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Human Rights and the Image of God

The concept of rights is thrown around almost casually, but often without knowledge. People may cry that they have their rights, but actually have no idea of the ultimate source of rights. Indeed, this is similar to when folks say that they deserve something, but cannot really say why . Simply demanding something and saying that it is a human right does not make what is desired necessary — or even a right. Sure, the state can grant legal rights, but those can be capricious and even removed. True rights do have an ultimate source, but this is in stark contrast to what secular people desire. Made at PhotoFunia   The infamous Roe v Wade decision by the US Supreme Court was erroneously thought to give women the right to get abortions. The Dobbs decision in 2022 reversed Roe. Democrats were outraged because they thought their leftist sacred sacrament was threatened, and there are many false statements about the "right to an abortion" being ended. Abortion was never a right . Even

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