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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Point-counterpoint on Iraq

A soldier has something important to say about serving his country in Iraq.

CNN reporter has a different point of view.

How about how the Iraqis feel about it?

Finally, read Michael Yon...

This is what it looks like now...

Now someone has convinced this Democrat to take down her offending post. However, thanks to Powerline we see what she had posted previously.

Are you kidding me? Her slogan is "ethical decision-making." Yeah, like the decision to photoshop your opponent (a US Military veteran, by the way) into a Nazi uniform! Nice!

Conclusion: Vote for John Kline!!!

Monday, January 30, 2006

I'm so old...

...that I have GRANDSONS!!! These two fine fellows are courtesy of my oldest daughter and of course my son-in-law.

Another reason to root for the Seahawks

Mike (coach of the Seattle Seahawks) Holmgren's wife, daughter will be in the Congo during the Super Bowl - as medical missionaries!

How did Noah fit all those animals in the Ark?

Cranky Old Fart has been kind enough to get into the discussion concerning evolution versus creation. This post caused us to begin a dialogue and he has asked this question: " about that boat with the millions of species on board?"

The Bible states that Noah took birds, animals and creeping things in Genesis 6:20. Now we know that the Bible was not written in English and like most languages translations can change or hide meanings. The best use of the words for animal is "behemah" which implies a land-dwelling vertebrate. The word for creeping thing is "remes" which likely refers to reptiles/dinosaurs, etc. A great AIG article goes over this thoroughly. There was no call to take in invertebrates, nor insects (which don't breath through the nose and mouth) nor germs nor any water-dwelling creatures nor plants. In Genesis 7:22 it is stated that all that breathed through nostrils and were left on dry land died. The basic plan to bring animals on the ark was, if it breathes through the nose a representative goes. If it breathes through the skin(shell, etc) for itself it must fend.

Going back a bit, we also know that Genesis 1:24 tells us that God organized his creatures according to "kind" and animals of a kind would be able to mate and reproduce. Our designations of species and genus are not found in the Bible. God could call into the Ark a set of animals that had the coding in their genes to produce several species of animal. Perhaps Aurochs was the representative for all cattle kinds. Perhaps a dog pair held the genes for all dogs, wolves and so on. We have seen breeders bring out hundreds of varieties of dogs and we know they all came from one common ancestor dog.

Genesis 7:9 indicates that God brought the animals into the Ark. He was in charge of determining the Ark gene pool.

Quoting from the AIG site: "(John)Woodmorappe tallied up about 8,000 genera, including extinct genera. Thus about 16,000 individual animals had to be aboard. With extinct genera, there is a tendency among some paleontologists to give each of their new finds a new genus name. But this is arbitrary, so the number of extinct genera is probably highly overstated.

Consider the sauropods, which were the largest dinosaurs—the huge plant-eaters like Brachiosaurus, Diplodocus, Apatosaurus, etc. There are 87 sauropod genera commonly cited, but only 12 are ‘firmly established’ and another 12 are considered ‘fairly well established.’"

John Woodmorappe has some detailed explanations for how the Ark could easily hold the animals required to repopulate the earth. In his book "Noah's Ark: A Feasibility Study" he explains in detail the necessary animals could fit into less than half of the Ark's capacity, leaving plenty of room for food, and that the eight people on the Ark were more than enough of a crew to take care of feeding, watering and waste removal.

The article in AIG states: "The ark measured 300x50x30 cubits (Gen. 6:15) which is about 137x23x13.7 meters or 450x75x45 feet, so its volume was 43,200 m3 (cubic meters) or 1.52 million cubic feet. To put this in perspective, this is the equivalent volume of 522 standard railroad stock cars, each of which can hold 240 sheep.

If the animals were kept in cages with an average size (some would be much bigger, others smaller) of 50x50x30 centimeters (20x20x12 inches), that is 75,000 cm3 (cubic centimeters) or 4,800 cubic inches, the 16,000 animals would only occupy 1,200 m3 (42,000 cubic feet) or 14.4 stock cars. Even if a million insect species had to be on board as well, it would not be a problem, because they require little space. If each pair was kept in cages of 10 cm (four inches) per side, or 1,000 cm3, all the insect species would occupy a total volume of only 1,000 m3, or another 12 cars. This would leave room for five trains of 99 cars each for food, Noah’s family and ‘range’ for the animals, and air space. However, insects are not included in the meaning of behemah or remes, so Noah probably did not have to take them on board as passengers anyway."

Many of the animals, if not most, could have come to the Ark at an early and smaller age. God could have used hibernation to keep the animals still most of the time and made it easier on the human crew.

Plants could survive the flood through seeds and clumps of floating matter. Those clumps would provide shelter for smaller creatures such as invertebrates and insects, creatures that were not taken aboard the Ark. Of course, many kinds of these creatures could be wiped out and many kinds of water-dwelling creatures as well.

Certainly the Flood wiped out many varieties of flora and fauna that God did not choose to save, and many more have gone extinct in the time since the Ark returned to dry land. But the evidence shows that the ancestors of all living behemah and remes could have easily fit into the Ark and have been sustained for the year-long voyage until such time as Noah and the animals were released.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Millions of years?

This looks like classic flood layering. But according to Uniformitarians the rocks here represent millions of years of time. Funny how they go back and forth from mudstone to sandstone, eh?

Could stone be bent like this? Or was this still-moist flood layers being folded in the dynamic aftermath of the Noahic flood, as or after the majority of the water had receded into oceans?

See the Uniformitarianism post.

UAB is able to laugh about it all!

What kind of weather are you?

You Are Rain

You can be warm and sexy. Or cold and unwelcoming.
Either way, you slowly bring out the beauty around you.

You are best known for: your touch

Your dominant state: changing

Prayer for Bob Woodruff and Doug Vogt

Journalists injured in a roadside bombing in Iraq. At last word they were in serious condition, please pray for them!

Thanks to Jo's Cafe and Conservababes for the head's up!

Farmer Presidents

Here is a quiz about three Presidents who were gentleman farmers. See how many clues you need before you guess the identity. Clicking on the last link will reveal the answer.

I was considered the richest man in America.

My best crop was Hemp. (Wait, isn't that Marijuana??!)

I had false teeth made of whalebone.

My image appears on the dollar bill.

Who am I???

Okay, here's the second:

I am credited with the invention of the coat hanger and the hideaway bed.

Also the calendar clock and the dumbwaiter.

I was a drafter of the Declaration of Independence.

My face is on the two dollar bill.

Who am I???

Okay, now the third:

I was from the south.

I was a naval officer.

I'm not on any money, but my brother was on a beer can.

I had a traumatic experience with an aggressor animal!

Who am I?

Gee, thanks!

I see that Right Wing News has noticed my little corner of the blog world. Thanks!!! There is always something interesting going on at RWN worth reading.

Conservababes defend truth, justice and the wiretapping of certain conversations.

Quibbles and Bits wonders if Teddy is ready?

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Palestine's Monster

No, not Boris Karloff, but some B-movie actor named Khaled Meshaal. Wait, no, Khaled Meshaal! Alright one of these guys is the wrong guy and I haven't a Clooney which one it is??! Eh, well they both have dangerous minds!.

Little Green Footballs presents a link that takes you to what may be the song of the year. Okay, probably not.

Ground State pointed us to this petition that, when you sign it, will make you feel just a bit better about the Palestinian elections. Okay, probably not. Hey, I'm just an ordinary blogger, c'mon! But it may not be all bad news.

Right Wing News asks the questions. The Last Amazon spots the spin. Dafydd looks at another angle, which makes me wonder: how long can a Big Lizard keep tongue in cheek?

Playing Pinochle with Pink Floyd

So we are playing pinochle, three-handed, me and Radarette and our friend Mark (the car collector, not the blogger) and listening to jams on our Bose stereo. We wind up breaking out the Pink Floyd and during the song "Echoes" the subject of LSD comes up. Now, since Radarette and I are both over 50 years old we grew up in the age of Flower Power and Psychedelic jams. In fact, all three of us are former acid-heads, or just "heads" in the common jargon of the sixties. I used to eat acid like candy and the Radarette and even Mark used to imbibe as well. But he is a bit younger and the stuff he got was more like speed, got him "hyped up" more than anything. Some speed acid tightened your neck, made you hyper and shaky much like speed would do.

The real stuff didn't really hype you up so much. It was like I explained to Mark. Speed acid was like taking a ball of silly putty and bouncing it off the wall. But take some silly putty and then push it down on a Sunday comic and the putty would wind up with the color picture impressed upon it. Stre-e-e-e-e-e-tch that picture out and sideways and now you are talking LSD. I would take acid and listen to something like Pink Floyd and I would go on trips above the ocean where fish would leap out of the sea wearing dresses and accompanied by dog musicians with trumpets for noses and parasols for tails. Or something like that, only stranger.

I won't ever take acid again. Once we were all druggies but all of us are conservative Christians now and don't even smoke cigarettes. Funny how life changes. Yet, when we play Pink Floyd late at night we all find ourselves transported by the music, we find ourselves remembering how to "trip" without the substances. Yes, I concluded, in a way we are all still "heads". I took something of the imagination, the daring, the fun away from those days and those parts were the good parts.

LSD has been credited with expanding the minds of geeks and scientists in ways to bring innovative improvements to society. Maybe so, me, I was inspired to write poetry rather than beginning to crank out quadratic equations when I was on LSD but more often I would rather get into music or maybe go check out people, maybe even drive around(!) while under the influence of LSD. I never got in a wreck but once I saw a fifty-foot elephant loom out at me over the road followed by a fifty-foot mouse and on that particular occasion I pulled over to the side of the road for awhile. Another time, while tripping but on mescaline rather than LSD, the other three people with me discovered that "God was in the bathroom mirror" and began falling over each other to be closest to "God". Usually, though, things were much weirder than that.

Anyway, when you see a fiftyish couple in the supermarket, maybe he is losing his hair and she is losing the battle of the wrinkle, keep in mind those two may have been groovy back in the day.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Bill Whittle-s away the time for awhile

There has been a Bill Whittle sighting! His archived essays are must-reads.

Creation trumps Evolution: Uniformitarianism

A precept of evolutionary teaching has been Uniformitarianism. Basically, that the rock formations found layered around the globe are the result of the debris of long ages of the earth, millions of years. Three layers of rock could have taken 180 million years to be deposited. Sir Charles Lyell (1797-1875), at first a lawyer without a scientific degree, popularized the Uniformitarian concept proposed by George Cuvier.

Creationists agree with the Bible, that there was a world-wide catastrophic flood and that flood is responsible for the rock layering we see today. Genesis 7:4 (NIV) "Seven days from now I will send rain on the earth for forty days and forty nights, and I will wipe from the face of the earth every living creature I have made." Alan V. Jopling, Dept. of Geology, Harvard; "it is reasonable to postulate a very rapid rate of deposition; that is a single lamina would probably be deposited in a period of seconds or minutes rather than in a period of hours. ...There is factual evidence from both field observation and experiment that laminae composed of bed material are commonly deposited by current action within a period of seconds or minutes."

Careful studies of the sedimentary layers of the earth point to layering caused by flood. The fossil layers are generally distributed as one would expect in a flood, the bottom dwelling sea life at the bottom, the fish at another level, shore-dwellers at another layer and the largest land animals near the top. (Particularly the ones capable of recognizing danger and able to run to higher ground). Although Uniformitarianism calls for gradual layering, in the real world there are consistently sharp and obvious contrasts between layers. This would be the expected result with layering that would result from a worldwide flood.

One trouble with this Uniformitarianism concept is that the rock layers worldwide do not conform to the idea. Layers thought more ancient are consistently found above those expected to be more recent. Darwinists blithely explain that entire mountains were somehow turned upside down and/or transported 30-3,000 (!) miles or more in order to try to explain disorder in the rock layers. Also in nature you sometimes see mixed layers (like younger, older and then younger) or skipped layers (somehow going from 120 million years old to 280 million years old with no middle layers.)

Evolutionists have a great deal of trouble explaining bent and twisted rock formations such as these. It is obvious that this rock must have been convoluted while it was not yet entirely hardened. Now how do millions of years of nice, hard rock get folded like this without snapping? We aren't just talking small areas of rock, either!

Genesis 7:17-24 (NIV) "For forty days the flood kept coming on the earth, and as the waters increased they lifted the ark high above the earth. The waters rose and increased greatly on the earth, and the ark floated on the surface of the water. They rose greatly on the earth, and all the high mountains under the entire heavens were covered. The waters rose and covered the mountains to a depth of more than twenty feet. Every living thing that moved on the earth perished—birds, livestock, wild animals, all the creatures that swarm over the earth, and all mankind. 22 Everything on dry land that had the breath of life in its nostrils died. Every living thing on the face of the earth was wiped out; men and animals and the creatures that move along the ground and the birds of the air were wiped from the earth. Only Noah was left, and those with him in the ark. The waters flooded the earth for a hundred and fifty days."

Polystrate fossils are another overwhelming problem to evolutionists. These are fossils that extend through two or more sedimentary layers of rock. Fossilized trees extending through layers of coal were common discoveries for coal miners of the 19th and 20th centuries. N.A Rupke, the geologist who coined the polystrate term, collected descriptions and pictures of hundred of such fossils around the world. In one case, Rupke produced a photograph of "a lofty trunk, exposed in a sandstone quarry near Edinburgh [Scotland], which measured no less than 25 meters and, intersecting 10 or 12 different strata, leaned at an angle of about 40 [degrees]". Polystrate fossils, not limited to trees but also animal fossils, are found in abundance in the real world. Megabreccias, giant boulders surrounded by many layers of strata, are another common occurrence. Evolutionists suggest that in those particular cases the surrounding accumulation must have happened quickly. That is exactly what Creationists would say, however, crediting the Noahic flood described in the Bible as the source for the worldwide layers of fossil-bearing sediment.

Certainly the specific gravity of some of the remains comes into play in the deposits and there are fossils in which animals are “caught” in an onslaught while eating another animal or giving birth! The sedimentary layers often exhibit ripples or signs of “turbidity current deposits” or sediments resulting from flood conditions. The layers are usually quite defined, with no signs of wear between them.

In short, what is found in the real world does not agree with what is taught in the classroom. Uniformitarianism is a fantasy when less than 1% of the rock formations found world-wide agree with the geological column that is taught in school. Coming soon: a look at fossils

PS- If you have not seen this, Simon says "know your stuff!"

The Best and the Brightest

This is how it is done. I find myself in awe of the writing ability and the timeliness of this blog: Villanous Company. Cassandra is so-o-o-o-o-o good! Go, and see!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

As the BLACKWORM turns...

It is very critical to have your anti-virus applications up-to-date since this worm will delete files on infected computers on the 3rd of the month. The BlackWorm (also known as: Nyxem /Blackmal /Blueworm /Grew) is a mass-mailing worm that will also try to spread using remote shares. It will also try to disable security-related and file sharing software as well as destroying files of certain types. MyWife and KamaSutra are other names for this destructive malware.

BlackWorm is scheduled to overwrite the following file types on the 3rd of the month:


The above information is courtesy of Avanton, a solution I sell to organizations and corporations who are concerned about security.

By the way, if you don't try to open sexually explicit Kama Sutra photographs in your email you will probably be safe....unless someone else who did passes it to you. Be good, be safe...


My Portable Wife

This is the remarkable woman who makes my heart go pitter-pat. She works with me in our church youth group (yes, we voluntarily hang out with teenagers, is that weird or what?), she is an artist, a terrific Biblio-apologist and has a big heart for people and animals. She is also an advocate for abstinence and against abortion. A slam-dunk conservative, she loves talk radio and FoxNews. But don't ask her to spell anything!!!

BARNEEdlessly greedy GOOGLE

Hypocrisy…hate it! Especially hate it in me. So after the latest news hit the streets about yet another Google kowtow to the communist regime in Red China, I had to act. The first thing I did was to replace Google News with Right Wing News on my blogroll. Yep, I still have Drudge up there, too.

The second thing I did was to remove the Google ads at the top of my blog. I might have to change my template from Blogger to Typepad in order to get ads going, but that is just too bad! I would be Biblically incorrect to proclaim freedom and godliness with one part of my blog and support money-grubbing at the expense of freedom at the same time.

The exclamation point courtesy Little Green Footballs.

A second exclamation point from Pam.

More than Ayn Rand

Yes, I read Ayn Rand as a grade-schooler! (Then again, I read the whole "Lad: A Dog" series back then, too). So when I saw that there was a blog named "Atlas Shrugs" I had to check it out. It turns out that the blog is produced by a remarkably intelligent and gorgeous woman named Pamela who is also good people. She was kind enough to give me some advice recently concerning my blog, which I am going to follow.

Oh yeah, she is also apparently Jewish and thus eligible for the Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards in the new blog category.

You will want to go see her take on the possibility of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction being taken to Syria.

We had photos and we had intel that pointed us to this very real possibility months ago but MSM isn't interested in anything that shoots down the "Bush is a liar" myth. Now here comes the story I have been waiting to see but if it were not for the blogosphere and FoxNews it might have been stifled. Ah, the days of Walter Cronkite deciding what is news, those days are gone!

Kanye feel me?

LaShawn Barber blasts Kanye West.

Michelle Malkin thinks this "borders" on treason by lack of action by Michael Chertoff....or something like that.

Big Lizards has spotted a Hildabeast wagging her convictions again.

Moonbats are barking about a babe with bite.

LGF spotlights the ACLU-sers.

The blogosphere, ya gotta love it!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

She said Venezuela's foreign ministry sponsored her visit.

US anti-war protester Cindy Sheehan hails Venezuela's Chavez begins the Yahoo News Article that reveals once and for all where Cindy Sheehan is coming from. She is an anti-American communist standing up for an autocrat whose human rights record is not pretty.

Notice the last line of the article? I wonder who will seek out her services next? Cuba? Iran?

Radar Posted by Picasa

Here I am sitting in a Chicago eatery, wondering whether to pull the trigger...

Bold Prediction: Seahawks to win

My prediction is Seattle 24, Pittsburgh 20.

Both teams deserve to be here. Pittsburgh took down the expected champs, Indianapolis and then made Denver look bad on their way to the Big Game. I give them top marks in preparation and play during their run to and through the playoffs.

Steeler Credits - Fine coaching on both sides of the ball, plenty of confident veterans, team on a roll. Debits - If Tony Dungy hadn't killed off his own team by sitting them far too much during the last weeks of the season, Indy still would have won. Had the "idiot kicker" not missed an easy end-of-game kick by about ten miles, Indy probably would have won. The Steelers won their way here, granted, but not because they were the best team in the AFC.

Seahawk Credits - The coaching staff has them loose and confident. Hasselbeck has become a top-notch QB who will not be rattled. They are largely healthy, finally, at year's end. Debits - Inconsistent on the road. Will the Super Bowl give Pittsburgh a home field this time? They shut down the Panther running game, but Carolina had to play their 4th stringer most of the game.

Seahawks have the MVP in Shawn Alexander. In fact, they look stronger in skill positions at every spot when compared to the Steelers with the exception of Hines Ward. The Steelers have a better "D" with a clever coordinator in Dick LeBeau. I think they will find that while Jake Plummer was not ready for prime time, Hasselbeck is up for the task. I believe that line play is where the rubber meets the road here. Looks as if the Pittsburgh offensive line versus the Seahawk defensive line is a push, while the Seahawk offensive line will win the battle versus the Pittsburgh defenders. That will be the difference between two good-not-great teams. I say Seahawks and by four!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Walk for...Death

Michelle Malkin links to Zombie Time (both on my blogroll) to reveal another instance of pro-deathers scurrying out from the woodwork.

LaShawn is doing on-site blogging.

I know a couple who have been trying to have children and now, finally, they have gotten into the third trimester without miscarriage and can actually imagine having a child. I know another couple who could not have a child after the birth of their first, so they adopted two more. Funny how some people pray to have children and some adopt when they cannot. Okay, no, not funny actually.

The answer to unwanted pregnancies is abstinence! as a preventative or adoption of the baby by a loving family. Right???

Baby Samuel's two cents worth

You Believe!

You believe in something or someone. If you are capable of thinking at all, then you have a belief system that you depend on to help guide your decisions in life. I, for instance, have faith in God and with that faith I have a moral compass and a foundation for my decisions in life. I believe the Bible is inspired, true and dependable as a message from the Creator of the Universe.

One gets weary of hearing atheists and agnostics claim that they “just don’t believe.” Many atheists will tell you that they aren’t religious. Baloney! Just as Muslims and Buddhists have a religion so do atheists and agnostics. Atheists believe in the absence of God and put their faith in that concept. Agnostics put their faith in the idea that God is unknowable or that the existence of God doesn’t matter. They both have faith that my faith is unreliable.

Yes, you have a religion. Your god may be yourself, or the concept of the Superman, or money, or Satan, or your girlfriend….but something or someone is on the throne of your life and if it isn’t Jesus Christ then someone else is there. Plenty of people simply worship themselves and the desire to have as much pleasure as they can over the course of their lives.

The problem with atheists in particular is that they cannot abide believers in God. God represents responsibility. God represents accountability. Atheists wish to be accountable solely to themselves. Many of those behind the idea of “separation of church and state” really want separation of church FROM state because they don’t even wish to be reminded of the concept of a Creator to whom they might owe their existence. For this reason atheists tend to be very ardent Darwinists because they need another explanation for their being, one that involves no Higher Power to bring man into existence.

This article prompted my post:

Go and see what you think…

Mere Orthodoxy Wants to discuss Heaven.

Go Canada

Congratulations to the neighbor to the North for giving the Conservative Party a minority victory! It was not the complete turnaround some had forecast, but any number of seats over 120 was enough to be truly significant. The long Liberal reign is indeed over. Go here ( for the results.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Christian Blogs of the Week

There are lots of interesting Blogs listed on my blogroll (to the left, on the sidebar) and they are all places I like to check out on a regular basis. Here are two somewhat new and quite interesting Blogs published by Christians:

Mark My Words. Mark is a kinder, gentler reverse-iconoclast of sorts. (Ladies, he is single, into martial arts, a Christian and he drives a Porsche!) I love the fact that he is going to take a stand; No wishy-washy posts shall come forth from Mark.

Mere-Orthodoxy. If you like to weigh in on the speculative and the controversial from a Christian perspective this is a good place to check out. This is a team blog, with seven different guys listed as contributors.

Again, both of these blogs are listed in alphabetical order by title on the left side of this blog. I hope you find the time to check them both out this week!

Sunday, January 22, 2006


I, Radar, am a guy who used to be a runner, an athlete, a guy with a very low pulse rate and great lung power. But over the years, due to a bad accident and the habit of stuffing his face, I became fat. I mean FAT, like people thought maybe I had Goodyear painted on my tummy. I mean FAT, like wearing 2XL shirts and they are kind of tight. FAT like my 50-inch Dockers felt like they were cutting me in half. I was eating like I was going to the gym three times a week and continually out there playing basketball and tennis and volleyball, but instead I was sitting on my butt.

Did I try dieting? I did the low carb thing, which worked for awhile but then left me craving the foods I could not have. I would go off the diet and binge like crazy! I tried fasting two days a week. Nope. I bought three different diet books and used their methods. But it always came down to the idea that I still ate too much of whatever it is I was scheduled to eat and constant craving would have me sneaking out to the refrigerator at one AM for a bagel and a couple of slices of cheese. Maybe I’d put a slice of ham with that cheese. Or two. Maybe I would add a few cookies.

Finally I made the decision that since I now weighed THREE TIMES as much as my cute little portable wife, something drastic had to occur. I signed up for Seattle Sutton and decided I would limit myself to only what was offered to me in the little plastic shrink-wrapped trays. My breakfast might be two slices of raisin bread, some peanut butter and some sliced pineapple. Maybe lunch would be turkey chili with three cheese cubes and a tiny package of crackers. Dinner could be some mostaccioli with a side of beets. I just decided to eat what was presented to me and no more.

Twenty-five pounds later (!) I am dedicated to the Seattle Sutton plan. I’m not really on a diet to lose weight, I am on a diet to recover and maintain my good health. I feel better, my clothes don’t pinch me, and it seems as if I even think a bit more clearly. I’m staying with this for a long, long time!

Sadly, I don’t get anything from Seattle Sutton to advertise their stuff; I am just sharing information with the Blogworld. But I suppose the best advertisement is the unpaid and heartfelt kind. A year ago my youngest son began to be able to beat me at tennis. My skills were greater, but I just didn’t have any mobility. By this summer I want to turn the tables on him and make him have to work to get up to my level. I want to go to the beach without having kids shout, “Whale!” and run to find their parents. If you have an eating problem, really, give this managed eating system a chance!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Liberal Moonbats are like cockroaches.

I begin my first-ever blog by commenting on what I consider a dangerous fact of American life: ULC infestation. “ULC” stands for “Ultra-Liberal Cockroach”, primarily so I won’t have to type out “Ultra-Liberal Cockroach” over and over again. No doubt my total ignorance of html will show itself here, but here goes...

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate liberals at all. As time goes on I find them harder to understand. But when clearly identified as such, I consider them a part of the American scene and probably even intrinsic to the Republic. I mean, in order for one side to be right one has to have a side that is wrong. Also, we need critics from the peanut gallery to start screaming if the rabbit’s ear is sticking out from the hat, right? The faithful opposition and all of that.

What gets to me is when they skew so far to the left that they seem to prefer anarchy to America. It is even worse when they get into the places we least like to see them. At that point they are like cockroaches and I will explain what I mean below.

Those of us Midwesterners who have ever lived in an apartment complex are almost certainly familiar with the German Cockroach, the small, brown and nasty insect that frequents such dwelling places. See site here ( Whether living next to an anal-retentive family or being surrounded by hilljacks, if your apartment complex doesn’t hire a pest control company to systematically kill off the little suckers you are going to be living with them. Why is this a problem? Well, cockroaches want to eat your food, drink your drinks and leave their eggs, poop and dead comrades IN your food and drink. I consider that a BIG problem! I well remember the days when the Radar family lived in an apartment complex, putting everything in Tupperware and always having cans of Black Flag to spray behind the refrigerator or under the sink. You had to make sure every piece of food and every drop of drink was safeguarded from the ubiquitous pests. You had to rinse off every glass, plate, pot and pan before use in case the cockroaches had been crawling all over them.

Now that we own a single-family dwelling (a house, for all you non-real estate agents) all we have to do is keep the place relatively clean and not bring home boxes from Aldi’s in order to avoid cohabitation with cockroaches. The little brown ones, that is….

This brings us to the problem of the ULC. ULC’s (see, I am saving a lot of typing and saving you a bit of reading as well!) behave much as their insect brethren, getting into the places we least want to have them around. Let’s start with a definition:


The ULC is a form of ideological vermin we of a more conservative persuasion have dubbed Liberal Moonbats. They are most often Democrats. No, not the Joe Lieberman I-have-both-a-mind-and-a-heart kind of Democrat. Think in terms of Howard Dean or Nancy Pelosi and you have the most right-wing variety of the breed. Babs Streisand comes to mind here. But many of them are farther to the left than that. We are talking communists, anarchists, Environment Liberation Army, Code Pink, yadda yadda yadda. We are talking Harry Belafonte and the people you see pictured in Zombietime ( . A large number of Moonbats don’t just want to change the good old USA, they want to destroy it. They call terrorists “freedom fighters” and they probably have a Che Guevera T-shirt in the wash right now. A ULC is a Moonbat who has left his normal habitat and infiltrated his way into the places we least want to find him: in our news media and our educational system. Like food and drink, information and educational systems sustain a free society or poison it depending on their quality.


Moonbats are most common in Blue States. They call themselves the “reality-based” community, a self-congratulatory declaration, but they live in a fantasy world. They believe they know better than the rest of us how the world should work and that we, the common men and women, need to have the burden of decision-making lifted off our shoulders so that they, the all-knowing elitists, can make the decisions for us. They are often found in the entertainment industry, where so many who live the lifestyle of the self-absorbed and pampered believe they are called upon to set the moral compass of the nation. They are often found amongst politicians who have never had to work for a living (Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, etc.) and in organizations such as the ACLU and NARAL. They consider Al Franken to be a humorist and Jesse Jackson to be a statesman. When found in the wild, in swarms of their own kind, they are considered nasty but easily identifiable and avoidable. The ideologies of Moonbats, when exposed to public scrutiny, are fodder for lampoonings and laughter. They are not terribly dangerous.


The dangerous thing is when, like cockroaches, stealth Moonbats get into our food. This stealth form of Moonbat is the ULC. ULC’s have dominated our media for the last several decades. A quick check of the internet here ( and here ( gives you a tip of the iceberg of evidence concerning the liberal spin to the main-stream media (MSM). When Dan Rather presses ahead with forged documents because he believes that John Kerry should be President and not because he is armed with the facts, you begin to realize how bad the MSM-ULC infestation really is. The Associated Press has been caught twisting the news ( ). The BBC is so bad that the British Navy banned their broadcasts from ships during the invasion of Iraq. CNN has been exposed as an enabler of totalitarian regimes ( in order to keep reporters in-country. It has become impossible to tell the editorial page from the front page on papers such as the New York Times. The typical journalist in the MSM these days looks to inject his bias into the headlines and opening paragraphs/statements of every newsworthy situation. Media types once saw themselves as messengers but now they more closely resemble preachers and the sermon ain’t about God unless God sponsors Karl Marx, Islamofascism and the European Union. For decades, the American public was pouring out the cereal of information and eating the excrement and egg-cases of ULC’s unknowingly right along with it. ULC’s posing as neutral news messengers have instead been flavoring every bite of information with their own secret sauce.

Another area of infestation has been our educational system, especially our colleges and universities. If information is our food, then the process of teaching us to understand and use information is our drink. The tendency to liberal bias amongst college faculty members is highlighted by ULC’s like Ward Churchill, who teaches that we asked for what we got on 9/11 and John Daly, who said “Real freedom will come when soldiers in Iraq turn their guns on their superiors." We send our children to institutions of higher learning so that they may learn not to be brainwashed. Nevertheless, indoctrination takes place even in classes where political agendas are not on the course agenda. Sometimes the indoctrinators cross the lines of legality altogether: (

The President of the American Council of Trustees and Alumni Anne D. Neal gave testimony on January 10, 2006 to a select committee of the Pennsylvania legislature. Read the posting here ( Among other things, she stated that “…surveys by Klein, Rothman, McGinnis and others documenting the politically monolithic character of the faculty have mounted, with no countervailing data of any kind. A study released in late December by Professor Dan Klein found that social science professors are overwhelmingly Democratic, that Democratic professors in those disciplines are more homogeneous in their thinking than Republicans; and that Republican scholars are more likely to work outside the academy than their Democratic counterparts. On the question of political affiliation, the survey showed an immense imbalance in the breakdown of Democrats to Republicans ranging from 21.1:1 among anthropologists; 9:1:1 among political and legal philosophers; 8.5:1 amongst historians; and 5.6 to 1 amongst political scientists. A 2005 study by Stanley Rothman, S. Robert Lichter, and Neil Nevitte, Politics and Professional Advancement Among College Faculty, found that 72 percent of those teaching at American universities and colleges describe themselves as liberal and 15 percent conservative. According to the study, the most one-sided departments are English literature, philosophy, political science, and religious studies, where at least 80 percent of the faculty say they are liberal and no more than five percent call themselves conservative.”

While the worst ULC infestations are in our food and drink, our pots and pans are also in need of rinsing. Joe McCarthy has been almost universally vilified and yet we now know that communists DID infiltrate our government and to this day we still occasionally uncover spies in our midst: ( ( for example. ULC infiltration in the State Department has been a real problem for the Bush administration.


Cockroaches hate exposure to the light and scurry away into darkness when possible. The influx of cable and satellite TV has freed the American people from the dictatorship of the three MSM networks. This information explosion has opened the doors for the Fox News Channel, dedicated to presenting both sides of the news, to become the leading cable news outlet. Moonbats decry Fox, calling it a right-wing propaganda machine but in fact it only seems to be right-wing in comparison to the MSNBC’s and CNN’s. Once only radio talk shows reflected the general conservatism of their listening base, but now with so many choices on television the liberal monopoly has been broken and good, balanced news reporting can be found.

The groundswell of student activism against liberal bias on campuses. Students for Academic Freedom ( is a sign of a growing trend among students to fight against the ULC’s on campus. Students taking steps to ensure a balanced education is a relatively new phenomenon on campuses. Once, student activism consisted of the “sexy” radicalism of attending a communist or environmentalist rally and then going to a party. Now, some students have even videotaped their ULC professors in action and turned them in as propagandists! Warning-LA Times link may contain spin! (,1,3718216.story?track=mostemailedlink)

The best and most popular anti-ULC treatment has been the Blog. The explosion of the Blog has coincided with the growing popularity of internet access. Bloggers come from all walks of life and reflect all sorts of ideologies. Many Blogs are produced by professionals in all walks of life and these professionals will weigh in from their points of view about the issues of the day. As a result, the Blogosphere ( serves as a kind of BS filter for the information that the MSM put out. It also serves as a spotlight to find and identify ULC everywhere that they lurk.

I certainly am not advocating the total extermination of Moonbats. If we didn’t have Howard Dean and Barbara Boxer to kick around, who would we be laughing at? Moonbats provide a nice living for cool people like Ann Coulter by their very existence. As a circus needs clowns, Moonbats are a necessary aspect of American political life. We simply need to prosecute the violent ones (ELF), frustrate the immoral ones (NARAL) and especially we need to get the undercover operatives, the UCL’s, out into the open and exposed for the vermin that they are.