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A Sixth Sense in Bats?

When the term  sixth sense  is used, people may think it refers to some kind of psychic stuff. Not necessarily. There is an established set of five senses that humans have as well as many animals, but there may be some that are unknown or mostly untested. Bats are creepy to some people. Part of that can be blamed by silly movies, Halloween-type images, obscurity, and odd habits. If you study on it a spell, pets that people own have some strange characteristics that we excuse because the pets are familiar. Do pets have a sixth sense? Bats might. California leaf-nosed bat,  National Park Service  (usage does not imply endorsement of site contents) Migrations of birds and animals has long been a subject of study. It has been determined that Earth's magnetic field ( that force shield that protects the planet ) gives critters something to use for navigation. Great. How do bats use it? Eye particles. Researchers interfered with bats in flight and conducted an experiment. (Although scient

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