in-action. When studied with the correct biblical worldview, Lenski’s E. coli demonstrate an amazingly complex showcase for design by an all-knowing Creator.
Richard Lenski has been growing E. coli for over 60,000 generations.
  • While Lenski’s work is great, there has been some misunderstanding about what it shows.
  • There are significant problems with the interpretation of Lenski’s results.
  • The citT mutation is claimed to be proof of evolution, but is actually proof of creation.
  • E. coli remains E. coli.
Richard Lenski does amazing science. He has been growing Escherichia coli (E. coli) in the laboratory for nearly 30 years. In 1988, Lenski set up 12 cultures of E. coli and allowed them to grow overnight. The following morning, he transferred them to a fresh culture and allowed them to continue growing. Lenski’s lab has been transferring those cultures now for over 60,000 generations, and he regularly publishes updates about those cultures. Lenski’s cultures are cited by evolutionists as being proof of evolution in action, but that is not the case. Upon closer inspection of what Lenski is actually doing, we can see that his experiments support a biblical worldview and demonstrate the flexibility of God’s creation over time.
That's the abstract. To finish reading the entire article, click on "Celebrating Over 60,000 Generations of Creation Science by an Evolutionist".