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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Rebellions at the Darwin Ranch

Normally the hands at the Darwin Ranch get on the prod because of creation science evidence, lack of peyote, or cheating at poker. When some get to feeling a mite intellectual, they start to question evolution itself and having debates. There is no evidence for evolution. What to do?

Evolutionary concepts have had many changes over the years. Some of its critics are evolutionists who are presenting different approaches. None of them work.
Lomonosov in Germany: The scientific DebateEugene Lanceray, 1900
Years ago, traditional Darwinism was almost dead in the water, so the neo-Darwin (modern synthesis) was established. That satisfied some folks for a spell, but evidence was still lacking. Things got worse for evolution as the science of genetics that was initiated by Gregor Mendel (peas be upon him) grew and produced information that is hostile to evolution.

Some scientists postulated that evolution happened so fast that you can't see it, others came up with the "neutral model", and another group of rebels saddled up with the "Third Way". Scientific evidence does not support any of them. Evolution's adherents disagree, but they still ride for the Darwin brand. It seems to this child that to believe in something despite of the evidence or wishing for evidence is faith, not science.

Of course, the evidence supports biblical creation science, but that's bad medicine; those owlhoots are too committed to naturalism to consider it. They are determined to avoid the Creator, because that would mean that he makes the rules. We must all humble ourselves and come to him on his terms, not through our own demands.
The Modern Synthesis was clearly in trouble. Modern molecular biology was just getting off the ground in the 1970s and 1980s, so evolutionists hoped some magical mechanism would be found to explain how creatures could evolve rapidly as Gould and Eldredge argued. However, new discoveries about the cell and DNA were only revealing more complexity and mystery.
As if these problems were not bad enough, evolution’s worst nightmare was yet to come—the modern revolution in molecular biology and genomics. Because of the immense level of genetic and cellular complexity, evolutionary scientists in different fields are now at odds with each other as to how evolution can even work.
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