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Monday, January 23, 2006

Christian Blogs of the Week

There are lots of interesting Blogs listed on my blogroll (to the left, on the sidebar) and they are all places I like to check out on a regular basis. Here are two somewhat new and quite interesting Blogs published by Christians:

Mark My Words. Mark is a kinder, gentler reverse-iconoclast of sorts. (Ladies, he is single, into martial arts, a Christian and he drives a Porsche!) I love the fact that he is going to take a stand; No wishy-washy posts shall come forth from Mark.

Mere-Orthodoxy. If you like to weigh in on the speculative and the controversial from a Christian perspective this is a good place to check out. This is a team blog, with seven different guys listed as contributors.

Again, both of these blogs are listed in alphabetical order by title on the left side of this blog. I hope you find the time to check them both out this week!