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Sunday, January 22, 2006


I, Radar, am a guy who used to be a runner, an athlete, a guy with a very low pulse rate and great lung power. But over the years, due to a bad accident and the habit of stuffing his face, I became fat. I mean FAT, like people thought maybe I had Goodyear painted on my tummy. I mean FAT, like wearing 2XL shirts and they are kind of tight. FAT like my 50-inch Dockers felt like they were cutting me in half. I was eating like I was going to the gym three times a week and continually out there playing basketball and tennis and volleyball, but instead I was sitting on my butt.

Did I try dieting? I did the low carb thing, which worked for awhile but then left me craving the foods I could not have. I would go off the diet and binge like crazy! I tried fasting two days a week. Nope. I bought three different diet books and used their methods. But it always came down to the idea that I still ate too much of whatever it is I was scheduled to eat and constant craving would have me sneaking out to the refrigerator at one AM for a bagel and a couple of slices of cheese. Maybe I’d put a slice of ham with that cheese. Or two. Maybe I would add a few cookies.

Finally I made the decision that since I now weighed THREE TIMES as much as my cute little portable wife, something drastic had to occur. I signed up for Seattle Sutton and decided I would limit myself to only what was offered to me in the little plastic shrink-wrapped trays. My breakfast might be two slices of raisin bread, some peanut butter and some sliced pineapple. Maybe lunch would be turkey chili with three cheese cubes and a tiny package of crackers. Dinner could be some mostaccioli with a side of beets. I just decided to eat what was presented to me and no more.

Twenty-five pounds later (!) I am dedicated to the Seattle Sutton plan. I’m not really on a diet to lose weight, I am on a diet to recover and maintain my good health. I feel better, my clothes don’t pinch me, and it seems as if I even think a bit more clearly. I’m staying with this for a long, long time!

Sadly, I don’t get anything from Seattle Sutton to advertise their stuff; I am just sharing information with the Blogworld. But I suppose the best advertisement is the unpaid and heartfelt kind. A year ago my youngest son began to be able to beat me at tennis. My skills were greater, but I just didn’t have any mobility. By this summer I want to turn the tables on him and make him have to work to get up to my level. I want to go to the beach without having kids shout, “Whale!” and run to find their parents. If you have an eating problem, really, give this managed eating system a chance!