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A Flawless Machine in your Cells

One of the most frustrating things in doing creation science is how Darwin's Flying Monkeys™ continue to deny clear evidence of design. Worse, many will demand  proof that living things were designed, but they presuppose that they only appear  designed, so they refuse to consider the material. Because Dawkins. Because atheism. Because evolution. Although the old argument of, "Every building has a builder, a painting has a painter" is incomplete (only arguing for intelligent design), it is still useful when handled correctly. The mechanism of cell division, necessary in life, testifies of the Master Engineer's genius. The kinetocores are turquoise. Cell image by Wellcome /  Laura Trinkle-Mulcahy ( CC BY 4.0 ) Some of Darwin's votaries modeled a process that happens in cells for mitosis (cell division). God built this in from the beginning and it demonstrates specified irreducible complexity, but evolutionists say that it has been around for (pinky finger to the ed

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