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Applying Engineering Principles in Creation

We have seen that evidence of the Master Engineer is evident in creation, and the more we learn, the more we should  be amazed at creation. People use biomimetics  to copy traits of creatures such as the bombardier beetle for fuel injector technology and studying bats to build flying robots . Also seen is irreducible complexity  (like the bombardier beetle) where biological mechanisms must be functioning at the same time or nothing works. God uses engineering principles in his design work, but Darwinists foolishly say reusing designs is evidence of evolution! Unsplash / ThisisEngineering When a design works, an engineer reuses it again; there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Our Creator used successful design principles in different organisms in specific and complex ways that Darwinists cannot understand. Oh, they pretend to know, and use speculations that they pass off as research, but they are simply denying credit due to God. Some creationists are building a biological design theo

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