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Epicurus, Darwin, and the Spirit of his Age

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen  For several months, I was reluctant to write this article. The five short articles linked below are written by a professed agnostic. While that word can mean different things to different people, it usually means that someone is uncertain whether or not God exists. When applying an internal and biblical critique, agnosticism is inconsistent and irrational . Another reason for my hesitation is that these articles are from the big-tent Intelligent Design community. While biblical creationists use intelligent design arguments , we give credit to the Creator. The ID folks have some good material, but they appeal to the intellect and their approach has serious limitations . All truth originates in God, no matter the secondary sources. So I decided to cowboy up and get on with it. Epicurus statue, Wikimedia Commons / Nobody60 ( CC BY 3.0 ), modified at LunaPic If you get invited to dine at the Darwin Ranch and feel mischievous, tell Dewey Lye that Charlie Darwin didn

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