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Two for Christmas

Using Evolutionist Pseudoscience to "Explain" Dinosaur Soft Tissues

"Science" on the Left

The New Compromise Bible!!! Now you can have a Bible that is approved by both Dawkins and demons...Lucifer and Lenski..etc!

Low-Information Leadership...because of low information voters and government so-called education....

Spiral Galaxies Testify of a Young Universe

Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama - sneaking Communism across the threshold into our culture one tiny step at a time!

Fundamentally Flawed Atheist Logic

Piltdown Superman - Here he comes to save the day!!! Er, or is that Mighty Mouse?

Happy Thanksgiving - the funniest four minutes in television history!!! A new way to distribute turkeys?

Veterans Day November 11th, 2013

Life Forming by Chance is Impossible (Part 2)! A reasoned discussion of the Law of Biogenesis and why it STILL precludes the Evolution of Life!