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Sunday, March 07, 2021

The Galápagos Vampire Finch and Lying for Darwin

It is indeed unfortunate that my final Question Evolution Day was such a failure (due to apathy of professing creationists), because in addition to supporting freedom of speech, QED articles had material to help people spot fake news like how the "vampire ground finch" proves evolution.

To claim that the misnamed Galápagos vampire finch is proof of evolution. Instead, it is fake news and bad science used to attack the Creator.
Credit: Flickr / Peter Wilton (CC BY 2.0)
Many critters are opportunists when their preferred foot is unavailable. In the wild, the giant panda uses its nasty big pointy teeth to masticate bamboo, but will eat other things, including rodents (they take a greater variety of food in captivity). Indeed, the lorikeet has taken a turn toward carnivory.

How picky are humans? Consider Proverbs 27:7. Nick Yemana had a comment about Japanese eating raw fish at the 2 min. 42 sec. mark here. My Scottish ancestors and distant relatives over yonder eat haggis, but I'm not fond of the idea. I think Americans ignore the ingredients of hot dogs and other sausages. The point is that when you need to eat, you make due with what's available.

As for that vampire ground finch — the naturalism narrative is once again more important than actual science. It may seem like an ad hominem for me to call them liars, but the lapdog media for the secular science industry as well as the educated professional scientists have no excuse. They know better. This bird does drink blood to some extent. Darwin's acolytes are calling it evolution, but that is deceptively conflating evolution with slight change.

Have any of those tinhorns ever bothered to see if these wonderful examples of evolution can survive on blood alone? Is there evidence of significant mutations or added genetic information? Do these birds show any interest in blood when their primary food sources are available? Not hardly! Meanwhile, biblical creationists have shown many times that the Master Engineer has equipped creatures to adapt so they can survive. 

These are the kinds of things that other creationists and I are trying to teach: We want people to learn how to think, not tell them what to think. Secularists are lying to us about science and evolution. They are also suppressing the truth about the Creator, which is compounding their wickedness. Yeah, I'm a mite irritated. Those finches stopping off for a quick nip of blood on their way home from work is nothing Darwin could be proud of, and this kind of evoporn is sucked up by atheists and other naturalists to confirm their biases.

The diet of most vertebrates tends to be specialized, but flexible in extreme circumstances. Humans decidedly prefer certain foods, but in extreme circumstances will sometimes consume almost anything, even urine and other humans. Some birds consume primarily seeds, others worms, yet others nectar or sugar water. Robins prefer worms and insects but, if they are unable to find worms, will consume other foods, like fruit, raisins, suet, berries, and seeds. Likewise, some finches favor seeds, others prefer flower nectar, pollen and insects.

Darwinists believe that all food preferences evolved, so why did the discovery that some finches consume blood recently merit headlines? The reason is (it is implied), that, historically, finches did not include blood in their diet but, in extreme circumstances, they recently evolved the ability to eat blood. Thus, evolution is occurring in front of our very eyes! The claim is “Scientists suggest the vampire finch evolved to drink blood to survive the volcanic archipelago’s harsh environment and scarce resources.”

To read the rest of this evolution-refuting article, click on "Why Does This Finch Drink Blood?" Yippie ky yay, secularists!

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Vigil for the Space Alien Arrival

As regular readers here and at Piltdown Superman may know, I have watched and read science fiction (even getting some inspiration for articles). It is popular and profitable in print, movies, and television. Many people have taken notions from this and New Age teachings about aliens coming to Earth.

Accounts of UFO sightings are becoming more numerous, and government officials are discussing space aliens. There is activity that needs monitoring.
Credit: FreeDigitalPhotos / Jolee G

People have many presuppositions about UFOs. The first thing that comes to mind when those letters are uttered (or pronounced as "yoo-foe") are extraterrestrial visitors. It may be a good thing that the US Navy has changed the term to "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena". Think about it. Among the possibilities are frauds, hoaxes, honest mistakes, military test aircraft, atmospheric anomalies, and more. Some things in the sky are genuinely unexplainable, but there is no rational reason to assume that alien spacecraft are the cause.

Other biblical creationists and I have tried to encourage people to use critical thinking skills. While these are extremely useful in apologetics and dealing with universal common ancestry evolution, such skills apply to many areas of life. (Insert lament about the lack of rational thinking in political matters right here.) Something very noticeable is the way people tend to ignore other possible explanations for what has been observed.

For a long time after UFOs gained notoriety, people were afraid of alien invasions. Nowadays, folks are thinking in the opposite direction. This is despite people like Stephen Hawking, who thought we should keep a low profile. Many people believe extraterrestrials exist, but have no actual evidence supporting their claims. Not only that, quite a few are assuming that they are not only superior to us, but benevolent. 

On the 1979 Blue Öyster Cult album Mirrors, "The Vigil" is a musically exciting song with astronomically stupid lyrics. These include:

I know they're out there
We see them coming
Faster than the speed of light
They greet us in the dead of the night

We run in circles
Our days are numbered
Every night I look away
To the heavens and I pray

Come to us

No, Don and Sandy. You wrote a catchy tune, but praying to the imaginary invisible friends of atheists for salvation is ridiculous. There is a Father we cannot see, and he is the one who made us and has the plan of salvation.

Conspiracy theories abound regarding government involvement and cover-ups. "UFOs were seen over nuclear missile silos. I can't find out more because they say it's national security!" No kidding, Kenneth. Things are classified (including the atomic bomb research of the 1940s) because people do stupid things, and because there are governments who do not have each others' best interests at heart. You savvy that?

As we have seen, the search for alien life way out yonder as well as on Earth is based on atheistic naturalism. The spiritual aspect of humanity is rejected a priori, except when evolutionists elevate natural selection and even evolution itself to some kind of demigods or pantheistic forces. People should get up on the hill and examine the evidence by considering the spiritual aspect of UFOs/UAPs.

We have two articles submitted for your consideration, but I am only going to emphasize the most recent one because the recent article can stand alone. However, the first one (which was written about ten years before) has some interesting material. If you want to get the full impact from the pair, you can start with "Prepare ye the way—the aliens are coming!"

The article that is receiving our focus discusses recent events and news. (For that matter, I rearranged my posting schedule to get this in sooner than usual.) There is an emphasis on the Alien Intrusion movie and book in the article, but that is obviously because it is an excellent resource. I have read the book and recommend it, and here is my review of the Alien Intrusion movie. Quite a bit of work was put into both the book and movie, and it shows.

What is commonly called ‘the UFO phenomenon’ is nothing new. Even the relatively uninterested would be aware that millions have claimed to have seen UFOs and even abductions by alleged aliens. Some of these include high profile people such as former US presidents and government officials in other countries. Towards the end of the last century, claims of UFO sightings by air force pilots, military personnel and alleged alien abductions of individuals, were hyped up in the media due to the sensationalist nature of them. Then after a while, such claims became rather passé or ‘old hat’, even though sightings and abduction claims continued unabated. This led to many informed UFOlogists, military personnel and government officials becoming frustrated at what they perceived as an ignoring of the facts and, even worse, deliberate coverups.

. . .

A key article I wrote in 2011 called "Prepare ye the way—the aliens are coming! Popular fantasy becomes cultural ‘fact’" cited numerous examples of how various government authorities (both federally and locally) seemed to be taking actions to prepare us for an imminent contact with extraterrestrials. I wondered why this shift was happening but felt much of it had to do with the growing weight of evidence of strange phenomena which in an age of social media sharing has only accelerated. The groundswell of public opinion and pressure has led to movements such as The Disclosure Project. This is a campaign that, through public pressure and petitions, is trying to get governments to ‘disclose’ their true findings about UFO sightings and alleged alien technology that they are ‘covering up’.

. . .

I’ve had a sense for some time that something has been brewing, and had been intending to write an article like this. But I am glad I waited. Towards of the end of his Presidency in December 2020, Donald Trump signed a $2.3 trillion COVID-19 relief and government funding bill. But this health-related legislation contained many other things, including a requirement for all Federal agencies to disclose their findings about UFOs and whether they pose a threat to US security. This must be done within 180 days/6 months of the Bill and is to be forwarded to The Senate Intelligence Committee, which is chaired by Republican Senator Marco Rubio.

You can read the entire article by jetting over to "Prepare ye the way—the aliens are coming! Part two — Are we on the verge of a humanity-shaping announcement?" Also, the following 12-1/2 minute video is a bit entertaining but also gives us an opportunity to use our critical thinking skills. Note that there is a great deal of assuming going on, and Kallan the narrator has some leading commentary. He also included legends and the opinions of uninformed people. I have to go home now. The chevrons are locked and the Stargate will close soon.

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Brain and Body are not the Soul

If you ride up past Stinking Lake (which is not as bad as it sounds) out yonder toward Deception Pass, you will find the Darwin Ranch. If you ask foreman Rusty Swingset, he may show you where their Statement of Faith insists on methodological and philosophical naturalism. This post has three parts, the last of which is an amazing short video.

Misotheists and other naturalists deny the existence of the soul and rely on physicalism. Their explanations are insufficient. Reality is found in God
Credit: Pixabay / Gerd Altmann
These tenets of faith insist not only on minerals-to-microscopist evolution, but that everything is physical. Atheism is irrational and inconsistent, so professing atheists realize deep down that it is unlivable without borrowing from the biblical worldview. Also, since believe there is no God, Judgment, afterlife — or that people have souls —  they know that the soul exists. Some naturalistic researchers try to find it in the brain (see "The Quantum Soul?").

We are more than just our physical nature. The following article uses science, logic, metaphysics, theology, and philosophy to show that we are unique and created in the image of God. Atheistic naturalism and evolutionism lack the ability to explain the necessary conditions of humanity. It is long and technical, but for those inclined to saddle up for the ride, it may vey well prove worth it.
Studies of the brain in neuroscience led to two claims about human beings: the brain is what makes them human, and the soul is no longer needed to explain life, consciousness, and human nature. In order to deal with these issues, this study commences with a brief introduction to the thought forms that underlie these claims. It then presents a biblical picture of the soul and created kinds. The aim is to show that the soul is not only the bearer of life and the first cause and director of the body’s structural development and functions, but also identical to the person/self. The final section raises a number of obstacles in the way of a physicalist, specifically, a property dualist understanding of a person as a body/brain. It closes with a brief evaluation of what a physicalist view of a person as a body/brain implies for a Christian understanding of life after death. The conclusion is that the Bible has lost none of its relevance for Christians living in today’s world dominated by scientism, naturalism, and physicalism.

To carry on, see "What Makes Us Human, and Why It Is Not the Brain: A Creationist Defense of the Soul".

In addition, a new article that has new medical science information on how the brain responds to sounds. New hope is possible for patients in comas, but this is in the early stages. Also, this is an indirect approach to scientifically reinforcing the fact that the mind is not the brain. Finally, there's a video about the power of music you simply must see.

Is ultrasound a path into the minds of some “locked-in” patients?

Scientists jump-start two people’s brains after coma ( Exciting prospects have been raised with a few successful demonstrations using ultrasound to revive patients locked in a coma. While this is not a potential intervention suitable for every kind of coma or for those in a persistent vegetative state, it may offer some family members a means of re-establishing communication with certain comatose individuals.

In 2016, one patient made significant progress when Martin Monti at UCLA used ultrasound to jump-start the brain of a patient in a coma. Now, more progress is being reported with additional patients:

For the rest of this article, go to "A Sound Mind Is Reborn".

Finally, a short (and quite moving) video that fits this pattern. Our Creator has given us many things and music interacts with the mind as well as the soul. Marta C. González was afflicted with Alzheimer's Disease and memory loss. She was a ballet dancer long ago, and Tchaikovsky's music reached her. She was dancing in her own way while in the wheelchair, doing ballet choreography with her hands and upper body. Just look at her eyes while she's back in those moments! Interspersed video clips are Ulyana Lopatkina, who is dancing to The Dying Swan.

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Surprising Design of the Cuttlebone

The cuttlefish is a critter found in marine environments deep and shallow, warm and cold. Do not attempt to cuddle a cuttlefish. They have tentacles, ink, and so on like their squid and octopus relatives. Believers in universal common ancestor evolution have problems with them.

Another problem that the cuttlefish gives to evolutionists is the design of its cuttlebone. It has a sweet spot between too rigid and too flimsy.
Cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis) image credit:
Wikimedia Commons / Hans Hillewaert (CC BY-SA 4.0)
They have eight appendages called arms, plus two tentacles that these predators use to grab their prey and bring into their unloving arms. Amazingly, cuttlefish are colorblind, yet can camouflage themselves like their octopus cousins. Yet they only have a lifespan of one to two years.

While the ability to camouflage themselves is problematic enough for evolutionists, there is also the cuttlebone. It is an excellent example of the Master Engineer's work. This bone has a "sweet spot" between rigidity and stiffness.

Some of the most fascinating marine animals are the cephalopods, which include squid, octopus, and cuttlefish. God has designed the cuttlefish (family Sepiidae) with a strange and important structure called the cuttlebone, a brittle, internal shell designed with gas-filled chambers that’s used for buoyancy control.

. . . The bone is not exactly robust, yet it can tolerate a great deal of damage. A recent Virginia Tech news release spotlighted a study led by mechanical engineering professor Ling Li, who heads the Laboratory for Biological and Bio-Inspired Materials.

You can cuddle up with the rest of this article by clicking on "Created Cuttlebone's Sweet Spot".

Sunday, February 07, 2021

Largest Dinosaur Yet was Found in Argentina

More research, more big dinosaurs. While some were quite small (Velociraptor was the size of a large bird or dog), it seems that the big ones get people all atwitter. As sizes increased. the classification of titanosaur came into being. Patagotitan held the crown, but now Argentinosaurus may be the largest.

A bigly huge dinosaur has been discovered. Scientists have models but made much out of little so far. Imagine how the Master Engineer designed them!
Credits: William Irvin Sellers, Lee Margetts, Rodolfo Aníbal Coria, Phillip Lars Manning
(CC BY 2.5) (Usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
As is often the case, much is made out of little. They present reconstructions and artists' concepts, but these were made from a few leg bones and vertebrae (lower left in the photo above). Indeed, we have seen something from nothing used as one of our evolutionary ancestors, and we have seen them build grandiose schemes from very little. Still, let's go with it, as they are using other dinosaurs as patterns and excavation is continuing.

Many skeletons are bones and bone fragments that are scattered. This one had several that were together, which suggests rapid flood burial. Also, consider the Master Engineer. A the giraffe is a critter that has complex mechanisms in place to enable it to survive. How about one of these huge — bigly huge — dinosaurs and their design? No clue about evolution aside from guesswork, however.

A new skeleton of a sauropod may have broken the record for largest land animal that ever lived.

Dinosaur found in Argentina may be largest land animal ever (New Scientist). Argentinosaurus has been among the giants among giants. The prior record holder, Joshua Learn says, was named Patagotitan (think Patagonia titan). The new specimen, announced this week, may have taken the lead for size. Twenty-four vertebrae and some pelvis bones have been detected or excavated so far.

To read the rest, see "Argentina Hosted Largest Land Animal". Can you imagine the catering bill after hosting that thing? But wait, we have one more!

This next article has some overlap, but expands on some of the content in the above article's remarks about divine engineering. It also discusses the global Genesis Flood, and how there are plenty of rivers today pouring out sediment, but have nowhere near enough volume to produce billions of fossils. Then we have the biblical behemoth...

Whether dealing with athletes, sports teams, skyscrapers, or animals, we always want to know who or what takes the top spot. Researchers just published details about a new candidate for the biggest-ever dinosaur. Three features from this find and from the rocks wrapped around it support specific passages in the Bible.

You can read this article by stomping on over to "Is Newfound Dinosaur Fossil the Biggest Ever?"

Sunday, January 31, 2021

Ichthyosaur Soft Tissues Troublesome for Evolutionists

While ichthyosaurs are not classified as dinosaurs, they lived in those periods. Dinosaur soft tissues are increasingly problematic for believers in fish-to-fool evolution and deep time, just as biblical creationists predicted. Here we have soft tissue again, this time in an ichthyosaur fossil.

Ichthyosaurs are being icky to evolution. Again. This time, well-preserved soft tissues indicate rapid burial by the recent global Genesis Flood.
From Wikimedia Commons / Heinrich Harder, 1916
Those critters have troubled evolutionists for quite a spell, sometimes prompting them to dodge important questions. Indeed, if one was to strip away naturalistic and deep-time assumptions, the evidence would indicate support for the Genesis Flood. Here we have a fossil that after demineralization, pigment cells indicated that ichthyosaurs were dark on top, lighter on the underside. Fossil blubber (not as in blubbering over a dropped lollypop, but a kind of fat) was found, adding to the warm-blooded or cold-blooded controversy. Other tissues were identified and studied.

The problem remains — is exacerbated — as to how it was preserved for millions of Darwin years. Answer: it wasn't. This is yet more of the accumulated evidence of rapid burial by the Genesis Flood a few thousand years ago.
A stunningly preserved skin of a fossil ichthyosaur, Stenopterygius, has revealed a wealth of original soft tissue and proteins.1 However, this fossil, from Germany’s Holzmaden Posidona shale quarries, was found in Jurassic strata ‘dated’ to 180 million years old (Ma).

The researchers claim this is the most in-depth study of a soft-tissue fossil ever. There were still remnants of the original skin—apparently scaleless in this species, unlike many other ichthyosaur types that appear smooth-skinned but have microscopic scales.

To read the rest, see "Soft tissue preservation in a ‘Jurassic’ ichthyosaur".

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Louis Pasteur and Evolutionist Revisionism

Something that bears repeating is that if minerals-to-misotheist evolution were true, there would be no need for data tampering, fraud, and more. Some sidewinders are so determined to hoodwink us into believing fake science, they are attempting to rewrite history. Consider Louis Pasteur.

Pasteur destroyed the concept of abiogenesis and opposed evolution, and revisionists have been attempting to change the truth of history.
Louis Pasteur by Albert Edelfelt, 1885

Louis Pasteur discovered a vaccine for anthrax that was used successfully in 1881 —

"Never mind that stuff, Cowboy Bob! Here comes Mongo!"

Give him a box of candy so we can get back to it.

Pasteur had a creation worldview and opposed Darwinism. His views fly in the face of the concept that someone must believe in evolution to be a scientist. (Indeed, we have seen many times that creation scientists past and present have refuted that hoary canard.) He believed creation which influenced his numerous achievements for the betterment of humanity.

Shortly after Darwin published On the Origin of Species in 1859, Pasteur began to challenge the idea of spontaneous generation—the foundation of the evolutionary view on the origin of life. Pasteur’s simple but elegant swan-necked flask experiments not only put to rest the organic life-from-non-life idea but also set the foundation for the law of biogenesis: life only comes from life. . . .

Pasteur had the uncanny ability to combine theoretical, operational, and applied science—the mark of a truly gifted scientist. Pasteur understood the variability of microbes and how he could apply this principle in vaccine preparation. . . . His understanding of this natural variation was also successfully applied in developing vaccines for chicken cholera and rabies.

Although his scientific pronouncements were sometimes abrasive to his fellow scientists, he remained firm in his convictions, borne from painstaking research. Pasteur had a strong religious and humanitarian spirit. He firmly believed in God, as the Creator of all living things. From his knowledge of the Gospels, he wanted to benefit mankind by having his ideas used to “heal the sick.”

To read the entire article (lengthy, but very interesting and useful), see "Louis Pasteur’s Views on Creation, Evolution, and the Genesis of Germs".