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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Fake Facts and Changing Views

We have all be told "facts" that "everybody knows" (or should know), and held to what we thought was true for a long time. We probably spread some of these truths around like butter. Remember butter? It is bad for you. No, that has been reversed, it is good for you. Not sure where the butter and margarine statuses are today. Seems there was something like that happening with eggs, too. There are other science "facts" that are simply legends.

Many things we considered scientific facts are actually legends. Some things were never true, others were refuted.
Credit: Pixabay/congerdesign
I disremember when I read it, but there was a list of refuted ideas circulating that included the old "People lose most of the heat from the tops of their heads" canard. Seems that the only reason it was true is because people were tested who did not wear hats in cold weather.

Back in the 1970s or so, it was an incontrovertible fact that an ice age was heading down the pass toward us, no stopping it. Then it became global warming. That became "climate change" so they could cover all their bases, and the anthropogenic global climate change cultists could select the "good" science that fits their views and ignore the facts that controvert their opinions.

How much that passes as science is accepted without question? Many things that were ironclad have been called into question, including health adviceFish-to-fool evolution packs a passel of problems because "facts" are constantly changing (such as the formerly stupid brute caveman ancestor known as Neanderthal Man). Some of the stuff that has been refuted or secular opinions changed is still in textbooks. May as well deceive through omission for the sake of denying the Creator, huh?

Here is a fun post that lists several of those truisms we should put on the shelf.
Have you ever unquestionably believed something that turned out to be a myth? Think about that time you swallowed some gum and worried all day because your mom said it would take seven years to digest. Why do so many common beliefs turn out to be false?
Sometimes correct information gets exaggerated or distorted in the retelling. Other times people innocently make wrong assumptions or don’t realize their information is incomplete. And let’s face it, sometimes malicious people intentionally spread misinformation.
To read the rest of this rather short article (or download the MP3), click on "The Truth, the Partial Truth, and Anything but the Truth".