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Thursday, January 26, 2006

BARNEEdlessly greedy GOOGLE

Hypocrisy…hate it! Especially hate it in me. So after the latest news hit the streets about yet another Google kowtow to the communist regime in Red China, I had to act. The first thing I did was to replace Google News with Right Wing News on my blogroll. Yep, I still have Drudge up there, too.

The second thing I did was to remove the Google ads at the top of my blog. I might have to change my template from Blogger to Typepad in order to get ads going, but that is just too bad! I would be Biblically incorrect to proclaim freedom and godliness with one part of my blog and support money-grubbing at the expense of freedom at the same time.

The exclamation point courtesy Little Green Footballs.

A second exclamation point from Pam.

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