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Monday, January 30, 2006

Another reason to root for the Seahawks

Mike (coach of the Seattle Seahawks) Holmgren's wife, daughter will be in the Congo during the Super Bowl - as medical missionaries!


cranky old fart said...

One other disagreement we now have. I'm a Steelers fan, born and raised.

soldout said...
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soldout said...

It looks like the Holmgren family have their priorities in order. It's so great to see that in nation where sports and entertainment have become the King and Queen of our country. It's nice that the Holmgren's are worshipping the One True King---Jesus!

radar said...

Cranky, I won't be devastated if the Steelers win. Big Ben is cool, I love Palumalu and Hines Ward's big smile makes him my favorite receiver. Put Bill Cowher, his wife and daughters together and they can probably beat any other football family! The Steelers are actually cool. I even like the Bus.

It is a fight between two teams that I like and it should be a great game. I have friend and family ties with Seattle that have made me a 12th man, though, and therefore a 'Hawks rooter.